The winter health benefits of eating 12 words: loofah gourd

Abstract: the winter weather is dry, eat more fruits, there is thirst Sheng Jin effect. In fact, Chinese medicine is known as the "five frui


Abstract: the winter weather is dry, eat more fruits, there is thirst Sheng Jin effect. In fact, Chinese medicine is known as the "five fruit for help", that is based on the fruits of health as a therapeutic, and modern medicine also think fruits containing nutrition elements needed by the body, including carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc.. Therefore, eat more fruits and foods can help digestion, improve the The new supersedes the old., more fat, lose weight and prevent heart disease and other functions.

Winter to eat loofah can cure cold cough:

In an old loofah (Luffa knot old black seeds mature after 2 two).

1, put the steamed loofah wash, such as towel gourd too large folded line or tied in

2, 2 and two after first put sugar gourd and steaming.

3, in a pressure cooker or ordinary steam for 20 minutes, cool standby.

4, steamed loofah wring water, distilled water and wrung out about a small jiuzhong reserve.

5, loofah water and melting the ice cool sweet taste sweet slightly bitter a drink.

6, 1-2 steamed loofah can inhibit the cough and not take medicine for several days of suffering.

13 therapeutic benefits of Luffa

A boiling water gourd, treatment of sinusitis

Dry towel gourd with a wok roasting, grinding into fine at the end of it. 6 grams per serving, in the morning fasting with warm boiling water, even for 8 days.

Two, gourd juice cure sore throat

Tender loofah wash smashed juice squeezing, adding sugar. 1 spoons a day, 3 times a day.

Three, cure cold cough

Loofah self drying, research into Ximo, refining honey for the pills, 9 grams each time, 3 times a day.

Four, cure dysentery

Luffa root, stem and leaf can be cleaned, smashed Ji Zhi every 2 spoonfuls, 3 times a day.

Five, for the lack of milk

Method 1: loofah 60 grams, pig's trotters 1, cooked after eaten as vegetables.

Methods: 2 old loofah 1 Yin, dry, burning, research, Yellow Wine Chongbo, 9 grams per serving.

Six, treatment of allergic asthma

Methods: 1 Luffa wash smashed Jizhi, take 1 spoons, 3 times a day.

Methods: 2 small loofah 2, cut, put casserole boiled, concentrated juice 150 ml, 3 times a day.

Seven, hemorrhoids caused stool blood

Method 1: loofah 30 grams, Huaihua 15 grams, Shuijianbi, 1 times a day.

Methods: 2 fresh 250 grams of sponge pieces, 200 grams of pork slices, add appropriate amount of water is boiled soup, salt and seasonings zuoshan.

Eight, gourd juice for treatment of neuropathic pain

The warm towel gourd juice drink, the amount depending on the symptoms, daily 100 ml, or loofah mash stem juice squeezing smear Huanbu, also has the curative effect.

Nine, treatment of skin furuncle

1 fresh loofah mash, deposited in the affected area, and then use gauze dressing 1 times a day.

Ten, treatment of urticaria

Fresh Luffa leaves a mash, squeeze juice, add a little borneol, smearing the affected part.

Eleven, treatment of head of alopecia areata

Old loofah slices, wipe not hair parts, until the local fever, 2-3 times a day.

Twelve, treat sweat too much

The old loofah burning charcoal, grinding into powder, sprinkle in shoes, barefoot wearing even half.

Thirteen, beauty

Towel gourd juice "beauty water" reputation. Containing vitamin B to prevent skin aging, skin whitening ingredients such as vitamin C, can protect the skin, remove plaque, make the skin white and tender. The growth of Luffa cut out the juice, with gauze dipped in water gourd rubbing face or skin, can moisturizing anti crease effect; can also be directly Luffa Jiashi, transferred amount of honey or glycerol paint, the effect is better.

Source: Sohu Health Forum

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