Into the north to name the club education?

WanguangwuXiao Baiyou is known as the Chinese wolf dad, as long as the child's daily conduct, academic performance does not meet his require



Xiao Baiyou is known as the Chinese wolf dad, as long as the child's daily conduct, academic performance does not meet his requirements, will be severely punished. Three of his four children were admitted to Peking University. His behavior was questioned by many users and experts and scholars. Xiao Baiyou insists he is "the best father in the world", and said "play" is the best part of family education. (November 15th Yangtze Evening News)

Xiao Baiyou's slogan is three days a meal, the child into the north, and the fact that the 3 children are admitted to Peking University, enough to make the world's best father full of confidence. This coincides with the traditional values of the educational ideals, as long as the elite, it will achieve the most important value of life. It is no wonder that the country has more than and 30 children by their parents to Shaw home, want to use the summer vacation, to accept the "wolf dad" education.

But in the context of modern society, even if the child was admitted to Peking University, but also just started life, and now it is not successful, I am afraid it is too early. I am worried that the wolf dad sticks although able to play a good performance for a while, but may not be able to play out the child's life happiness. Furthermore, the use of "playing" education, so that children understand obedience, in essence, is a manifestation of violent thinking. Cultivate children in such a way, the character will be distorted, although admitted to the University, but their inner world is not so bright as appearance.

In fact, out of a lack of democratic consciousness and humanistic care education environment of the child, not a servile, is violent. Often beaten will influence the child's behavior, children get along with others is not satisfactory, when some bad stimulation, is prone to aggressive behavior. Such sequelae, admitted to Peking University that moment glory can cover up?

In fact, sticks education is also the source of the "wolf dad" who defines success too utilitarian and narrow, they think only admitted to the elite to be successful, but not aware of diversity is essential to happiness. The values on their children, but did not consider the nature of the child and the pursuit of independence, so only the bully sticks normalization, which reflects the failure of education. In this rigid view of education, the child is not only happy deprived, but also the nature of castration. Even if they score high again, I am afraid that it is only for the wolf dad who realize the ideal, but nothing to do with their own pursuit.

While Bill Gates and Jobs lamented not develop, while touting "play" is the most wonderful in family education, we encountered a hitherto unknown cognitive division. In fact, if you want to have our own Bill Gates and Jobs, one of the first to learn, is to respect the child's independent thinking and sense of self realization, otherwise, under the "wolf dad" sticks devoid of passion and creativity of children, is to get high scores, but also is an efficient test machine.

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