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Chapter Ruiqi source: November 10, 2011 03:35 daily hot topics mobile phone newsWith the quickening pace of modern life, depression, cancer


Chapter Ruiqi source: November 10, 2011 03:35 daily hot topics mobile phone news

With the quickening pace of modern life, depression, cancer and other diseases are also increasing, and tend to younger. However, I do not know, a lot of disease is actually a great relationship with people's personality and psychology.

Who is prone to depression

For depression, many of us know that it has a lot to do with people's character and their environment.

Epidemiological investigation showed that the pressure of life, work busy, poor interpersonal relationships, the living environment changes, menopausal women have just experienced adverse events (spouse and relatives suffered death, divorce, marriage is not happy, ill) people, life and career failure and did not receive timely resolve the crowd, all the year round people who work indoors, weak or rarely participate in physical exercise of mental workers, especially the usually more sensitive to cold, mechanical operation time is too long, depression more easily than ordinary people.

From the psychological perspective, serious person, the pursuit of perfect in every respect perfectionists, love to take care of others, outstanding contribution in career, on their own, have a negative view of past and future are susceptible to depression.

In addition, some utilitarian heart is susceptible to depression. Psychologists have found that for many years, young people who worship money and fame are more likely to suffer from depression than those who do not value money and fame very much. 20%.

"This kind of disease often attacks the most ambitious, creative, and the most serious people," said American psychologist history." Such as the history of celebrity Newton, Darwin, and so on, and so on, have suffered from depression, Princess of England in the life of 4 times, suffering from depression, suicide, times, the suicide of many times in the life of the princess of England, the United States and the United States and the United States in the life of the princess of England, she has suffered from depression, suicide, suicide, and. Taiwan writer Sanmao described the exotic with its rich experience, full of passion, beautiful style and selected works published, but she had hanged himself. The poet Gu Cheng in a foreign country after killing ziyishenwang. Shanghai famous entrepreneur Fang Hong is also very influential in the cause of his death. In fact, most suicides are suffering from depression.

People who don't have cancer

Now, medical experts have found that some people are prone to cancer, but also with personality. Cancer type is mainly manifested in: used to suppress their own troubles, despair or grief, to show the people; fear of competition, in an attempt to escape from the reality, palliative methods to achieve the harmony of the people on the surface of the surface; everywhere for the others to sacrifice themselves to, but the heart is not balanced; the difficulty is not met the last attack, but like the pessimistic personality kunshouyoudou.

Miss Liang, seize the day, tireless work rash and too much in haste, only 27 years old, was diagnosed with breast cancer, have been approaching late, when young, the cause of fire...... All ceased, breast resection surgery, chemotherapy and pain, from the stately white-collar office in charge of all of a sudden into the endless back and forth to the hospital, and most importantly, the final outcome has been determined, the only difference is: how long this road can go?

Yu Juan, 32, Jining. Undergraduate degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University, received master's and doctoral degree at the Fudan University and later to Norway to study, after returning home at the Fudan University School of social development and public policy. In December 2009, was diagnosed with breast cancer, in January 2, 2010, was further diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, died in April 19, 2011. The Dr., excellent young teachers of Fudan University, in the last years of her life, when health is slightly better, memories, recorded in the treatment of cancer and cancer of dribs and drabs, personality as "field research" and self reflection.

Yu Juan served in the Ruijin hospital and hospital for six months, six months to contact dozens of patients. Unconsciously in the ward when chatting, she would like a social investigation personnel, beginning with professional, thoughtful bangqiaoceji asked some questions. This is a spontaneous research behavior, because she has been trying to figure out what kind of person is easy to get cancer. Sometimes asked the head, even felt like a lurking in the cancer ward young scholars.

She found that breast cancer patients rarely, steady personality character instead, too many people have heavy weight control, desire for power, aggressive and impatient.

The character around the patients could not help but let Yu Juan began to reflect on their own character. She is very love of his own character, even if there is a wine on the table was a man half jokingly said that her life is certainly a Shandong female great outlaws, and also not to regard it as right. Yu Juan never thought that this is what is wrong, after the illness had to admit, there have been problems with his own character: too love too feisty, love everything the best, too much love to guide the overall situation, too love to worry about, too unwilling to mediocrity. She had tried to use the three and a half years, and fix a Norway master's degree and a doctorate in fudan. However, after all, the doctor is not a master, she worked hard, and ultimately did not complete the goal set for himself, angry to death. She tried to be a good female scholar, although she thinks she is not good at scientific research, but since the path of scientific research, it is necessary to make a look. She used the "ambition" is a two or three year associate professor to do, then start your life, the article in the subject, although what to do to achieve the goal of associate professor, she is very confused. In order to do not know is not a goal of their own life to fight up, can not help but say is a fool to do. Ill in Juancai understand that people should take delight in sustainable long-term life goals, not just to see a high official positions and riches.

Finally, Yu Juan sighed, in addition to diet, living habits, regular inspection and other factors, women are the most important thing is not to put too much pressure on yourself, maintain good mood, optimistic mood, this is the best defense weapon of cancer.

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