Cancer patients to go to the river to commit suicide's "talk therapy" warm heart old man

Source: Harbin News NetworkHarbin News Network (reporter Wang Jianqing) brother Chen Weiguang will be suffering from cancer to save Dutch ac


Source: Harbin News Network

Harbin News Network (reporter Wang Jianqing) brother Chen Weiguang will be suffering from cancer to save Dutch act song aunt after five months, he became the spiritual pillar of the old man, with his warmth of the love of the old man last time.

In July 1st this year, 10 am, swan Taxi Company Black A58862 driver Chen Weiguang to operate near the provincial hospital, song aunt took his car, said to go to the highway bridge. Chen Weiguang asked the specific location, she thought for a long time, finally out of a sentence "as long as you go to the riverside". Along the way, Chen Weiguang found the old man looked abnormal, they slowed down and kept talking to the old man. When the car came to the friendship road near, Chen Weiguang once again asked the song aunt want to go, the old man, wow cry. Chen Weiguang parked the car to the roadside, appealed to comfort the elderly. Originally, song aunt's wife suffering from uremia dialysis in the hospital, she was diagnosed with cancer, and has reached the advanced stage. The old man lost the courage of life, think of the river Dutch act. In Chen Weiguang's repeated persuasion, an hour later, song aunt finally gave up the idea of suicide, Chen Weiguang will send her back to her family, when parting left his mobile phone number: "sister, what will have to find my heart."

After that, the song aunt really Chen master as a loved one". A few days later, Chen Weiguang received the song aunt's phone: "Mr. Chen, I want to talk to you going on, do you have time?" "Yes, you say it!" "I lost all my hair after chemotherapy, and I didn't want to go out......" "Don't you worry, this is a normal side effect, I have time for you to buy a wig, wearing a guarantee that you and beautiful as before......" Song aunt revealed a rare smile.

For months, due to continuous chemotherapy and illness, often pain unbearable feelings of irritability, song aunt, call Chen Weiguang became her only spiritual support. No matter how late, regardless of whether or not Chen Weiguang pull the guests, as long as the phone received the song aunt, he would patiently chat with the elderly for a while, and sometimes even one or two hours. Chen Weiguang always encourage song aunt, give her jokes, homely, let people feel very warm. Every time when chatting with the end of the master Chen, the old man feel and hope......

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