In our treatment of psoriasis patients have a sense of follow-up

This afternoon, the most recent treatment of patients with psoriasis telephone follow-up, there is a feeling in my heart:1, after a part of


This afternoon, the most recent treatment of patients with psoriasis telephone follow-up, there is a feeling in my heart:

1, after a part of patients feel a temporary effect is not ideal, pessimism. Most of these patients are patients with psoriasis, psoriasis treatment and prognosis unclear. Because there is no cure for psoriasis, some patients do not feel after listening to the treatment, the treatment was stopped, and after a slight improvement in the condition of relapse and gradually increased. Very understanding of the feelings of such patients, but also for the treatment of psoriasis is not a better way and deep remorse. As a medical worker, only on the basis of the current medical conditions on the basis of efforts to tap new treatment techniques or a variety of experience gradually explore a better way to treat psoriasis, the benefit of the majority of patients. Also hope that the majority of patients to understand the current status of treatment, cure or cure don't listen to what biotech therapy to a regular hospital, Department of dermatology as predecessors said: "do not treat psoriasis than disorderly cure!".

2, some patients with luck, treatment after a rash has been basically controlled, not what new rash, so there is no referral to the hospital in time, the disease relapsed soon. It is recommended that the patient has a good effect to find the attending physician to understand the prevention work in the later stage, consolidate the results of the treatment, and gradually stop the drug, but not to stop the drug.

3, the correct understanding of the treatment of psoriasis. We know that although the proposed system will psoriasis complicated with hypertension and coronary heart disease and other diseases, but also has not completely scientific evidence-based medicine, most just skin changes, affect the appearance, and not much impact on health. We know that high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other long-term medication, and long-term medication on psoriasis medication that conflict is only a skin disease, do not need to insist for a long time, so sometimes I and my patients say: put psoriasis as coronary heart disease and other chronic diseases to treat coronary heart disease, at any time may also be life, but psoriasis seldom fatal, so a correct understanding of the treatment of this disease, to maintain an optimistic and confident attitude, adhere to regular treatment, psoriasis is not what big problem.

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