Ten years old rotten leg (Lian Chuangtui) cured in two weeks

The "Tianjin daily" the two Affiliated Hospital of Department of general surgery two week cure ten years old rotten leg"Ten years old rotten


The "Tianjin daily" the two Affiliated Hospital of Department of general surgery two week cure ten years old rotten leg"

Ten years old rotten legs cure for two weeks

Author: Jiang Ning

2010-08-09 Tianjin daily

The two Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin TCM day before in the city to carry out and the successful implementation of the subfascial endoscopic perforating operation, relieve the pain for a suffering from varicose veins of lower extremity with suffering skin ulcer after 10 years of the 68 year old male patient. Second days after surgery, the patient will be able to walk, and after two weeks of recovery treatment, has recently been discharged.

According to the operation for the patients with the director of the hospital department of general surgery physician Wang Hong introduction, varicose vein of lower extremities for many years, 10 years ago left ankle ulceration formed a ulcer, the original coin size, 10 years never had ulcer healing, anti-inflammatory, wound for drug treatment but had little effect, ulcer the area is more and more big, to the two Affiliated Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine treatment before. After careful examination, the diagnosis of chronic varicose veins of the lower extremities with skin ulcers, commonly known as old rotten legs, varicose veins of the lower extremity is a serious complication. The traditional operation method is through the incision of the deep fascia near ulcer perforating vein ligation for treatment, but this kind of open surgery not only incision, bleeding, often because of superficial varicose vein bleeding, ulcer bleeding in the skin near the lead to find difficult, traffic branch ligation is not complete, but also through the incision for ulcer vascular lesion, the decayed parts due to hit again and more difficult to heal, wound infection and other complications are more, the infirm often unbearable.

Wang Hong and other experts for the patients with subfascial endoscopic perforating operation, this new technique is far away from the leg ulcer upper leg two were 1 cm and 0.5 cm of the small incision, the precise positioning technology of endoscopic under the deep fascia gap in the traffic vein and don't break off, compared with the traditional surgery with surgical trauma decreases, perforator completely, short hospitalization time, low cost, fast recovery, effectively reduce the wound infection, necrosis and delayed healing of postoperative complications and recurrence rate of ulcer characteristics decreased significantly. The patient was able to get out of bed second days after operation, and the healing of the ulcer was about 2 weeks before the operation of the 10 * 8 cm.

Reporter Jiang Ning



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