Psychological prescription - how to reach the highest point of psychological parabola?

It is well known that the parabola is characterized by its high elevation, the highest point, its height gradually decreased.Recently, a num


It is well known that the parabola is characterized by its high elevation, the highest point, its height gradually decreased.

Recently, a number of cases encountered in psychological counseling, parabolic and two-dimensional coordinates can be used to illustrate the characteristics of the common characteristics of these cases.

Case 1:

Zhang is a 40 year old in the early days of the aerospace engineer, at home ranked second, there is a sister, under the two brothers, a sister. Mr. Zhang is one of the most promising among the many children, parents are the most proud of the child. Mr. Zhang grew frail, 3 year old when he was almost dead, but the academic performance has been good, can be admitted to the University and stay in Beijing a famous work unit, a good wife and a lovely daughter. Parents at the age of more than and 60, and a younger brother to live together, at home in rural areas. Mr. Zhang is the best economic conditions, but parents have thousands of dollars a month pension, do not need his money. Every year, Mr. Zhang returned home to visit his parents once, usually mainly two younger brothers to take care of their parents.

Mr. Zhang to consult the main problem is over the past ten years on their own health too much worry, so that they simply can not stand. Sometimes feel a little stuffy chest, it will be very afraid, worried about myocardial infarction, rushed to the hospital for examination, ECG, cardiac angiography, dynamic electrocardiogram and other checks are not abnormal. Mr. Zhang can be assured, but not for a long time, as long as there is little chest discomfort, you will think of is not got myocardial infarction? Sometimes there will be a sudden thought: I will suffer from heart disease, and uneasy, it will feel uncomfortable chest, the more, the more worried that they will suffer from heart disease. As long as there is the symptom of the cold, such as runny nose, cough and expectoration, Mr. Zhang was very nervous, worried that she had pneumonia, and even lung cancer, need to hurry to the hospital for examination. Bought an electronic sphygmomanometer, often give their blood pressure, Mr. Zhang just feel uncomfortable when you, as long as the high point will be very afraid to stroke, rushed to the hospital, the doctor let it calm down, they often have normal blood pressure. Zhang clearly knows that he does not have a serious organic disease, but it is a little bit uncomfortable too afraid and cautious, which has seriously affected the efficiency and quality of life.

From the diagnosis of Mr. Zhang said, suffering from disease phobia, is a hypochondriac, what makes Mr. Zhang for their own health so always on tenterhooks?

We found that Mr. Zhang was afraid of disease is a serious disease, such as myocardial infarction, stroke, lung cancer, which is the leading cause of death in a deadly disease, asked whether he was afraid of death, it is interesting that Mr. Zhang answered not afraid of death. Really? Through understanding, we learned that Mr. Zhang now has a desire, such as ten years later, he returned to repair, back home to spend more time with their parents, and the mother's body is not very good, so...... It goes without saying that Mr. Zhang has a very big worry, his desire is likely to be impossible, because the mother may die too early, it will be more guilty. But Mr. Zhang is not willing to face this reality, the instinct to do a transfer, that is, the fear of mother's death transferred to their own fears of death, the extent of this concern, even Mr. Zhang said he was not afraid of death. He's worried about death.

By questioning the Socratic Questioning about Mr. Zhang: if you have lung cancer or myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, what will happen? He will die, and what will happen? He answered that could be disastrous, parents can not accept, can not take care of his wife and children, I was forty years old, so many years, I have been the pride of his parents, but I did not do to duty, still waiting to retire with training parents do, I can't accept death now.

Mr. Zhang has a strong fear and avoidance of death. In fact, each of us is afraid of death, no one is willing to die, but we usually do not consider death, because death seems to be far away from us. But why does Mr. Chang's fear of death occur?

He was a sickly, at the age of three had premature death experience, he was destined to death very sensitive. With the increase of age, career success, increase their family roles and responsibilities, he realized the importance of your parents' health is getting worse, this has led to a desire for health, fear of illness and death.

The moderate fear of illness and death, people learned to pay attention to hygiene, obey the traffic order and social rules, the prevention and control of diseases from seeking nutrition, aesthetics, psychology, sports, music, art, etc., to improve the quality of life. If the abscissa of the degree of fear of illness and death, the vertical axis represents the quality of life, the relationship between the two is a parabola, with the increase of the degree of fear, and constantly improve the quality of life, but if more than a certain degree, which is more than the optimal point, the quality of life will be a sharp decline. How do you use this metaphor to help Mr. Zhang?

First of all, Mr. Zhang to help the fear of death and death is life out, no one can escape the fear of death is a normal psychological phenomenon, is helpful to improve the quality of human life. If there is no fear of death, people don't follow the rules, interpersonal conflict, expand the AIDS epidemic, risking the ghost, the social chaos.

Secondly, the optimal degree let him understand that corresponding to the highest point of the parabola himself more than the fear of death, that is to maintain the best quality of life than the corresponding degree of fear, a little uncomfortable, is the worst, the worst aspect to consider is the natural result of decreased tension, anxiety, insomnia, work the efficiency and life satisfaction. The greater the fear, the lower the quality of life.

In addition, helped him put the fear of death to the optimal point, analysis of the formation process of susceptibility to the fear of death, including childhood valetudinarianism, experience of death is premature, the desire for life, and so on, in order to reduce the fear of death, which came out in hypochondriasis.

Case 2:

Moon is a university college students, just a sophomore, one or two semester exams are the first in the class, but she recently state is not good, feel the school is broken, dormitory environment is very bad, it is not the place to stay, in addition to learning is to learn, now do not want to live on campus, even to learning, learning, absent-minded, inattention, memory seems to be not good. What was the first student in the class?

Through in-depth conversation, understand the bright month has great learning pressure. University three years, the average of the top six examinations before the students are eligible to participate in the examination of the students, the final admission of the top six in the top nine. Oh, So that is what it is. Can be bright month before the two exams have got the first, it should let her not too nervous to ah, how Voices of discontent. A weariness,? Liang said he was very hard to learn, and the dormitory has two students usually do not learn, but it is the top class, a great threat to their own. She worried about his first name will lose. When the first desire is too strong, that can not be put into full mind to learning, learning efficiency decreased, the more excited her to lose the first worry. When the first intention is represented by the abscissa, the ordinate represents the learning efficiency, and the relationship between the two is also in accordance with the parabola relation. That is, the learning efficiency does not increase with the increase of the intensity of the first desire, and there is also an optimal intensity, which corresponds to the highest learning efficiency. More than the optimal strength, but the efficiency of the study declined sharply. For the inattention, memory loss, poor comprehension, appear even tired of emotional state, confused in mind.

How to make use of the efficiency of learning and the desire to do the first is a parabolic relationship to help bright moon?

First of all, to help the moon when the first wish out, when the first is anyone longing for things, our society also advocated "don't want to be a general is not a good soldier", when the first thought is a normal psychological phenomenon, continue to contribute to the development of individual and the whole human society. If you don't want to be the first, contented, complacent, lost power forward, no invention, only vulgar repeat. The teacher teach students lazy, lazy listening, do not test, the school at all close.

Secondly, let her know their first wish when more than a certain degree, which is more than the play to their maximum potential and the highest efficiency of learning, want to be the first, if the first his mind with partial results, tension, anxiety, memory decline, inattention, weariness, although the first two times the first exam, but not from gaining confidence, but worried about losing. China proverb "than people, mad people, with full right here.

In addition, to help her analysis of their own when first wish why so strong? In order to reduce the intensity of the desire for the first, so that it comes out of the anxiety, improve learning efficiency. Through the conversation, but also learned that the college entrance examination scores failed on the undergraduate line, on the specialist, but it is higher in the class. But the patients psychological imbalance, felt pity, vowed to study hard for college, this is the bright month to study hard, the power to be first. This should be positive, without rebuke, praised canada. As long as the action, hard to learn, but also to do it, and achieved some success. However, the reality of the situation seems to be some bad, such as their own very hard to learn, but there are a few students in the dormitory is usually not how to learn, but it is the top of the class, a great threat to their own". Bright mind was the so-called "threat" occupied, she too wanted to test the undergraduate course, so want to be the first, in front of the "threat", past experience of failure to appear, let her fear, that cannot tolerate any little threat, exaggerated the negative factors, the first two times is the first to see the advantages, not only the first, sixth undergraduate can buffer has no effect on her.

Energy must be concentrated, low learning efficiency, is more important to her first lose more fear, fear, learning efficiency is poor, to enter into a vicious spiral. Moon instinct to choose from, such as the school to complain of the bad environment, poor dormitory conditions, it is not the place to stay, for their own future in case the test can't be the first to find an excuse, or even want to get out of the "giant" of the local pressure.

Through such analysis, the bright month will adjust their goals, not do the first, fifth and six may, the first when the desire falls, the falls on the first line of fear. Their hard work is not a disadvantage, others do not study hard is not necessarily an advantage, as long as their best efforts to play their own maximum potential, get their best results on it.

Case 3:

Righteousness is a high school student, 18 years old, the last half year frequent uncontrollable memories, accompanied by palpitation, trembling, fear, fear of a girl to the court, and thus can not concentrate on learning, to come to consult.

Story from three years ago. There is a neighbor's little girl, about three years younger than their own, usually not how to communicate, three years ago, there is a cousin to go to school because they often live in their own home, the neighbor's little girl often come to play cousin. Justice also has the opportunity to interact with a neighbor girl. O said the neighbor little girl is not very beautiful, but at that time there is always a kind of impulse, want to embrace her. There was no occasion for others, a sudden embrace of a neighbor girl, the little girl was very surprised, instinctively broke his embrace. Later, Yi made several moves, the little girl's resistance seems to be not as strong as the first time, but also to meet some of the meaning, but the two people just embrace it. Six months later, Yi Yi moved, and then two people who did not take the initiative to contact each other, as if nothing had happened, each of their own lives. Six months ago, the sudden emergence of a sense of the above symptoms.

Consulting, a Yi repeatedly told me that he was very afraid, afraid of a little girl to get sick, afraid she will tell myself to the court. To this end, he sought the views of students, family members, said things in the past so long, will not sue him, there is no evidence to sue. The fear of righteousness is not only not reduced, but growing. Why are you so afraid? Let him make a hypothesis, if the little girl really got sick, really go to court to sue him, how should he face? He said I didn't want to take the responsibility, to know if the little girl got sick, how much his responsibility. At this point, we can find that there is a strong desire to shirk responsibility.

As usual, we can use the principle of parabola, the abscissa represents the desire to shirk responsibility, ordinate represents the quality of life or learning efficiency. Think the right thing to do, too, want to shirk responsibility, beyond a certain point, the quality of life decreased sharply, fear they will tell themselves, make their own responsibility, can not concentrate on learning.

How to use this principle to help Yi?

First of all, let him realize that doing the wrong thing, choose to escape responsibility is instinctive reaction. Secondly, his desire to avoid responsibility is too strong, more than to maintain the best quality of life, so as to produce a forced memory, fear and other symptoms. Finally, help him to escape the responsibility to desire the optimal pull, at the age of 18 is a watershed in the adult, should assume their due obligations and responsibilities. Whether it is any adverse consequences, as long as it is their responsibility, it is necessary to bear the burden, what else can worry about it?!

In fact, there are many similar examples in life, a beautiful parabola, with horizontal and vertical coordinates, profound meaning. The abscissa can show people's fear, worry, anxiety, desire, motivation and so on behalf of everyone all the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, some activities of consciousness and emotional experience; ordinate represents the quality of life and the corresponding work efficiency etc.. When we complain about the value of ordinate is not high, taking into account whether or factors on the horizontal axis did not reach the optimum point, or has already been far away from the optimal point.

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