"Shen Nong's herbal classic" sequence cloud: "medicine is sour and salty joys symplectic five flavor, and cold warm cool four. "This is one


"Shen Nong's herbal classic" sequence cloud: "medicine is sour and salty joys symplectic five flavor, and cold warm cool four. "This is one of the earliest summarized the basic theory about the resistance of the five flavours. Each medicine has four properties and five tastes different, and therefore have different curative effect. In the discussion of ancient herbal medicine function, first identified the "gas" and "taste", visible gas and taste is one of the important signs of drug properties, which have practical significance for understanding the similarities and differences of various drugs and clinical medication.

Four, cold temperature is Liangsi different resistance, also known as the four. It reflects the effect of drug on human body, and tendency of Yin Yang change, as an important part of property theory, is one of the main theoretical basis of drug action. Four reside the meaning of yin and Yang, Yin cold, warm cold and warm yang, two kinds of drugs is opposite, and the cold and cool, warm and heat only is different, that is "cool to cold", "warm to hot". Some herbal literature on drug use of four "hot" and "cold" and "warm" and "cool" to describe this is to further distinguish the Chinese medicine four different levels, in order to show consideration. But from the four nature, and only distinguish between sexes. In addition, four of the outside there is a kind of peaceful property of drug, it refers to a class of drugs and boundaries are not clear, mild, moderate, such as dangshen, yam, liquorice etc.. Flat can into, doctors of different views, some believe that although the flat but in fact there are partial temperature cold, such as licorice flat, with cold, hot with partial temperature, so the flat still beyond the scope of the four, is a relative term, it is not absolutely flat because of this, still called four (of) instead of five (of). However there are also advocated "flat into", such as Li Shizhen in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" of grass roll before introduction said: "five Yan, and Wen Liangping, the first proposed five classification method. "Materia Medica" drug 365, neutral medicine actually accounted for 100 of taste. Tianma flat, where endogenous liver wind, convulsions, regardless of cold and heat can be used, no matter visible from the literature, or clinical practice, can prove that level is the objective existence, should be in the "flat".

Cold and heat resistance of the cold temperature is different effect of different reaction caused by drugs acting on the human body and the obtained and summed up, it is relative with the nature of the treatment of disease. If the patient showed high fever polydipsia, red eyes, sore throat, pulse number, which belongs to Yang heat syndrome, with gypsum, Anemarrhena, gardenia and other drugs after treatment, the symptoms can be alleviated or eliminated, suggesting their resistance is cold; on the other hand, if the patient is cold limbs, pale white, cold pain, abdominal fine pulse, which belongs to the cold syndrome, with aconite, cinnamon and ginger after drug treatment, the symptoms can be alleviated or eliminated, suggesting their resistance is warm.

Generally speaking, cold medicine respectively with clearing heat and purging fire, detoxification, nourishing Yin, clearing heat and removing steam purge, diuresis, clearing heat, cold phlegm, Qingxin Kaiqiao liver wind effects; and warm drugs respectively with temperature in cold, warm liver Sanjie, make up the fire Yang, Wenyanglishui and Wenjingtongluo, set fire to the source, such as the role of reviving yang.

"Q - to really great" to heat the cold, hot cold "," Shen Nong's herbal classic "order" to cure cold hot cases, heat treatment with cold medicine "and points out how to grasp the theory of medicine to guide the clinical medication principle. Specifically, more warm drugs treated with cold abdominal pain, cold hernia pain, impotence, palace cold infertility, Yinhan edema, cold arthralgia, cold blood deficiency and Yang, amenorrhea, more death collapse and a series of cold syndrome; and cold medicine is mainly used for heat polydipsia, poison spot temperature blood, vomit, burn sores, heat constipation, heat astringent pain, jaundice, edema. Phlegm heat cough fever coma, hot wind and a series of Yang heat syndrome. In short, cold medicine to cure Yang heat syndrome, warm medicine to cure cold syndrome, this is must follow the principle of clinical medication. On the contrary, if the Yin cold syndrome with cold medicine, Yang heat syndrome with warm drugs will inevitably lead to further deterioration, even causing death. The king Shuhe cloud: "Guizhi swallow, Yang Sheng, shoot; bearing gas into the stomach, Yin to death. "Li Zhongzi" must read "Yi Zong said:" cold and cool, a dagger is absurd, water is difficult. "

Due to the cold and cool, heat and temperature between the degree of difference, and therefore should also pay attention to medication. Such as when using hot and warm medicine, when cold medicine and medicine, medicine is ill light is not up to the purpose of curing diseases; on the other hand, when the drug is used with warm hot Yin when its anti injury, anti cold medicine with medicine is easy to hurt the yang. As for the cold in hot, hot and cold, cold and heat resistance in complex diseases caused by the simultaneous occurrence of cold and heat, cold, hot and when used, the cold and heat removal. If the disease is complex ColdHeat complex, repellence between yin and Yang, and when the cold and George of the rule of law. That is Zhang Jiebin "hot cold, hot and cold to reverse, accompanied by cold medicine in the treatment of heat and cold; the heat, to cold, while corrigent to get medicine" that also. And "Q - six Yuan Ji great" proposed "no crime" hot cold cold "no crime hot", which refers to grasp the theory according to the different seasons, to guide the clinical medication rules. Generally refers to in the winter without heat, do not use cold medicine casually, so as not to damage the Yang; and in the hot summer without cold syndrome who don't use drugs, so as not to hurt Tianjin dryness. If the winter is really hot when using hot heat treatment, really fake cold syndrome when the choice of cold medicine to cure, not genuine confusion.

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