Good scars forget the pain, plastic surgeon to help you

As the saying goes that the scars forget the pain, it really depends on where the scar, and if the scar in the face, the pain will never be


As the saying goes that the scars forget the pain, it really depends on where the scar, and if the scar in the face, the pain will never be better. Instead of playing the pain in the heart, how to make the scar no longer become a problem, but also you are intact skin, plastic surgery technology can help you.

There are three main methods:

Simple excision suture

Simple excision suture is more suitable for smaller scar area. After the operation to remove the skin scar, and then suture the wound with a small needle carefully suture, suture method is best to follow the skin lines, so that the line will not leave scar. Sometimes, for a larger area of patients can also be used scar excision method. Note that the two operation must be separated by more than half a year.

Excision and skin graft

This method is suitable for patients with larger scar area, a large area of the scar can not be directly after the removal of scar suture, because these patients are not normal facial skin. At this time, according to the natural shape of the face of the partition, and then in a natural form of hunger to fill a whole area of the skin, and then according to the number of excision of the scar, decided to plant a few skin.

Repair scar with skin flap

Because we have a lot of subcutaneous adipose tissue under the skin flap, which can be used to repair the skin defects after excision of the scar, but also to protect the role of deep tissue. For the repair of scar near some facial organs, skin flap transplantation is a more common method. If the defect, eyelid valgus deformity, mouth and so need to flap based cosmetic surgery. After transplantation, the color of the flap is closer to the facial skin, and can also be a part of facial tissue depression. A new method of scar repair currently used can provide quality a lot of extra skin, most can replace the traditional method of skin scar.

The above is the treatment of facial scars, which can be described as a good way to operate its high security, the method can completely cure the scar. If your face is so hard to tell your scars, then remove the scars from the surgery began. Surgical technique is very important, minimally invasive operation, effective tension, accurate and precise suture, is the key to ensure the operation effect.

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