The manifestation, treatment and prevention of school phobia

Three features1, afraid to go to school, even publicly refused to go to school.2, during the onset, if the parents forced their children to


Three features

1, afraid to go to school, even publicly refused to go to school.

2, during the onset, if the parents forced their children to go to school, will make it more anxiety, if the parents agreed not to go to school for a while, then the child anxiety immediately ease.

The symptoms of anxiety: 3, uneasy, pale, on tenterhooks, whole body cold sweat, heart rate, shortness of breath, and even vomiting, abdominal pain, frequent urination, urgency etc..


1, internal. These children have the following characteristics: timid, careful, sensitive, suspicious especially aimianzi, vulnerable to criticism.

2, external factors. Such children's parents, teachers and I often expect too much, often more than the child's psychological ability to bear, resulting in children's psychological imbalance, and gradually form a sense of anxiety.

How to treat school phobia

First of all, to find the child refused to go to school. When that child has refused to go to school when the phenomenon, parents should talk with them, as far as possible to understand all the circumstances and they go to school. Pay attention to enlighten, do not use intimidation simple way, forcing the child to go to school, so as not to increase their children's psychological trauma. To clarify the current positive induction, and the relationship between the school and future work, let the children improve in understanding, avoid all kinds of compulsive and punitive actions.

When the reasons for not going to school, parents, teachers, doctors should work together to develop a treatment plan. The plan should include the following two points:

1, as soon as possible to make children go back to school if not children school anxiety symptoms significantly, parents don't hurry, should notify the school teacher with. Then, parents should be patient, and accompany the child to eliminate or alleviate their anxiety symptoms. Let the children stay at school for an hour at the beginning. If this step is successful, the time can be extended to 2 hours and then extended to half a day. Gradually transition to not go to school with their children and let the children go to school alone. When the child has progress, it should be timely praise and reward.

2, to help children overcome fear. Children suffering from school phobia have varying degrees of anxiety symptoms, after finding the cause, to be targeted to the child psychiatrist for psychological treatment.

Muscle relaxation therapy is an effective way to help children overcome fear and relieve anxiety symptoms. That is, when the child is close to the school gate, repeatedly do deep breathing, wait until the body muscles gradually relax, and then into the school, in order to overcome the fear of school and anxiety symptoms.

Using the above method when the effect is not obvious, but under the guidance of doctors, in the short term application of antidepressants, such as Prozac, Zoloft, lexapro and at the same time, the anti anxiety agents, such as alprazolam, diazepam, to eliminate or alleviate the symptoms of children with.

How to prevent school phobia

1, pay attention to the child's character training. Parents and teachers of timid, careful, melancholy children, should not be too strict. On the contrary, should persuade these children do too seriously, let them know life will have success, also have failure.

2, children should not be too high expectations. The parents of such children do not expect too much, because this kind of children's personality characteristics, determines that they suffered failures and setbacks ability is poor, therefore, expect too much easy to make these children to increase the psychological pressure in the character of a good foundation, promote the development of school phobia.

3, early detection, early treatment. Once the child is found to have signs of school phobia, that is, immediately go to the psychological clinic, ask the child psychiatrist for psychological treatment and the necessary medication. Parents should pay attention to prevent these children may run away from home and other bad behavior.

Child psychology experts talk about school phobia

1, school phobia and academic achievement has nothing to do

A lot of people think that students with poor grades or mischievous students will have the fear of going to school. Jia Meixiang said, in fact, in her admissions school phobia, almost half of them are good grades, usually good students. Some of the key school students. There is a little boy, in the primary school to learn very well, or monitor, with excellent results admitted to a key middle school. In junior high school, he is still a class cadre. Once he and a classmate of trouble, the teacher indiscriminate criticism he said: "you are the class cadre, the other students should be more of a patient." He felt criticized by the teacher, so that their image is not so perfect, and the teacher's practice and some conflict. Since then, he had a dislike for school, gradually developed into a reluctance to go to school, a school to fear, palpitation, irritability, suffering from a school phobia, had to drop out at home. Jia Meixiang analysis said that children with good grades may be more demanding in their own areas, once subject to certain stimuli, more prone to school phobia.

2, the "school phobia" is different from the school

Jia Meixiang told reporters that, in fact, there are school phobia children psychological quite contradictory. Although they have a fear of going to school or learning, but the heart of their own school and worry, think should go to school, but they can not overcome the fear of going to school. This is completely different from the school. Playing truant children do not want to stay in school, not too worried about their studies, parents do cut back what other things. They have no fear of school, in the classroom is not sweating, pale performance. School phobia children have a clear physical and psychological performance, and they are more willing to stay at home to help her mother do some housework.

3, school phobia caused by pressure

Jia Meixiang analysis, the reason why the child will appear school phobia, and the pressure has a direct relationship. At present, the pressure that the student faces is various, have the pressure that comes from society, parent, teacher, also have the pressure that the student gives oneself. Employment requirements for education, making the child's future and a variety of entrance exams are closely linked. Parents expectations, the child's academic performance has become the focus of the family. There are many parents give their children to create a "excellent" learning conditions, as long as it is to learn something, what what to buy; fear of wasting time at home, do not let the child do any housework, this is tantamount to giving children a lot of pressure, feel that learning is not good for parents. School assessment of teachers and students directly linked to academic performance. The students are the recipients of all this pressure. Plus some of the children have a tendency to pursue perfect, excessive demands on themselves, is feisty, sometimes slightly do not perfect, the heart is anxious and fearful. These factors make the psychological development of immature children bear far more than they can withstand the pressure. Jia Meixiang said, in addition to psychological pressure, a large number of exercises piled in front of the children, so that children can not have

Enough sleep, the child's body will feel very tired. But even if the child is crying, parents and teachers have to persuade them to endure. Such long-term psychological and physical fatigue, it may cause the child anxiety, irritability, fear and even hate learning. Some children even have torn books, homework impulse. In fact, even adults, every day in a state of exhaustion, the mood is not good. But the students did not choose not to go to school, the freedom, in the absence of escape, some students subconsciously chose to be sick". Parents have to go to see a doctor, you can not learn. Jia Meixiang stressed that this "sick" is not "deliberately malingering, patients have physical discomfort, it is used to cover the body discomfort of abnormal psychology, this is called" body "in psychology, is a kind of mental disorder. The problem has been in existence for the body and mind, parents must pay attention, do not easily believe that children are in "sick".

4, out of fear in love and patience

Jia Meixiang believes that the treatment of learning phobia, on the one hand the need for psychological guidance; on the other hand, parents and teachers need love and patience. To give the child a process of elimination of terror. She cited an example, or in front of the junior high school boy, he is suffering from school phobia, his father took him to school every day to turn around, let him psychologically close to school until he can accept, then took him into the school gate around the campus, until he was willing to go into the classroom later, just let him sit in the classroom. At the same time, his father and the teacher to communicate, I hope the teacher do not use irritating words to treat him. A year later, the boy finally returned to normal learning life. In the meantime, his father's patience and the teacher's love played a very important role.

5, the real experts call: please give the burden on Students

The study of students is the most concern of every parent. The high hope children beyond their knowledge level is not high that children don't like ourselves. Jia Meixiang worried that the vast majority of children are under the pressure of "Hope", a child often carries the ideal of two generations or even generations, which is unfair to children. Although now engaged in quality education, but to graduate school, is still a fraction of all. So, although in the school of "quality education", but at home, many parents give their children "kaixiaozao", please tutor, at the class of that class, didn't reduce the burden of learning. Jia Meixiang said, parents should be aware of the child's intelligence and interests are different, standing in the pagoda on the tip of the person is always a minority, "pressure" and "force" of the child is very cruel practice. Parents and teachers at the same time to consider their studies, but also should consider the child's health (where health refers to two aspects of physical and psychological). Wait until the child's health problems, only to realize that "health is the most important", often too late.

Learning, grades, family problems become the main cause of school phobia

Students with good results will also be sick according to clinical statistics, more than 2/3 school phobia patients' parents too much attention to their children's academic performance. And not only poor grades, naughty, often criticized by the teacher's students are afraid to go to school, school children will get a good school phobia". The 12 year old jade gets good grades in school, won the teacher appreciation. In patients with suppurative tonsillitis played a week after the infusion, Xiaoyu didn't want to go to school. Psychological doctor and her contact, discovered that she was a sensitive and strong child, the pursuit of perfection, Xiaoyu is worried about falling one week courses will follow, also worried about his good friend and his estranged. This problem has caused her emotional disorder, affecting her cognition and judgment, leading to withdrawal behavior, even if things are not as bad as she thought, she thinks only away from the school environment in the subconscious, relieve their emotional problems. Check the doctor said, "she is a perfectionist" Xiaoyu suffering from "school phobia" one of the reasons. There are 50% families of children with problems found the doctor said, the basic school phobia is biological factors, is induced by environmental factors but, such as poor peer relationship or school teacher's criticism, the family is also an important factor, there are 50% problems of "school phobia patients in the family, such as the relationship between parents, parents of the poor indulgent or alienated, parental personality is not perfect. The 12 year old AHAO is an only child, father in Foshan factory, home economic conditions are very good, AHAO gets good grades in school, is also very welcome by students. Such a good student envy everyone also got school phobia, it seems difficult to understand. By chance, psychological doctors learned the family secrets, to unlock the mystery". Ho's father often in entertainment as an excuse to get home late, even cheyebugui. Ho's mother heard that her husband was having an affair, often in tears, and often let come to comfort her AHAO call dad, dad advised home. More than a year ago, AHAO began to want to go to school, often abdominal pain, every episode of father immediately drove him to the hospital, the doctor searched around the Pearl River Delta is ineffective, finally was referred to the psychological clinic. The psychological doctor advised Ho's mother, the contradiction between the parents do not give children too much pressure, but can not use the child; at the same time the doctor advised his father to improve parent-child relationship, strengthen communication and exchanges between children and. Ho's father was very puzzled: our parent-child relationship problem, every year I take him out for a trip to Hongkong, Disney. Through psychological treatment for more than three months, the relationship between AHAO parents improved, mother's mood, AHAO abdominal pain stopped every day, happy to go to school. In January can be back to school "school phobia treatment carried out together with the need of doctors, schools, parents and children, if the children in the school received the students bullying, the doctor will recommend the teacher students to stop bullying intervention for children, try to change a class or even transfer. Check the doctor emphasized that the child is not to blame the teacher class transfer, is a kind of treatment method, can make the child leave have produced a psychological shadow environment. Parents should also change the bad parent-child relationship and parenting style, as well as their bad lifestyle. Parents and teachers should realize that "school phobia" is different from the general to play truant, understand children's emotional problems not to act, the child should not scold scolding, and try to solve the practical difficulties of children by reasonable means. Check the doctor warned that once the diagnosis of children suffering from "school phobia", parents should bring their children to receive psychological treatment, do not delay, the more timely treatment effect is better, to avoid children not long to go to school, abandoned their studies. Most of the children after treatment for 1 months, significantly reduce anxiety and emotional anxiety, most can be returned to school, but to achieve emotional and physical symptoms completely eliminated and a good state of mind to adapt to the psychological treatment for 3 to 6 months.

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