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Mention Tang, all the general impression is not capable, suggestible, trouble, to teach, to say that he is a good leader, I'm afraid not man


Mention Tang, all the general impression is not capable, suggestible, trouble, to teach, to say that he is a good leader, I'm afraid not many people will agree, but with modern management concept, the monk is indeed a good leader.

First of all, we make a analysis of advantages and disadvantages from other team members and for the job.

Sun Wukong, has the advantages of superior ability, dare to do everything, evil, dare to take responsibility, extensive contacts, the disadvantage is irritable, impatient, so-called "this season," probably came from him, but not too wild and intractable, clothing discipline, prone to anger, without considering the consequences, if he is afraid to become a leader, a bar head turn to the west, directly to the Buddha to the Scriptures, not to make the Buddha Hall, so he can not become a leader, only suitable as a sales manager, fighting the devil cut paths through mountains.

Pig eight quit, the advantage is optimistic attitude, good coordination. A lot of problems, such as lazy, slack, the principle of mercenary and sensual, is not strong, motionless to the luggage back to Gao Village, he will become a leader, this is afraid to learn from the team had disbanded, so he could not become a leader, but he as a public relations manager, begging alms, coordination of internal contradictions as the monk Sun Wukong away, let him by gab for please come back.

No, the advantages of hard working, honest, strong execution, regardless of personal gains and losses. The disadvantage is the ability is not strong, and no opinion, such a person must not lead the masses when, enterprises will be a mess, soon to fail, so he is not fit to be a leader, but as a general manager of finance is appropriate, he will be sure to engage in financial problems clearly, do not worry about corruption.

White horse, is the grass-roots staff, to be training, not to say.

Now, talk about the merits of Tang's monk, or that he has leadership qualities.

First, he received the support of the upper, and good at using various organizational resources. Like the Buddha, Guanyin and so on, have a little difficulty, these people will take the initiative to help support a policy, there are specific measures.

Second, he has put forward clear goals, on the west, strike.

In third, he designed the team's vision to fruition -. If the Scriptures, other members of the team are washing but life stain, have good occupation planning, respectively, Buddha, Chanrohan, Hualong etc..

Fourth, he will use. On the division of responsibilities, the amount of people, arrange for the job, classified as a sales manager, public relations manager, financial manager, the driver of the car before, give full play to their greatest strengths, learn from the team running arranged in good order.

Fifth, the monk is very tough character, principle. To learn the process, he can withstand various demons and ghosts dangerous forced inducements, not to betray the interests of the team, which he is deeply appreciated by their superiors and subordinates.

In sixth, he developed a strict evaluation methods, such as Sun Wukong to wear gold hoop, disobedient to pronouncing curses. Carrot and stick, act tough and talk soft, achieve a better control effect.

Seventh, he implemented inaction management. The tube, the tube on the matter, encounter, laugh a few faults, but ignore the question of principle, such as broken Buddhist slaughter, adhere to treatment, will not relent, he had several times (a), Sun Wukong dismissed the punishment.


Some people say that the first leadership to give people a dream, two and other leaders to give people the feeling, the leadership of the other three to grant gold. I proposed the great vision that is granted to members of the team, he is rescued from the Five Fingers Group dream; under Sun Wukong, the night Sun Wukong sewing tiger skin skirt, and by Sun Wukong broke the other three members, that the face of their members with moral advantage, is the master, and benefactor, is that love ". In this way he is not only a dream, but also love, that he is a super leader, nor for. He is disunity mentoring a few people, through various means of regulation into a cohesive team learn, and overcome the difficulties, they finally reached the west to get scriptures, to achieve the success of the team's goals.

Wu Chengen, Tang is a good leader, is a successful leader. ^_^



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