Pediatric experts remind you: beware of kissing disease"

A kiss is probably the most expression of intimacy between adults and children, especially with the advent of the era of the two children in


A kiss is probably the most expression of intimacy between adults and children, especially with the advent of the era of the two children in the family, among the children kiss kiss, Dadanaonao added a lot of fun for life. But you know what? A kiss may also lead to disease for children, sounds fantastic. Recently, Zheng Dasan ward is affiliated hospital of pediatric hematology particularly lively, four families with children traveled to Zheng Dasan hospital, visiting professor of pediatric department of Hematology director Wang Xige. The original earlier have infectious mononucleosis four children diagnosed with EB virus infection in the Affiliated Hospital of the Zheng Dasan syndrome, Wang Xige professor with rich working experience, told the parents, the disease is likely to infect other children by family in close contact in the acute phase, she suggested that parents with small carry recent the children have close contact with other children to the hospital for examination. Indeed, the other four children in the family has also found suffering from EB infection and cervical lymph nodes, the different degree of hepatosplenomegaly. Director Wang history, found that the children of four families had a history of close contact, the most common is often eat children, hugs and kisses a lollipop, tableware and other similar mix between intimate contact. So the family hospital helpless". Many people may be tempted to ask, "kiss" can also get sick?

Yes, the so-called "kissing disease" is actually infectious mononucleosis, the disease is actually caused by EB virus infection. When the disease, EB virus is found in the salivary glands and saliva, sustained or intermittent Detox for weeks, months or even years, mainly due to a virus in oral secretions, so oral oral transmission is important, which is why is called "kissing disease". The disease occurs in all parts of the world, mostly sporadic, but also from time to time a certain scale of the epidemic. If the children infected with the disease, mainly fever, sore throat, eyelid edema, lymphadenectasis, visible lymphocyte in peripheral blood increased and atypical lymphocytes.

Treatment of "kissing disease" is mainly symptomatic treatment, spleen enlargement of the children should be especially careful, pay attention to avoid the bump, 2-3 weeks should avoid contact with abdominal exercise, otherwise minor trauma may lead to rupture of spleen. Symptomatic treatment at the same time, the need for antiviral therapy, such as ganciclovir and interferon, a- monophosphate and other drugs. Antibiotics should be used if secondary bacterial infection is present. We do not have to worry about, the prognosis is good, the natural course of about 2-4 weeks, a slow recovery takes weeks to months, the mortality rate is about 1%-2%, the major complications of EB virus associated hemophagocytic syndrome, meningoencephalitis, myocarditis, pericarditis in children. At the same time, attention should be paid to the diagnosis of this disease and leukemia.

In the Zheng Dasan hospital pediatric hematology ward, Department of Hematology experts team after their diagnosis according to the individual differences of the children on their antiviral and immunoregulation therapy. The children were well treated and recovered.

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