Treatment of scoliosis and kyphosis within 10 years of scoliosis

    1 conservative treatment such as vest, gymnastics, usually only with secondary arc development control, or be able to maintain


    1 conservative treatment such as vest, gymnastics, usually only with secondary arc development control, or be able to maintain a certain flexibility, and vertebral deformity through surgery to must be corrected.

    2 can not only consider the operation will cause vertebral fusion affect the height of children and delayed treatment, the development of deformity. It should be recognized that the deformity will gradually increase, will cause the expansion of the scope of surgery. The difficulty of operation, the increase of risk, the economic burden of parents and the growth and development of children, visceral development will cause greater harm. Of course, we must take into account the degree of tolerance of the child's body, safety factor, the choice of built-in objects, the difficulty of operation, the impact of surgery on the development of children, and so on, and select the appropriate surgical period.

    3 if the spinal deformity can in a small range of correction is fixed, for example hemivertebra, should complete excision of hemivertebrae deformity, will be fixed, so both correction and less deformity will influence the growth and development of children, the best of both worlds, if the abnormal range is too long, orthopedic fixation bound will be very wide, less than ten years old children with immature height is too short, the operation will affect the growth and development of children, before and after surgery, heavy blow, more complications, posterior surgery for anterior epiphysis still continue to grow, caused by vertebral imbalance caused by road development, "crank" phenomenon, the vertebral rotation back swell gradually a big bag, so we should choose the part of the epiphysis block subcutaneous growth stage rod distraction operation, lateral bending, concave side of epiphyseal growth by gradually. Correction of the deformity, can make the stage bar, have a certain degree of deformity correction, to prevent the development, but also can increase the height, chest narrow pelvis tilt correction, shoulders, trunk tilt for loss of balance adjustment also very good, also have a certain role in promoting the development of internal organs.

    4 within five years is an important stage for people to internal development, so the internal five year old spinal deformity caused by thoracic deformation especially need children as early as possible in the chest to expand molding operation, on the one hand, spinal deformity has certain correction control function, on the other hand through the ribs open, expand the chest, heart and lung development should have access to the space, promote heart lung development, this is very important.

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