Guiluerxianjiao treatment of male oligoasthenozoospermia clinical observation of 60 cases of sperm

Less and less sperm is an important cause of male infertility in clinic, such as too few semen, abnormal sperm density, low sperm motility,


Less and less sperm is an important cause of male infertility in clinic, such as too few semen, abnormal sperm density, low sperm motility, abnormal sperm increase, semen liquefaction time is too long or not liquefaction. Many of these diseases to the kidney, but the treatment should be divided into yin and Yang, can not be used to warm up, to prevent excessive consumption of yin and Yang, and Yin and Yang should be complementary, each with emphasis. Guiluerxianjiao fill Yin nourishing essence, Qi impotence, it is appropriate, good clinical application and treatment of various abnormal sperm in patients with curative effect, report as follows:

1 case selection

Since January 2003 our hospital infertility patients, were treated by health center of Xijing Hospital of the The Fourth Military Medical University of Obstetrics and gynecology for semen analysis report, in accordance with the inspection manual third version of the standard WHO of human semen and sperm cervical mucus interaction laboratory diagnosis for oligoasthenospermia. Before the treatment of other kinds of treatment for more than 4 weeks, the main indicators include:

The survival rate of 60% < sperm; sperm density; < 20 * 106 / ml; sperm motility (a = 25% or a B level greater than 50% as normal);.

In 60 patients, including 56 cases of 54 cases of low sperm density, sperm survival rate is low, the sperm activity rate are low in 56 cases, and 51 case of low survival rate of sperm and sperm density is too low.

2 treatment options

In order to guiluerxianjiao as the basic method of different disease type and treatment, antler glue tortoise plastron glue per dose of each drug 10g show, ginseng stew served in medlar decoction:

The 2.1 type of insufficiency of Kidney Yang: low libido, impotence and premature ejaculation, waist pain, cold chilly and cold limbs vein late feet weak moss white water, with Curculigo rhizome, epimedium, Tu silk, raspberry;

2.2 fluid loss type: Yaoxisuanruan, dizziness, insomnia, five upset hot sweats pulse counting ruler weak red tongue without fur, with dried rehmannia root, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, privet, Anemarrhena, dogwood, Schisandra etc.;

2.3 coke under the damp heat type: Damp heat, testicular or scrotal perineal pain, yellow urine, red tongue red short pulse slide, with herb gentian toosendan and Anemarrhena Phellodendron achyranthes.

The 2.4 meridians and blood stasis: the penis and testicles abdominoperineal lumbosacral pain, the pain a fixed weight rest after light, dark purple tongue, sublingual vein purple or tortuous, veins of smooth, with amber Salvia safflower Radix paeoniae.

Note: during the treatment of sexual life appropriately reduced, 2-4 per month is appropriate, the woman before and after ovulation sexual life to improve the chances of conceiving.

3 observation methods

The end of January and were treated at the end of three, analyzed in the same laboratory examination of semen Huanzhe abstinence day 5-7.

4 data processing

The data of each group were expressed as mean + standard deviation. The statistical method was t test, and the significance of the mean difference between the three samples before and after the control was tested.

5 Results

6 classic case of Kang, male 31 years old, a soldier, after 5 years without a child, the gynecological examination is completely normal, many hospitals to check semen sperm density is too low, the survival rate is low, patients complained of low libido, Yaoxisuanruan, dizziness, insomnia, five upset hot sweats, red tongue without fur thready pulse length weak, without recent treatment. The diagnosis of fluid loss type, to guiluerxianjiao with Curculigo rhizome, epimedium, dried rehmannia root, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, privet, Anemarrhena, dogwood, Schisandra and so on; to ask the patient before and after treatment in third at the end of January in the health center of Xijing Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology check semen analysis report, the results are shown in table 34.21%. The survival rate of sperm, sperm density (79.76) 8.95 * 106/ml (85.79), 13.16% (45.41) linear movement sperm, sperm level 7.89% (13.18), B (44.47), 15.79% grade sperm sperm C 10.53 (22.12)%, D grade sperm 65.79 (20.24)%;

6 discussion

Abnormal semen is very common clinically, is the main cause of male infertility, traditional Chinese medicine for kidney deficiency, or occasionally with real evil, do not take off "up by the evil, the gas will be empty"; however, kidney yin and Yang, the meeting has not, Yang from Yin Yin from Yang, Yin and Yang the essence of the fill, by students. "Guiluerxianjiao to two kinds of Turtle deer in two other love of flesh and blood products, can supplement qi and blood to Yin and Yang Jun yangsui, ginseng and medlar nourishing kidney yin nourishing vitality. The drug combination, make up for the Yin and Yang Qi agent, were out to fill the essence Qi impotence of power 1, so it can improve the abnormal semen quality, breeding Zanyu. From the point of view of modern medicine, tortoise plastron glue antler glue is rich in pectin, calcium phosphate and nitride, pharmacological experiments that can enhance the immune function, biphasic regulation of DNA synthesis reaction rate, promote cell regeneration, improve the body's ability to adapt to the external environment, nutrition consumption, so as to adjust the body's internal balance, improve spermatogenesis the internal environment and sperm development, change the phenomenon of abnormal semen index. From the experimental observation, the following two points are worth noting:

Multiple target effect of 6.1 Chinese herbal medicine: Semen indexes in the treatment of patients with multiple section at the end of the January review have improved significantly, visible therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine on sperm production and development stages, not only for all levels of coordination are mature spermatogonial spermatocyte division or sperm and the accessory gland secretion significantly effect.

6.2 Chinese Medicine Association and each index: the semen during the test we found that the sperm density is too low for most Yin fine loss, and low survival rate were with kidney yang deficiency and the like, and see who is the two most Yin and Yang of the two virtual indications, with ancient Chinese philosophy of "Yin Yang gas, forming Yang Yin, initiative," the main static fault.


1 Xu Li, Wang Mianzhi and other prescriptions Shanghai science and Technology Publishing House

Note: This article was published in 2005 in Shaanxi, China, please note the copyright

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