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Many methods of measuring the length of the lower limbs. I would like to introduce a method of measuring whether there is a structural anoma


Many methods of measuring the length of the lower limbs. I would like to introduce a method of measuring whether there is a structural anomaly. If you are not sure whether the structure of the double leg length is difficult or easy to determine, it is recommended that patients with CT scan to determine the structural or functional length of the lower limbs.

If there is an imbalance in the structure of the lower limb, the symptoms around the hip and waist area will be evident. Typically, the long angle of rotation of the lower limb increases. In addition, patients with unilateral knee valgus, as long as the structure of the lower limb compensation. Therefore, we need a keen observation to examine these structural abnormalities and related compensatory mechanisms.

At this point in the system of the lower limb length evaluation is very important, because the doctor will remind patients at NCSP and RCSP in the closed position, as for unilateral compensation before rotation.

When measuring the length of the lower limb, efforts are made to reduce the effects of pelvic opening and torsion on one of these factors that may interfere with the measurement process and findings.

Always tell the patient what you are doing and why. Use of obtaining any additional information, such as "now I will measure your leg length, which has an impact on your foot pain may occur. Have you ever had any pain in your back or hip?"

I use the measurement process since 1996 has been in use in my clinic, including drawing a line in the bottom of medial ankle.

Then, try to remove any compensatory soft tissue tightening, pelvis and any "inward open" or "open to the outside". How doctors can adjust patients, I suggest they do.

However, for other doctors who are unable to complete the word, a simple pelvic "swing" will help temporarily relax the tense muscles and help maintain the correct alignment of ASIS (anterior superior iliac spine). Higher ASIS binding in patients with low ASIS indicates the presence of pelvic torsion.

The slow "hip twist" to "relax" around the hip muscles, so you can in the measurement of bone and soft tissue under the condition of no limit. I found that this method is very reliable and of course a bizar with more reliable measurement.

Please note that if you use the orthopedic therapy but ignores the existence of structural, patients with limb length, long leg orthosis that compensatory pronation will remove the natural, patients usually complain of pain in the old position feel back pain and hip. This step is critical in both simple and complex assessments.

The function of the lower limb length. (i.e., no obvious structural. LLD) only need orthotics can be treated, with adjuvant therapy combined with structural adjustment, including stretching and deep tissue massage, adjustment and on-demand mobilization.

After I have completed the measurement of the structure of the lower limbs, if necessary, I will update the sketch map again, with a new picture to help patients understand their body. Dr. ABBIENAJJARINE: "the revolution in orthopedic insoles"

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