How to correctly understand scar

Scar tissue is a kind of natural product in the process of wound healing.1 unless it is only the superficial epidermis (epidermis), most of


Scar tissue is a kind of natural product in the process of wound healing.

1 unless it is only the superficial epidermis (epidermis), most of the skin trauma or surgical incision will cause varying degrees of healing scar.

2 once there is a scar, a scar for life, so far, the medical profession is still unable to 'eliminate' scars. It is impossible to change the scars of all surgery, drugs and lasers, but a certain degree of improvement can be achieved. Especially through the plastic surgeon's hands, make the patient satisfaction.

3 once the scar formation, orthopedic specialist can do '' rather than 'dressing' to eliminate scar scar, to minimize the daily life problems to a minimum, and meet the requirement of functional reconstruction and appearance improvement.

4 caused by the limited movement of the scar, must be treated as soon as possible, so as not to cause permanent damage to the joint function.

5 unsightly scar can usually be considered from three aspects, namely the size of the area, the degree of depression and color depth.

6 a small area of the scar can be removed by surgery and careful careful suture, and accompanied by some of the dressing, so that wound healing can be done in the smallest tissue tension, and scar into a scar.

7 if the scar is too large, it may be necessary to have multiple excision, and with the local flap or remote flap and other complex surgery to complete.

The formation of scar 8 process can be divided into three stages, namely the period of inflammation, fibrosis and mature period, usually in the immature, may have many ways of preventing and reducing unsightly scar formation, so accept repair scar surgery, the best in the scar has reached maturity, about six months to form a wound later, the effect was remarkable.

9 some people often visible scars underwent surgical resection after a few days, not only the scar to reproduce, and more obvious, such as hypertrophic scar or keloid scar, is not suitable to solve the operation method to.

10 how to separate hypertrophic scar or keloid must be judged by plastic surgeons

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