Scapulohumeral periarthritis

Also called periarthritis of shoulder joint tissue inflammation, which is chronic inflammation, shoulder muscle tendon, bursa and joint caps


Also called periarthritis of shoulder joint tissue inflammation, which is chronic inflammation, shoulder muscle tendon, bursa and joint capsule, 50 year old people are more common. But the office staff due to long-term work, shoulder muscle ligament in tension, so the people under the age of 50 are not uncommon. Chinese medicine believes that the disease is caused by the shoulder feel cold, and because of the prevalence of chest shoulder stiffness, limitation of activity, like frozen, so called “ &rdquo, “ frozen shoulder; frozen shoulder ”.

The shoulder joint is the largest joint in the joints of the human body. The joint capsule is loose, the stability of the joints on most of the muscles around the joints, muscle and ligament of the power to maintain. Due to the poor blood supply of the tendon itself, and with the increase of age and degenerative changes, in addition to the shoulder in life activities more frequently, often surrounding soft tissue from all sides friction extrusion, so vulnerable to chronic strain.

1 clinical manifestations

The incidence of periarthritis of shoulder characteristics for chronic process. At the early stage of inflammation, shoulder pain, particularly at night is very. Sleep often because of the pressure of the shoulder and the specific position, turn over difficult, more than pain, can not sleep. If the initial treatment is not appropriate, will gradually develop into the shoulder joint activity is limited, can not be lifted, frozen. Often affect the daily life, eating and dressing, wash the hair are difficult. Serious when life can not take care of themselves, shoulder arm local muscles will atrophy, the patient is extremely painful.

2 treatment

Chinese medicine treatment: early periarthritis of shoulder, traditional Chinese medicine can choose papaya Xiaohuoluo pills, pills, Guogong medicinal wine treatment. Experience: Bupleurum Decoction optional 10g, angelica 10g, peony 10g, tangerine peel 10g, Rhizoma Pinelliae 10g, notopterygium 10g, jiegeng 10g, sinalbin heifupian 10g, 10g, 10g from 10g, fuling. With white wine as a guide, water decoction, 2 times a day, after meals.

Frozen period, traditional Chinese medicine can choose Dahuoluo pills, pills, Shu meridians Wujiapi wine treatment. Experience: Angelica Decoction optional 30g, Salvia 30g, cinnamon 15g, lopseed 30g, notopterygium 18G, 30g shengdehuang, Cyperus 10g, Aconitum 9g, honeysuckle 40g, mulberry 20g. Water decoction, 2 times a day.

3 function training

At present, for the treatment of periarthritis of shoulder, most scholars believe that the use of analgesic drugs can only temporarily relieve symptoms, symptoms, most will relapse after drug withdrawal. And the use of surgical treatment, easy to cause adhesion. Therefore, the use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is considered a better program, if the patient can adhere to functional exercise, the prognosis is quite good.

Here are eight kinds of self control action for patients with scapulohumeral periarthritis reference:

(1) elbow cutting back against the wall with stand, or sit on the bed, his arm, elbow, the elbow point as a fulcrum, extorsion activities.

(2) patients in the face of the wall climbing fingers stand with ipsilateral fingers slowly crawled along the wall to make the upper limb, to hold, to the greatest extent, make a mark on the wall, and then slowly to the next place, repeatedly, and gradually increase the height.

(3) the body shake handshandle patients natural stand, in the upper limb in turning back and stretch posture, the contralateral hand with side hand or wrist, gradually pulled to the side and pull up.

(4) the upper arm of the patient with the upper arm is naturally drooping, arms straight, palms slowly downward and upward, lifting up to a maximum of 10 minutes, and then back to the original place, repeated.

(5) stretch after touch spine patients natural stand, in the upper limb in turning back and stretch posture, elbow flexion and wrist flexion, middle finger touch spinous process, by gradually up to the maximum after the freeze, 2 minutes and then slowly down the back, repeatedly, increased height.

(6) patients with hair standing or supine, ipsilateral elbow flexion and forearm forward and pronation (palm up), try to use the elbow wipe forehead sweat, namely action.

(7) the patient supine pillow hands, hands cross ten, palms up, on the back of the head (occipital), to make the two cubits adduction as far as possible, and then try to abduction.

(8) standing shoulder rotation with limb drooping naturally, Hijibe Nobunao, suffering from arm from the front to back up Guoquan, range from small to large, repeated several times.

Please pay attention to patients, more than eight actions don't have always done, you can choose alternate exercise, according to the specific circumstances of the individual 3&mdash every day; 5 times, each action do 30 times or so, any person, as long as you persevere, to be good prevention and treatment of periarthritis of shoulder.

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