Why do regular oral examination?

Regular oral health examination includes two layers of meaning:Health examination, that is, in the absence of oral disease or not feel sick,


Regular oral health examination includes two layers of meaning:

Health examination, that is, in the absence of oral disease or not feel sick, the health examination, rather than have been clear that they are sick, only to see a doctor.

Requiring regular rather than random. Regular time limit standards vary with age, usually: 2 to 12 years of age children every six months to check once; more than 12 years old, then check once a year; pregnant women can be checked every 2 ~ 3 months.

The significance of regular oral health examination is three:

The common diseases of oral cavity (such as dental caries, periodontal disease) is chronic disease, early symptoms are not obvious, easily overlooked. Therefore, through regular oral health examination, early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment.

Regular oral health examination is one of the most important basic work to carry out the two level prevention system, otherwise it can not be more effective implementation of the measures for the prevention of the second.

There are a lot of the early systemic disease is manifested in the oral cavity, such as lead poisoning in the buccal and lingual gingiva on the edge of a mm wide grey blue lines; measles appeared in early Cobb Lidtke S point in the oral mucosa. Often through oral health examination, and found to belong to systemic disease.

Regular oral health examination can be divided into two categories:

To investigate the epidemic status of common diseases in a population, according to the needs and possibilities, to formulate the prevention and control plan, to achieve the purpose of early treatment of disease, no disease prevention;

The specific methods of individual examination, the degree of individual oral health, consultation, and guidance for individual to protect oral health.

Regular oral health examination is particularly important for school children, because in this period, children's growth, fast changes, and in the teeth of alternating, also experiencing caries peak, great influence.



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