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Question: in patients with disease: eat two years to stop telbivudine, now L alanine aspartate treatment condition description: how big are


Question: in patients with disease: eat two years to stop telbivudine, now L alanine aspartate treatment condition description: how big are 3 this world 10 years in 2009 58, alanine, fatigue and nausea, the doctor said to eat for the last two years of telbivudine, 10 to 6 times, I don't want to dosing, economic burden can not afford. But afraid of what will happen after the withdrawal, withdrawal. But this year 3 Valley C 320 aspartate 270, hospitalization, alanine aspartate 38 35, but now 49 alanine aspartate 53, volatility. B-mode ultrasonography. Hope to provide help: whether it is suitable for eating poison, I look at some of the report said that if the drug will stop eating the body is not good, but the drug but stopped the burden on the liver, but also invalid, it is not very troublesome? Am I the result of drug withdrawal? I'm sorry to eat anti viral drugs, but it's worse. Now how to treat? Department of the hospital: Guangdong Department of Zhaoqing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine liver disease: drug name: Tiopronin Enteric-coated Tablets, Compound Glycyrrhizin Tablets, Tiopronin Enteric-coated Tablets Hugan pill directions: 3 / day 1, Compound Glycyrrhizin Tablets 3 / day 2, Hugan pill 3 times / day 5g for two months. When the doctor said to eat for the last two years of telbivudine, 10 to 6 times, I don't want to dosing, economic burden, but also afraid of what will happen after the withdrawal, withdrawal

Yichang Central People's Hospital Department of Hepatology Fang Qing reply: welcome to my website to learn and exchange. Take it easy, please be patient and spend the first 1-2 weeks, see the article that you are interested in on my website, and then can carry out my orders website. Your condition has been understood, suggestions: click here to refer to my article, "first consultation (consultation) and secondary medical advice"

Question: how can I keep in touch with you for a long time? My sister is a big world, Dad, but they didn't have what bad reaction. Brother antibody. My husband, kid has antibodies. I used to eat anti-virus DNA has dropped to 10 of the 3, the 4, there are 8 by 10 of the 2 party, but finally returned to the 10 party on the withdrawal of the. But in the last few weeks I've been up to more than and 90, and I don't want to take any medicine. I have hyperplasia of mammary glands, cervical vertebra bone hyperplasia, I think this is an increase in resistance to two is to eat the proliferation of drugs. When the doctor said only eat antiviral drugs for two years, did not tell the consequences of withdrawal, now do not eat do not eat will be added; liver fiber and so on, I have a symbol of the weak two days ago, it seems that no effort, and now head cold, good point, I walk for half an hour every night. It's time to check it out. Dr. Fang, you said my concern, only you explain to the patient so clear. Oh, what am I going to do?

Patient question: I am now 35 years old. I'm eating hepatinica. Can transaminase also rise. The doctor said to consider eating antiviral drugs, and whether I should observe a period of time, appropriate to eat anti-virus? I often get headaches.

Patient question: Thank you for giving me the opportunity, and I went to the clinic inconvenient. I have been eating Tiopronin Enteric-coated Tablets, Compound Glycyrrhizin Tablets, they usually burn some medicine, but today the examination results are not ideal, was discharged after two liver, 38 35,5 49, 53,6 92, 90,7 184, month 140, usually my right flank has no what unwell, but when (I think it is menstruation after the foot arm arm) feel soft, but as long as I show confidence, feeling good, and very upset breast hyperplasia. I want to stop now, have a good rest for a month, more exercise, jogging, walking, dancing, I have lost confidence in antiviral drugs, money, time, and fear resistance, is now the resistance reaction, I used transaminase never so high? Now is the money spent, can not get good results! Ask the doctor to give me a detailed diagnosis! Also, may I ask Dr. Fang, may I help you? Thank you

Question: in patients with Dr. I've stopped hepatinica, their pot of some cotton capillaris, Jigucao herbal tea, OK? Ask the doctor to help me with my doubts! Do I have to call you to become your follow-up patient? Thank you

Yichang Central People's Hospital, Department of Hepatology, Fang Qing replied: "if I want to open with you on the phone to become your follow-up patients? Thanks!" Invites your telephone consultation is because your condition is more complex, we need to communicate effectively.

Patient question: Dr. Fang, hello! Now, after withdrawal of the drug, the increase of transaminase is similar to that of taking medicine. More than and 400 alanine, aspartate 286. Hope to get help from the doctor: how should we treat it now? Is this dangerous?

Department of Hepatology, Yichang Central People's Hospital:

Oh, how the status quo? For the timely improvement of history, have the ability to become my patients.

Patient question: sorry! Recently, have no access to the Internet, they usually pay attention to rest, without the feeling of weakness, the end of the month to do the inspection. Is the history also passed to you here? Thank you for your concern!

"Any suggestion on the disease can not be used as a substitute for a physician's face to face diagnosis," said Fang Qing, a Yichang Central People's Hospital. The content of the website can not be used as patients and their families on their own medical decisions, the main purpose is for the lack of treatment compliance in patients with chronic hepatitis B, through health education and consultation, explore the follow-up management of chronic hepatitis B, improve doctor-patient communication and promote the treatment compliance rate!" Please consider my advice to you several times, please do not give yourself a doctor.

Patient question: Dr. Fang, hello! This is my stop one month after the examination results of any drug interference, please have a look, thank you! Last ALT183.9, AST143, GGT82.2. Excuse me, is my medical history perfect? I can be your roommate yet?

Department of Hepatology, Yichang Central People's Hospital:

Well, in a timely manner to make an appointment to my website telephone consultation, let us communicate directly.

Yichang Central People's Hospital, Department of chemistry, Fang Qing reply: a timely summary of our communication today and experience.

Patient question: Hello Dr. fang! On the 7 in time for me to call you on the phone at the end of nine, the first sentence you first let me have a eggplant laugh, very funny, like a friend. You let me know the purpose of the call: 1, to seriously study the knowledge of hepatitis B. 2, handle the relationship between doctors and patients. 3, understand hepatitis B, analyze the condition and report the results of the examination. 4, understand the role of doctors and patients. 5, to develop good habits. I want to ask: in the last 6 seriously look at the article review the website. Don't sweat tired, drink water every day to ensure 2000 milliliters of water, observe the urine color, how to rest 3 days later still no improvement to tell him tired, do not consider the other. The next few days, every night I get time to learn "to establish a stable regular follow-up management is the primary problem of hepatitis B prevention", "chronic hepatitis B inflammation and cold", "how to distinguish the prediction of chronic hepatitis B infection liver cancer risk? "," what does ALT unusual incident mean to chronic hepatitis B infection? "," B "regular follow-up management" in the role of "patient" to establish regular follow-up management of the relationship between the first step: Dr. Fang is the "0136" plan, "" chronic hepatitis B prevention mode of "ideal hypothesis and make notes. Check daily drink a lot of white boiling water, but I feel enough to drink 2000 ml of water, only about 1600 to 1800 ml, even the soup may be enough to. Half an hour to go to the toilet. Get up when the urine color is a bit yellow, not too thick, drink plenty of water during the urine is very soft. But their rest time, the night still do not sleep well before 11, I if the rest is not good, especially when noon sleep often have a headache, my mood is still the regulation is not good, to their children when the incorrigible angry, lack of exercise. And last night I communicate with you again, you ask what I have experience, I actually do not know where to start, just say: now is the observation. You immediately pointed out to me that I did not learn to understand the doctor-patient relationship, you give me a detailed account of the doctor-patient relationship, the relationship between doctors and patients, and three of your intentions. "From evidence based medicine to construct hepatitis B treatment decisions that Trilogy" 3 steps of doctor-patient communication participation decision is: (1) the doctor on the condition of understanding and judgment based on, put forward some suggestions for decision-making and its advantages and disadvantages, for the group of reference and selection; (2) Bing Yougen according to own situation and knowledge of hepatitis B understand, to select several schemes proposed by doctor and the choice of a program, or exclude certain consideration basis set out; (3) the doctor through the choice to consider the reasons for patient opinion judgment, if reasonable, adopted the program, and 1-3 months of trial execution; if the patient selection decision justification of opinion reasonable, then the decision-making advice to accept and put into execution; if patients choose opinion itself is not reasonable, then guide the patients to walk Out of the misunderstanding, to make a decision. I will keep my website in learning slowly a little experience to tell Dr. Fang, don't worry, a good experience, I'm afraid I can't join your PMP in learning doctor's article, now I need to observe, and keep the peace of mind. Medicine for me is an illiterate, and now to be a good student, to learn the knowledge of your site and the experience of your comrades in arms PMP, a good summary, I hope to be able to become your official volunteer. Dr. Fang, please point out the wrong for me, thank you! Thank you very much!

Yichang Central People's Hospital Department of Hepatology Fang Qing reply: a good summary, the clearer your ideas, our cooperation will be more simple and pleasant.

Patient question: Dr. Fang, hello! Last night to consult you, who knows after the computer did not respond, it was very late had to quit. Unconsciously, a month, and I do not think about the idea of transaminase lift, but always pay attention to their physical condition. According to their own past often have the right abdominal swelling pain, less now and feel comfortable a lot, I caught a cold last week. A stuffy nose, throat, nose a little yellow, is hot? The mouth is bitter, the amount of water is not enough, the majority is 1600 - 18000 ml of urine, drink urine, long Qing, a little yellow, I found that drinking a kapok herbaartemisiascoparira carp soup, the morning urine is not so yellow. What I need to do now is: 1. Study the adjustment of "urgent" and "not urgent". 2, learn to submit information. I read some of the patients condition report, found himself will continue to improve their own history. Find yourself doing things really slow, until now there is no perfect, in fact, every night I focus on your website, I do not know why are unable to write experiences every day busy family. More than nine points, he is very anxious, I am now belong to the non drug treatment period, and liver function is not to continue to improve the recovery, this week. Consulting: Dr. Fang, according to your plan, I from the previous examination for a month, now I want to check it? Which items do you want to check? Thank you

Yichang Central People's Hospital, Department of chemistry, Fang Qing reply: do not worry, remember, hepatitis B is not a matter of worry. In accordance with your ideas, slowly progress, I do technical support in the back, to see your learning report.

In question: today I finally managed to fix the computer, can join the QT speech room, heard the voice of many comrades in arms, attitude adjustment, correctly treat their disease, live well, so I put the microphone, with good lectures, and to share. Dr. Fang, my number is T144. Thank you, Dr. Fang. We have to pay attention to the patients at home in the evening. You should also pay attention to rest!


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