10 signal hypothyroidism

Introduction: irregular menstruation, fatigue, dry skin, lazy mood, easy to get fat are likely to signal hypothyroidism issued, especially w


Introduction: irregular menstruation, fatigue, dry skin, lazy mood, easy to get fat are likely to signal hypothyroidism issued, especially women of childbearing age should be more vigilant.

Hypothyroidism ("hypothyroidism") is a common disease, especially in women of childbearing age. What are the signs of hypothyroidism? "India times" article published in July 23rd, Mumbai city 10 hypothyroidism endocrinologist Dr. Altamas Sheikh signal summed up "".

1 irregular menstruation. Hypothyroidism and adolescent growth retardation, abnormal menstruation and infertility greatly, can cause abnormal changes, such as menstrual cycle and menstrual blood volume, menstrual suspended or menstruation is too frequent, too little or too much blood. With timely treatment, menstrual problems disappear. Sometimes hypothyroidism could lead to pregnancy, increase the risk of early pregnancy abortion.

2 tired lazy. Thyroid hormone plays an important role in the energy system of the human body. Hypothyroidism can easily lead to fatigue, fatigue and other symptoms, often make people feel boring.

3 dry skin. The skin function is controlled by a variety of hormones, including thyroid hormones. The oil producing glands of the skin are affected by the thyroid gland and the thickness of the skin depends on the thyroid function. Hypothyroidism can cause the skin feels cold and dry, even yellow or pale. Extremely dry skin can even lead to no sweating.

4 low spirits. Thyroid hormones may also affect mood and even depression. However, due to the lack of knowledge of the thyroid gland, many people in the depressed mood, I think the culprit may be hypothyroidism.

5 weight problem. Hypothyroidism, basal metabolic rate is low, the energy consumption is reduced, the body fat more easily, more difficult to lose weight. In addition, due to the amount of exercise and other factors, some patients may also appear unexplained weight gain. At this time the best to the hospital to check thyroid.

6 red eyes. Hypothyroidism occurs around the eye swelling may occur in patients with hyperthyroidism; eye problems.

7 constipation. Hypothyroidism will weaken the digestive function, bowel movements slow, easily lead to dry stool and defecation, and constipation.

8 alopecia. Hair growth is also associated with thyroid hormones. Hypothyroidism can make hair dry and dull, and disrupt the growth cycle of hair, may cause hair loss, some patients even lost eyebrows hypothyroidism.

9 leg swelling. Hypothyroidism may occur in patients with ankle swelling, muscle and joint pain. In some serious cases, calf muscles will also appear sore.

10 muscle or joint pain. Muscle pain or joint pain is one of the most important symptoms of hypothyroidism, this often affects the normal life and work of patients with hypothyroidism.

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