Endocrine Gu Feng: 8 attention to health management of elderly patients with diabetes

Health management of elderly patients with diabetes mellitusDiabetes is a lifelong disease requiring long-term treatment, especially for eld


Health management of elderly patients with diabetes mellitus

Diabetes is a lifelong disease requiring long-term treatment, especially for elderly patients with diabetes. Usually, we will start from 3 aspects of diet, exercise and medication to help patients with diabetes to maintain a long-term healthy life. For elderly patients with diabetes, we sorted out the 8 note of health management, not only that our elderly patients, at the same time with family members, especially the health management to remind their children more care of parents.

1 eat healthy

First of all, make it clear that there has never been a so-called "healthy diet for diabetics."". All people, whether you are not diabetic, should comply with the same kind of healthy eating habits: regular diet, eat meals, eat slowly, balanced nutrition, low salt and low-fat sugar etc..

It is important to recognize that in the diet do not discriminate between family members with diabetes, especially not treat elderly patients with diabetes -- limit our diet parties for the elderly, they eat, unscrupulous. Family members should work together to maintain a healthy diet and eat healthily with our patients with diabetes". This is the best way to care for older people with diabetes.

2 reasonable exercise

Aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc., can help people with diabetes control blood sugar levels, weight, and maintain a strong physique. For example, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends that diabetics exercise 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days a week. With reference to this proposal, our elderly patients with diabetes can exercise 10 minutes each time, exercise every day for 3 times.

In addition, elderly patients with diabetes may also be able to do some strength training, such as resistance band, yoga, at least 2 times a week. Strength training can exercise muscles, muscle cells during exercise will consume more energy to help our patients effectively control blood sugar levels. Similarly, exercise is not exclusive of diabetes patients, family members should also be actively involved, it is best to work together to jointly safeguard the health of a family.

3 regularly check blood sugar levels

Patients with diabetes must regularly check blood sugar levels, especially through the use of hypoglycemic agents to control blood sugar levels in elderly patients with diabetes. Why? Because hypoglycemic drugs if taken improperly will lead to hypoglycemia, elderly patients with diabetes is prone to this situation.

Hypoglycemia symptoms include: dizziness, palpitation, hunger and cold sweat. If diabetic patients with hypoglycemia, eat 10-20 grams of sugar or carbohydrate (half a cup of juice, 4-5 biscuits or 1 teaspoons of honey), then retest blood glucose in 15 minutes; if the retest of the blood glucose level is still low, repeat the above steps until blood glucose recovered to the normal level.

At the same time the families of elderly patients with diabetes mellitus: be sure to help the elderly regularly check the blood glucose level, help the elderly correct use of blood glucose meter at home and keep some food with hypoglycemia.

4 don't forget to take the medicine

Forget to take the medicine, or just take the medication with your own feelings, which is a mistake made by older people with diabetes. Do not commit this mistake, in order to their own health, our elderly patients with diabetes must adhere to the law, standardized medication.

At the same time, but also to remind the families of patients, especially children patients, there are a variety of ways to remind the elderly to take medicine on time. If your parents are diabetic, and they often forget the medication, you can help the elderly to set an alarm clock, you can also use a mobile phone to set a reminder, you can also use APP to prompt the elderly medication, help the elderly to manage their own health. Don't blame the elderly, as children should bear some responsibility.

5 regularly check blood pressure and cholesterol levels

There are many complications of diabetes, the elderly patients with diabetes must be alert to the risk of heart disease and stroke, so not only to control blood sugar levels, control of blood pressure and cholesterol levels are also very important.

Elderly patients with diabetes can best in the presence of his family every year, regular physical examination, at the same time to get rid of some bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, and exercise with a healthy diet, reasonable, try to put the health indicators remain in the normal range, to avoid the occurrence and development of other complications.

6 check your feet every day

Due to the long-term impact of high blood sugar, diabetes prone to diabetic foot symptoms, so we must pay attention to the foot care of patients, it is best to carefully observe the situation of the foot every day. If it is found that the foot of rough, chapped, blisters and small wound, or it is too cold, overheating and no sense of place, must pay attention to the regular hospital in a timely manner.

In order to prevent diabetic foot, keep feet clean is very important for diabetic patients to feet with warm water every day, and apply lotion to prevent dry skin; try to wear comfortable shoes, even if they are not in the room to walk barefoot, to avoid injury. As a family member of elderly patients with diabetes, but also must leave a heart: if the elderly because of physical inconvenience can not care for the feet, the family will have to assume this responsibility. This is to help the elderly feet, elderly patients with diabetes and the children should do the filial piety.

7 vaccination

Diabetic patients are prone to respiratory infection, and has the characteristics of rapid progression and high recurrence rate. Elderly patients with diabetes have a higher risk of influenza complications, once infected with Streptococcus pneumoniae, it is prone to complications or severe cases. Therefore, the best year in elderly patients with diabetes before the winter flu vaccination; in addition, the diabetic patient vaccinated, who is over 65 years of age and inoculation time of more than 5 years, that once again reseed.

Elderly patients with diabetes are usually lack of awareness of vaccination, enthusiasm is not high, which requires the family's supervision and help. To treat the elderly as a child, take the child to the vaccine, and do not forget to coax the elderly to go to vaccination.

8 eye, hearing and dental examination

Eye examination: diabetes is a systemic disease, when the eye microvascular lesions, cataracts, glaucoma, retinopathy and a series of eye diseases will follow. Therefore, our patients and their families do not think that older people, the eyes a little problem is normal, in fact, is likely to be caused by diabetes. Patients with diabetes history more than 5 years, it is best to do an eye examination every year; if the eye problem has appeared, then check the cycle to be reduced to half a year.

Hearing tests: in older patients with diabetes, diabetes due to hearing impairment is also more common. Because some of the early symptoms are not obvious, so it is easy to confuse it with senile deafness. The patient's family must carefully observe the subtle changes in the elderly, if you find that the elderly often hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness and other symptoms, we should pay attention to the problem of hearing impaired diabetes. At this point, as soon as possible to the professional hospital for examination and diagnosis, so as not to delay the disease.

Dental examination: diabetic patients are prone to a series of oral lesions, and even the elderly because of gingival bleeding, loose teeth to see the Department of Stomatology, and finally found a higher blood sugar, diagnosed with diabetes. Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly patients with diabetes, we must pay attention to oral care, can be used after meals with light salt water gargle. Some old simple navigation, not willing to replace the toothbrush, children must stand out the regular replacement of fur for the elderly toothbrush. The most critical thing is to regularly carry out dental examination with the elderly to prevent the occurrence of oral diseases.

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In the process of diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, we emphasize the patient's family's common health management. Because diabetes is a highly correlated with the genetic factor and life style disease, so if there is a family member suffering from diabetes, then other family members should pay more attention to our family members: the risk of diabetes is higher? Our family lifestyle is not to promote the occurrence and development of diabetes?

Therefore, as a family member of diabetes, it is clear that this is not the case of others, which is related to the health of your family, but also to your own health. For elderly patients with diabetes, especially in children should be dedicated to the family, also should grasp the correct way of health management, and management of the entire family along with the elderly health. This is the most important thing.



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