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Speaking of endocrine disorders, a lot of people will see it as a "patent", as if there is no male compatriots endocrine system. In fact, me


Speaking of endocrine disorders, a lot of people will see it as a "patent", as if there is no male compatriots endocrine system. In fact, men over the age of 40, with the decline in physical function and life, work pressure, it is easy to suffer from endocrine disorders syndrome.

Recently, I found a new phenomenon: in my special clinic in less than 40 year old male patients with endocrine disorders has increased, and the IT male is the hardest hit: suspected hyperthyroidism, suspected hypothyroidism, and prolactin increased...... At the same time, widespread shortness of breath, palpitation and body deficiency symptoms.

I do not mean to say so to discredit the meaning of IT people, I admire IT people. My union special out-patient number is difficult to hang, but not to IT male, they are already hanging my number on the Internet, and rob before two. One time I couldn't help out a IT man how to grab the number, is not their own series, grab the software, he actually feel shy to admit. So annoying!

The diagnosis of endocrine problems I know most of them is "boil": they are the backbone of the company, serious and responsible work, can carry things, work pressure and spirit are great; however, another feature of them is not the law of life, is the standard of smoking, staying up late.

This kind of work and lifestyle is not endocrine problems. Out of the question, IT man seriously Jin has manifested, rob, special concord with the doctor to do the examination reveals a serious effort, only in the end I give medical opinions when face: rest? So go back and rest?

Right, pay attention to rest, be sure to adjust the rest time, at the same time to increase exercise, it is best to do some outdoor sports. Insist on doing so, observe three months, after three months do not come to Concord, in the community or local hospital to do a physical examination, if there are problems to come to me.

In addition, my special outpatient is mainly for endocrine difficult disease: pituitary adenoma, prolactinoma, craniopharyngioma, hypothalamic pituitary diseases such as diabetes insipidus. More than one of you because of endocrine disorders to grab the number, the more difficult patients have to wait. The next time you can grab the ordinary number, look at large outpatient.

I believe that you IT men can be good conditioning, your serious efforts in the work, life, but also in their own health. Health is the most important.

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