Prostatitis can cure?

Talk about "inflammatory" Mo discoloration - teach you how to correctly understand the prostatitisPublished in 2016-02-04 has been read 1479


Talk about "inflammatory" Mo discoloration - teach you how to correctly understand the prostatitis

Published in 2016-02-04 has been read 14796 times

Prostatitis has become a noun some men fear, if diagnosed as prostatitis, seems to be suffering from an incurable disease. However, prostatitis is what kind of disease? Prostatitis can treat 'root'? Below from a professional point of view to teach you how to correctly understand prostatitis

1, I do the examination of prostatic fluid white blood cells, that is not a lot, prostatitis is very heavy?

A: No, the severity of prostatitis is based on its symptoms to determine the impact on you, and the level of white blood cells in the prostate is not associated. Is it cell does not mean prostatitis is serious, whereas low white blood cells also does not mean that prostatitis is very light. At the same time, prostatitis treatment is not effective, nor is it to determine the level of white blood cells after treatment, but to improve the symptoms is not to judge.

2 I know how prostatitis is heavy or light?

A: the degree of severity of prostatitis in the international judgment is standard, mainly based on the patient's symptoms. If you urinate uncomfortable degree is obvious, or the lower abdomen perineum and other places of pain symptoms are serious, and the symptoms of your work life is also relatively large, indicating that prostatitis is more serious. On the other hand, if you urinate discomfort and pain and other symptoms are mild, and the quality of your life is relatively small, prostatitis is lighter. If you do not have urination discomfort and no pain symptoms, but in the chance to check found that the white blood cells in the prostatic fluid is high, that is asymptomatic prostatitis.

I really got prostatitis, will not affect sexual function?

A: at present, most experts believe that sexual dysfunction has nothing to do with prostatitis. There is no need to check the prostate gland, especially if you are only having sexual dysfunction without voiding discomfort or abdominal pain.

There are some prostatitis patients with loss of libido and impotence, premature ejaculation sexual dysfunction symptoms, we should exclude is not caused by psychological factors, there is no evidence that prostatitis directly cause sexual dysfunction. Some doctors over diagnosis of prostatitis, and exaggerated its harm, all impotence, premature ejaculation and prostatitis linked. Followed, as the economic benefit of over treatment of prostatitis, diagnosis and treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation to ignore, the result is not only a waste of money in, but also delayed the disease, this concept should be changed.

3 I got prostatitis, will not affect the baby?

Answer: generally do not affect. Semen test specimens often show the presence of white blood cells, which means that you have prostatitis or seminal vesicle inflammation exists. It has been found that there is no association between these inflammation and sperm quality, so that white blood cells can also be normal fertility and there is no need to treat prostate. A small number of patients with poor semen quality and white blood cells in semen, the need for further examination to exclude infection and other factors.

4 I got prostatitis, after old will develop prostate cancer?

Answer: Prostatitis won't develop prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is a common tumor in older men, and there is no connection with prostatitis.

5 I in a hospital examination of prostatic fluid white blood cell is high, but I have no symptoms, need treatment?

Answer: do not need treatment. Prostatitis need to be treated or do not need treatment, is not based on whether there is inflammation, but to see if you have any effect on inflammation. Elevated white blood cells indicate inflammation of the prostate, but do not require treatment if symptoms or symptoms are mild.

6 prostatitis medications have effect? The drug is not into it?

A: there has been a consensus on the world, the main treatment of prostatitis is drug treatment, of which more than seventy percent are effective. There is a layer of coating on the outside of the prostate, the drug is selective, in the absence of normal inflammation, in addition to a number of fat soluble drugs, most drugs are not easy to pass through the prostate capsule. However, in the case of inflammation, the permeability of the capsule will increase significantly, at this time usually not easy to pass the drug can also enter the prostate. In addition, bacterial prostatitis accounted for only a small part of prostatitis (less than five percent), therefore, the vast majority of prostatitis does not need to eat antibiotics. Some doctors stress that drugs can not enter the prostate, the real purpose is to allow patients to receive expensive physical therapy. The purpose of the treatment of prostatitis is to improve the inflammation of the surrounding tissues and the dysfunction of the bladder and urethra.

7 prostatitis treatment can "cleared"?

Answer: prostatitis can be cured, but also can be "cleared". Prostatitis related to psychological, behavioral and biological etiology; to "root" of both doctors and patients need to. First of all, in order to eliminate misunderstanding in the understanding of prostatitis, dispel concerns, eliminate psychological anxiety. A large part of prostatitis symptom is light or no symptoms, but the psychological fear over the prostatitis symptom itself, so be sure to self adapt and adjust, when necessary, can consult a psychiatrist. The second is to follow the doctor's advice, pay attention to rest, avoid sedentary, spicy, regular wine control control, bieniao and levator ani exercise regularity of life etc.. The adjustment of these unhealthy lifestyle is very important to the treatment of prostatitis. The last is the treatment of drugs, the general need to take about 3 months.

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