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PMP-T374, male, 31, Hubei, Xiangyang.Number time: May 20, 2016[Advisory link]


PMP-T374, male, 31, Hubei, Xiangyang.

Number time: May 20, 2016

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Personal information: Hubei, Xiangyang, male, born in 1986, aged 31, height, 173cm, body weight, 68kg, married, normal blood pressure. Two, personal history of hepatitis B, 1997 on the fourth grade primary school census found 2006 hepatitis, hepatitis B HBeAg check. Three, hepatitis B family background information, the 78 year old grandfather died of emphysema, do not know whether there is hepatitis B, 76 year old grandmother died of a stroke do not know if there is no hepatitis B. Forty year old father business often in the field running, the tap water to the thirsty choke inside the lung tuberculosis, three years of eating medicine caused by various diseases, diabetes and nephritis, liver ascites, died at the age of 49, do not know whether or not?? B, 60 year old mother is healthy, do not know to have hepatitis B, every time take her to check the refused to go, brother is 34 years old with hepatitis B regular inspection. The ten year old nephew said some time the doctor does not have hepatitis B vaccination, their daughter was born within two hours to hit two needles to prevent hepatitis B do not know what kind of drug, two pin more than and 700, now five years old is still not normal examination, 70 year old uncle wife, good health, do not know whether there is hepatitis B, sister lobby 49 years of good health, there is no regular inspection of hepatitis B, two cousin 47 years of good health do not know to have hepatitis B, hepatitis B 46 year old brother hall no regular inspection, health, two 43 year old cousin did not know there is no hepatitis B. The 82 year old Grandpa died of prostate cancer, do not know to have 76 year old grandmother died of cerebral haemorrhage of hepatitis B, do not know to have hepatitis B, 73 year old aunt brain thrombus disease, do not know to have hepatitis B uncle 70 years old in good health do not know to have hepatitis B, 50 year old aunt health, do not know to have hepatitis B, uncle at the age of 48 have high blood pressure, do not know to have hepatitis B. Four, the daily work and living conditions, work is not very tired, and occasionally party to drink and smoke, are not in the drink, not drunk, to play at one o'clock to sleep. Like to eat chili. Drink cold drinks rarely eat. Five, the characteristics of the natural history of hepatitis B, (a) in 1995 at the age of 9 on the fourth grade primary school school census, hepatitis, in the hospital, with some drugs they settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. (two) later in 2006 at the age of 20 to work in town hospitals, old Chinese medicine can eat Chinese medicine to see that he opened the cure, he drank twenty herbal medicine have no effect on the website to know the link after learning the knowledge of hepatitis B ignorance is terrible, fortunately drugs don't let me abnormal liver function, then every year in Suzhou Fifth People's hospital do check. (three) to February 2014 at the age of 28, fatty liver, liver function abnormal aminotransferase aspartate 64 alanine 143 heart began to panic, the pressure is very large, is not to liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, to feel depressed, eat the doctor prescribed drugs four months of liver transaminase during normal, adhere to the run in the morning a year every morning, afternoon playing basketball, light diet, eat no fat, no drinking and smoking, normal liver function examination after every three months once, after the party started smoking and drinking, but not under the control of the drunk. (four) February 2016 began to abnormal liver function normal alanine aspartate 56, and a panic, want to take medicine at random, during a period of three months with no improvement, greater pressure, fear, depression, not happy, when I am helpless met Dr. Fang's website read your article to the knowledge of hepatitis B has a new comprehensive cognition, this article there are words for me (very good to forget the scars of love) insist, you will break yourself right now, not in a single stick to the disease, health is our pursuit...... Six, report summary 2014 02 24 August 64 ast reference range (8-40) u/L high ALT 143 reference range (8-40) high u/L / alanine aspartate ratio of 0.4 reference range (0.6-1.5) of partial alkaline phosphatase, 39 reference range (40-150) of U/L is low, the other is often. Ultrasound showed chronic liver damage sonogram, it is recommended to check blood lipids, gallbladder wall slightly hairy, spleen, no obvious abnormalities, bile duct, no obvious expansion, CDFI, portal vein color flow spectrum in the normal range. (1) hepatitis B virus large protein positive (+) (2) of hepatitis B virus fluorescence quantitative DNA (TaqMan) 2.56 * 10^7 5 * 10^2IU/mI reference range on 03 2014 27 July hepatinica eat one month later, the total bilirubin of 20.2 reference range (4.0-17.1) umol/L high globulin 18.2 reference range of 20.0-30.0g/L is low. The proportion of white balls 3 reference range (1.5-2.5) high ast ALT 63. 32 normal reference range (5-40) high U/L, aspartate / alanine ratio of 0.5 reference range (0.6-1.5) low alkaline phosphatase (40-150) u/L 36 reference range of the normal low he. Hepatitis B surface antigen positive (0.00-0.05IT/mL < 250) reference range of hepatitis B E antigen (1216.06) the reference range of 0.00-1.00s/co hepatitis B core antibody positive (11.69) reference range before 0.00-1.00s/co sI antigen positive and negative in other. 01 2016 14 June total bilirubin 17.9 reference range of 4.0-17.1umol/L high ast alanine transaminase 36 normal, 59 reference range (5-40) u/L is normal, ultrasound showed chronic liver damage ultrasonography of gallbladder wall slightly hairy, spleen, no obvious abnormalities, bile duct, no obvious expansion, CDFI, portal blood flow velocity spectrum in the normal range. In 2016 03 month 03 month check daily hepatinica aspertate aminotransferase 48 reference range (8-40) high u/L, ALT 106 reference range (5-40) high u/L / alanine aspartate ratio of 0.5 reference range (0.6-1.5) is normal in April 1, 2016 after second months of total bilirubin direct bilirubin 26.6 reference range high 4.0-17.1 8 the reference range of 0.0-7.0 high indirect bilirubin 18.6 reference range of 0.0-16.0 high ast 61 reference range of 8-40 high ALT 154 reference range of high 5-40, other normal, hepatitis B virus (TaqMa) DNA fluorescence quantitative detection results, detection limit of 1.87 * 10^8lu/ml 5 * 10^2lu/ml < AFP 1.69 reference range 0.00-7.02ng/ml. Seven, the individual with the plan in 2014, fatty liver medication for several months with normal ALT, feel the body is good, and began to indulge themselves in drinking and smoking began to lazy exercise, eating and drinking, really good pain is forgotten, there is no real understanding of the concept of hepatitis B HBeAg caused by drugs as the elixir, a bit of medication can be solved in mind, Dr. Fang read many papers in their physical insight, the immune system is a panacea, now every morning to get up before seven one hour exercise, no drinking and smoking, eating light at noon after half an hour, sleep will nap. Don't stay up 11 points before go to bed on time. Adjust the good mentality to smile every day in the mirror to myself a little more, for hepatitis B patients with fixed specialist long-term follow-up management is very important, look forward to become a member, Dr. Fang 1/780 of the target firm, refueling! Come on. PMP-T374

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