Pediatric urology Renji Hospital Introduction (reprint of publicity materials)

Pediatric urinary system diseases accounted for all pediatric surgical diseases 1/3, early diagnosis and treatment of scientific and rationa


Pediatric urinary system diseases accounted for all pediatric surgical diseases 1/3, early diagnosis and treatment of scientific and rational, directly affect the children's growth, physical and mental health, even many childhood diseases is the basic pathogenesis of the adult. Children are not adults, children have their particularity, including the different physiological structure, function and metabolism of different and so on. In addition, children are at the peak of growth, plasticity is strong, often the prognosis of the disease is better.

Why the formation of Renji Hospital Urology pediatric urology professional

Pediatric urology is a branch of Urology, in foreign developed countries, the construction of a more successful departments, including pediatric urology professional, unlike pediatric surgery is independent of the adult department of general surgery. The new discoveries and developments in the field of pediatric urology have benefited from the breakthrough and extension of adult urology. In some of the classic Department of Urology books (such as "Campbell Department of Urology", "the Department of Urology in the study of", etc.), there are a lot of space to cover the contents of pediatric urology, and so on. Treatment of pediatric urological diseases must have the vision of development, for example, may lead to adult hypertension in children urinary tract infection; improper cryptorchidism and hypospadias hernia treatment leads to infertility; the treatment effect is directly related to the quality of life in adults. Shanghai Renji Hospital Department of Urology established pediatric urology professional development and make the subject more comprehensive, more cutting-edge research in the treatment of urinary system deeply, as the level of the developed countries, better service for patients and families of patients.

The advantages of pediatric urology in Renji Hospital

First of all, the original solid backing of Urology, andrology Renji Renji Hospital pediatric urology the strength is. Renji urology has the most advanced equipment, so that we can start a new treatment project; Renji urology has three professional domestic the most complete set of interdisciplinary so that we get more treatment. Adults who are exposed to a large number of children who are not in contact with other units, through feedback, allow us to use a more long-term standard to evaluate existing treatment options.

Secondly, Renji Hospital pediatric urology is a combination of professional team, led by director Ye Weijing (former director of Shanghai Children's Medical Center Urology) has more than and 20 years of professional experience in a pediatric urology specialist in China, has repeatedly to the United States, Israel and other developed countries and regions, the exchange of learning experience. The professional also includes a master's degree, Graduate School of Andrology doctor, Dr. graduated from plastic surgery doctors and other hospital departments; the support of Pediatric Urology Devices: with pediatric cystoscopy, pediatric laparoscopy, bladder and pelvic soft soft lens mirror, uroflometry instrument, surgical microscope, special surgical station etc..

At the Renji Hospital of pediatric urology

Yan Chai Hospital Urology Department of pediatric urinary system disease in addition to providing the classic treatment, more reflects today's advanced level of treatment such as:

Penis surgery: original penis degloving fixation for the treatment of concealed penis, the fusion shaping technique make the penis appearance closer to normal after operation; the country carried out the first Snodgrass in the treatment of hypospadias; improve the use of oral mucosa for the treatment of complex refractory hypospadias, urethral stricture.

Minimally invasive endovascular surgery: there is obvious relationship between the learning curve and the operation of laparoscopic technique in children and adults have a unique advantage day doctor, pediatric urology doctor on the surgical results and a large number of adult laparoscopic experience as can be imagined! To carry out the operation: hydronephrosis ureteropelvic surgery, high cryptorchidism decline, radical nephrectomy, renal tumor, prostate cyst resection.

Kidney stones laser lithotripsy, the technical advantage is the one hand, the unique advantages of the device to make any child specialist unit envy.

Willms’ tumor therapy: renal tumors in Renji Hospital is the industry's strengths, breakthrough pediatric surgeon tumor surgery operation chance constraints, the doctor has more experience with adults; Shanghai Children's Medical Center Hematology Oncology (key discipline) of the perennial cooperation Willms’ tumor treatment reached the international level.

The goal of pediatric urology in Renji Hospital

Our pursuit: the most professional treatment; the most lasting effect; the latest medical model; the most advanced concept; the most humane service consciousness. Of course, the conditions allow us to provide the best medical treatment, hospital hardware environment.

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