The advantages and disadvantages of minimally invasive ankle surgery

In the past ten years, the rapid development of domestic and foreign ankle surgery, still remain in the stage of imitation and copy; from th


In the past ten years, the rapid development of domestic and foreign ankle surgery, still remain in the stage of imitation and copy; from the view of the world and minimally invasive surgery is represent the general trend, but little is known about the domestic. We are very pleased to see some of the meeting this year set up a special feature of minimally invasive ankle, foot and ankle surgeons began to reflect more and more traditional large incision loss.

The modern minimally invasive ankle surgery technique is based on the traditional large incision surgery developed, through the clever use of arthroscopic and minimally invasive small equipment, in the premise to ensure the safety of operation and good effect, will be done to minimize trauma and incision.

We can sum up

The advantages of minimally invasive ankle surgery technique:

1 incision was reduced by 90%, and the scar was not significant, which reduced the risk of soft tissue adhesion;

2 minimally invasive closed osteotomy, bone healing time reduced by more than half;

3 small trauma, less bleeding, significantly reduce the risk of vascular nerve injury;

4 short operation time, not high on the requirements of anesthesia, a lot can be done under local anesthesia, with minimal impact on the general condition of patients, especially for the elderly more;

5 postoperative pain and swelling can be significantly improved, high patient satisfaction;

6 early postoperative weight-bearing, patients with good quality of life;

7 rapid postoperative recovery, is conducive to the patient as soon as possible to return to work and life;

8 reduce patients in hospital time, save social medical resources.

The drawback of minimally invasive ankle surgery:

1 of the surgeon was demanding: in addition to have a caring heart surgery patients, foundation must have a lot of open surgery and minimally invasive modern thinking, have a good knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics of ankle;

The 2 foot long learning curve: minimally invasive technique training system need external fixation, percutaneous fixation, arthroscopy, tendon mirror technique and minimally invasive osteotomy technique and technology of cosmetic surgery;

3 minimally invasive ankle surgery: minimally invasive ankle high threshold technology requires the use of specialized tools and equipment is expensive, long payback period, most domestic hospitals do not have the ability to have.

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