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PMP-T368, female, 40, Sichuan, Ya'an.[Advisory link] personal information:


PMP-T368, female, 40, Sichuan, Ya'an.

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A personal information: female, aged forty, teachers, monthly income of about 4000. Two, hepatitis B infection stage: 2007, do leiomyoma surgery, found to have hepatitis B hbeag. In the end what time infection? Unclear。 Remember the third year, HAV infection, ward a hepatitis B patients, it was soon died. Now think about the time of disinfection, also may be infected. College entrance examination did not say that there is hepatitis B, when the child did not say, in the end check two half no, not clear. Three, hepatitis B disease family background: the father of the family has never heard of anyone who had, his father at the age of 51, accidental death. The family is the mother's side, Grandpa died of gastric ulcer (possibly gastric cancer), 87 year old grandmother, healthy body. Mother 70 years old, suffering from high blood pressure for many years, there is rheumatism, there is no hepatitis B, not clear. I heard there are several cousins also have hepatitis B. I have three sisters, one brother and 53 sister, sister 44, have found hepatitis B positive, but now check, is small Sanyang, no virus replication, liver function is normal. (they actually does me good habits, often stay up late playing cards) four, hepatitis B family infection: 07 years of operation that I have hepatitis B, immediately after the home with her husband and 5 year old daughter, her husband has now also check antibody, antibody. I am most distressed daughter had, that kind of feeling, not words, don't know is afraid to face or take chances, the fourteen year old daughter, never take her check, only from the life habit, she don't stay up late, don't try to eat her the things outside, there is spoiled i feel sorry for her! Five, the attitude of the family of hepatitis B: because the liver cirrhosis have been cured, has been seven years, all normal. So brothers and sisters are not worried about the disease, I said this is "rich", not only eat Haoshua hair is good, even if the I disease, they don't seem to worry about what. The family relationship is harmonious, the husband is good single, regardless of the common sense of the disease do not understand, said to him a few times, to see him do not understand the same, regardless of the face of their own! He just went to see me. Really, don't want to let the family worry too much about my family, on the surface is. Why increase their psychological burden? Six, test and treatment: 07 year found infected with hepatitis B, question doctor, the doctor said the liver function is normal on the matter. Basically the annual check, check 10 years of viral replication is relatively high, remember is 7, but the liver function is normal, the doctor advised me to take the medicine, I refused. In April last year, physical examination, transaminase 61, the proposed one month review. But I do not know how, a year did not go to review, and now regret it. Until March of this year, the accidental pregnancy, remembered to check a function, get the report results that moment, slumped in his chair, transaminase 141, I know B made....... The ten day, the stream of people operation after April 3rd, to the provincial capital of a public health medical center to check, the result is: two half check 135 positive, virus quantitative determination of 1.96E six, ALT192, AST84. B-show: normal size, envelope is not thick, smooth surface, liver edge angle slightly rough, uneven thickening of parenchyma, hepatic vein clear reality, normal shape. The gallbladder cholesterol deposition. Other normal together. The doctor prescribed hepatoprotectiv medicine: Gandezhi and compound glycyrrhizin, had antiviral drugs entecavir. The doctor suggested that after January, today is April 30th, I went to the city hospital to check liver function, viral replication after a few days again. The results were as follows: ALT225.9, AST140.5, indirect bilirubin 9.3, globulin 34.7, and the four abnormal. Transaminase unexpectedly rises! Call the doctor, she asked me to take medicine, can change a hepatoprotectiv, I have to leave to rest, the best bed rest, recommended to the local hospital for two weeks hepatoprotectiv. I am confused, do not know how to do? Since after the medicine, may I pay more attention to my reaction, no good digestive function before, often with enteritis symptoms, actually several years there, often stomach rattle. The most important is the poor sleep quality at night, love dreaming, daytime talk dizziness, not the gas, the teacher, the class only sit very quietly lectures. Leave, with graduating class, would like to bring the students finished, do not leave, rest is not good, afraid of deterioration...... Seven, the psychological situation before the question: in fact, mentioned above. There is nothing on the surface, in fact, the psychological pressure is particularly large, I found that the disease is not only in the torture of the human body, but also in the destruction of human psychology, destroy the will! There are a lot of questions, a lot of puzzled, feel the fate of their own is too unfair, even if you want to leave the world if their condition deteriorated seriously, the daughter how to do? In fact, I am a Buddhist believer, I can not see the natural life and death, but not too much on the daughter! Because I live not only from life to take care of her, is to give her an example, I can live healthy, then even if she is not overcome the disease onset, I give her positive energy? Let her know that this disease is not terrible! I often think about all sorts of things, and occasionally see a good doctor on the top of the website of an article, the doctor treat hepatitis B, hepatitis B treatment, treat patients, treatment of patients, and other doctors are not the same ah! So, after reading a lot of Dr. Fang's article, he found that not only have superb skills, more noble personality charm! As he said: in the historical stage of social transformation, to create a pure heart, from time to time to give their oil drum strength, that will slowly out of the shadow of hepatitis B your mind, it's harm is locked in a dark room. Yes, we believe that the majority of the patients will be healthy, even if the body is not healthy, have a special psychological health, happy life, improve the quality of our life! Because the mobile phone typing on the page, narrow, and today very faint, probably typos, are not fluent in the local, but finished, psychology is very relaxed, immediately sent to dr.!

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