To create their own meteorite energy field

Prehistoric stone meteoriteTo create their own meteorite energy fieldIn the persistence of feeling the energy and extraordinary meteorite, w


Prehistoric stone meteorite

To create their own meteorite energy field

In the persistence of feeling the energy and extraordinary meteorite, which is the consensus of many meteorite lovers. From the initial love of meteorites, to raise the banner of carrying forward the culture of meteorites, and in-depth exchange of domestic and foreign enthusiasts of meteorites, and gradually we entered the hall of meteorite culture.

Almost all of the meteorite enthusiasts from the possession of a meteorite began to like meteorites. For an ordinary citizen, the original meteorite is not only a surprise, more is the passion of exploration and obsession. A drop of water can map the brightness of the sun, what does a meteorite mean?

Some people thus entered a new field, persevere; someone is overjoyed, more people expect overnight; persistent efforts, in-depth research, to explore the potential of special meteorites. Different attitude towards the meteorite, but also determines the fate of these meteorites and different future and results. When a lot of people in order to sell their lives at the expense of the meteorite, more people are trying to collect and precipitation all kinds of meteorites.

Such a sharp contrast.

When people who love meteorites found that the energy of the meteorite can improve the health of the human body, can improve the quality of human life, the hands of the beloved meteorite began to reflect their value. At this point, the problem with the energy field of meteorites:

The first is that meteorites are not isolated.

Accidental discovery and income, can be understood as luck and opportunity, can also be understood as a fate. Meteorites from the vast universe, from a star world to the planet of human habitation, short of loneliness and separation is inevitable. From the perspective of information theory, it is of special significance to study the aggregation and separation of meteorites. In some meteorites fall, we will find all kinds of meteorites are intertwined: they are not from a star, N star collision and N fall events, all kinds of every hue meteorites in the long years, the inevitability and contingency together. In fact, these different sources of meteorite debris stars formed a vast field.

Because of this special field, animal and plant growth to fall within the area of strong. In many meteorites fall area, we found that vegetation and crops are very strong. Straw branches stout, black, high yield. The farmers found meteorites fall, when those strange stones disappear, as before exuberant crops, the yield decreased.

Second: the formation of the energy stored in the meteorite storage.

There is a senior meteorite collectors have this experience: play from a meteorite isolated, to appreciate the familiar like his collection of meteorites. In a relatively long time, feel positive changes in their physical health, many of the chronic diseases that have plagued themselves for many years disappeared. This is a process from less to more, from quantitative to qualitative change, but also a variety of meteorites come together after the original feeling is not obvious energy mutation, the inevitable result is surprising.

In ancient times, the life of the civilized people on the earth for the use of the meteorite field, highlighting their high level of intelligence and standards. From the prehistoric meteorite configuration, we can find such a fact: the production of meteorite material rich and colorful art, there are iron meteorites, stone iron meteorite; olivine meteorites, also have more crystal agate meteorite, meteorite, meteorite is turquoise, Nothing is too strange.

When these meteorites for art for 15 thousand years after the birth of today, our institutions are still not questioned archaeological excavation report, when art is highly suspected meteorite for this imaginary product of civilization. We found a meteorite meteorite enthusiasts energy, the focus of many stone meteorites, meteorites can promote the release of energy, so all kinds of prehistoric meteorite art is such thinking?

There is a lot of speculation and Research on the prehistoric meteorite art. The main idea is that the owner of the meteorite art should be a leader or religious leader who is quite right. Can we assume that all kinds of materials are used in the form of integrated use of the leaders or religious leaders in the living environment? A collection of various materials is placed in the meteorite art results, will be able to form a powerful meteorite field?

Third: meteorite field size meteorite placement decision.

In the meteorite collectors residence or meteorite venues, meteorites placement is closely related to the size of the field to a meteorite. Meteorites are need to light and heat, whether can make meteorites, adequate light irradiation is direct or diffuse, according to the decision of our work and life environment.

Near the front room set shelf can be placed in the light for meteorite art, depicting its beautiful shape, taking into account the energy release of meteorites. Indoor table placed in the meteorite meteorite tea, energy converter placed in the restaurant, the bathroom for a bath in the meteorite; linear between the gates can be placed out of ornamental stone meteorites, taking into account the talisman and range adopted diffuse light energy field; the small can in the bedroom or meteorite pendant sword, to the amount of light. The art of meteorites and meteorite; placement, to balance the various materials of meteorites, to prioritize, highlight a light receiving surface is the main field in the range of 60-120 square meters in the formation of a field space according to the reasonable placement of the meteorite.

The activities in this space in the meteorite enthusiasts, wearing jewelry itself and with the play of the meteorite meteorite, is the body of the energy field activities, with its moving dynamic flow static energy caused by meteorites. As we do in the production of chess, in the process of the flag, we feel the energy of the meteorite.

The meteorite field size according to the actual placement of the environment and space design, can not be placed over, to comfort the premise of meteorite enthusiasts. The meteorite placed too much, excessive energy, during the life of the meteorite enthusiasts to anger strong, dry skin, where the static response and so on; and placing the meteorite is too small, not enough energy supplement, health index will not significantly change the meteorite enthusiasts.

Different types of meteorites, the light and heat conditions are not the same, in the relative environment of the distance is not the same, the impact of energy is not the same as each other. The construction of the energy field of many kinds of meteorites varies from person to person, and can be adjusted according to the experience in practice.

All in all, the construction of the meteorite energy field depends on the personal practice. There is a large size of the place can be placed in the meteorite, a garage or storage room can also be appropriate to place the appropriate volume of meteorites to the living room and courtyard and garage, cars, etc., forming a small range of meteorite energy field. If possible, the formation of a meteorite or tribal village of meteorites is more conducive to the health of human life, a city as the center of the field of meteorite expectation formation can help more people to the body of Kang Jian and the joy of life! Life, is willing to work with people who truly love the meteorite to build a national scope of the meteorite energy field, to share the positive energy and tremendous benefits brought to mankind and the meteorite.

I have a nose bleeding after the first day of play, this situation has not appeared for many years, the energy giant.

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