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Gao Yanbin Beijing University of Chinese Medicine East Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine as early as in the "Yellow Emperor" has been


Gao Yanbin Beijing University of Chinese Medicine East Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine as early as in the "Yellow Emperor" has been offered endowment is insufficient, five weakness; mental stimulation, emotional disorders; overeatingfeigan, obesity and diabetes is closely related to the occurrence of. Since the ancient physicians on the basis of the supplement to the etiology and pathogenesis of diabetes play, debate of theory development, gradually enrich the content, the comprehensive literature the diabetes disease pathogenesis summarized as follows. 1 the cause of 1.1 ferrite Yin viscera, weak ferrite Yin, five is weak internal factors in the pathogenesis of diabetes. Deficiency of body Yin refers to the deficiency of Yin fluid and the deficiency of some components in Yin fluid. The main reason is the congenital deficiency of viscera weakness. Such as "• five" Lingshu; article said: "the viscera are weak, good disease xiaodan." The "dirty" Lingshu • article said: "the heart is good brittle disease Xiaodan heat lung liver spleen kidney crisp crisp crisp crisp, with good disease diabetes easily hurt." That five is weak internal foundation Xiaoke disease. Five Yin, the main reservoir of fine, five weak hidden Yin deficiency caused by poor sperm. The formation of acquired Yin metaplasia insufficient body fluid depends on the stomach "swim overflow essence", "small intestine from turbid substance" and "lost in the spleen and promoting qi. Distribution of body fluid excretion depends on spleen transfer, lung xuanjiang, transpiration gasification of the kidney. If the various pathogenic factors make biochemical Yin viscera damage, affect the formation distribution of body fluid, cause Yin deficiency. In ferrite Yin viscera, weak, ancient and modern physicians more emphasis on kidney and spleen deficiency in the importance of the two dirty asthenia in the pathogenesis of diabetes, resulting in the following two main etiology: first, Kidney Theory: that the happening of diabetes is concerned with the five internal organs, but the key lies in the deficiency of the kidney, kidney disease of diabetes the treatment focuses on the kidney. Such as the • Zhang Zhongjing believes that kidney deficiency is the main cause of diabetes, and Shenqi Pill in the treatment of diabetes, open up precedent for the treatment of diabetes; Tang • "waitai miyao" pointed out: "diabetes, which is caused by the deficiency of the original launch." • Ming; Zhao Xian for kidney deficiency can be recorded: "the governance theory, put forward the law of disappear, no points on the first rule for acute kidney". • Chen Shiduo also said: "diabetes syndrome, is divided on the lower, while the kidney that thirsty, no different." The modern famous doctor Shi Jinmo said: Although this disease of lung, stomach, kidney, but the disease in kidney, which is the standard three, this one also. In recent years on sex hormones in male and female patients with diabetes and kidney deficiency related changes of treatment observation showed that male patients with estradiol (E2) concentrations of estradiol and testosterone (E2) / (T) ratio increased; female patients were E2 and E2/T ratio decreased, male and female patients showed kidney deficiency significantly impaired gonadal function the kidney qi, yin and Yang of Chinese medicine for the treatment of complement, not only significantly improve the symptoms of kidney deficiency, blood glucose decreased significantly, and the sex hormone also tends to return to normal. The research results not only suggest the correctness of theory of traditional medicine of kidney deficiency caused by diabetes, but also confirmed that the kidney is an effective method for the treatment of diabetes. Second, the spleen Theory: that spleen deficiency is the pathological basis of diabetes treatment, pay attention to the spleen. As early as in the "Yellow Emperor" put forward in diabetes is closely related with spleen deficiency. Such as "Q • dirty gas law theory" said: "the spleen, heavy body hunger." The "dirty" Lingshu • article said: "the spleen crisp...... Good disease of diabetes." "Lingshu • evil visceral disease form" also said: "the spleen vein for tiny xiaodan". Jin • "maijing" cloud: "the fire load empty stomach, dry mouth Rao drinking water, eat also muscle deficiency." • Ming; Shen Zhai "suicide •" thirsty cloud: "the cover do not eat, drink without thirst, spleen yin deficiency." On the importance of nourishing spleen yin treatment. Modern physicians Zhang Xichun also pointed out: "diabetes one card, are from middle and upper and lower." "Because in disease, but also involved in the spleen....... To temper not casual is not less fine lung fluid, regulating the water passage is pee without section is thirsty and drink more urine also." That is, modern medicine in the pancreas, known as the "classic" San cream. In the treatment of Zhang's self Yuyetang, zicui decoction, Radix Astragali, Rhizoma Dioscoreae, reuse, porcine frui Qi and spleen of the goods. He believes that Astragalus can help temper rise, yam can fill the spleen and kidney, and can nourish the liquid to fill the dirty, so that it is sufficient scattered cream". Said: "vulgar denji Xiaoke recipe, taking pig soap can heal. Pig pig pancreas: soap cover, human pancreatic disease, complemented by objects such as can." At present, spleen role in the pathogenesis of diabetes has attracted more and more attention, some scholars believe that spleen deficiency is the pathological basis of diabetes, spleen and stomach disorders is an important pathogenesis of diabetes, asthenia of viscera is the pathological outcome of diabetes. It should be noted that the physiological function of spleen in traditional medicine including the basic physiological function of pancreas in modern medicine, the pathological changes and pathological changes of pancreas are attributable to the spleen, so the traditional medicine knowledge is closely related with the diabetes incidence of Splenic Deficiency in the pathological essence, including the pathological changes of pancreas the so-called, spleen deficiency is the pathological basis of diabetes, is the essence of pancreas and spleen is the pathological basis of disease of diabetes. 1.2 diet not section, body fat 1.2.1 diet not section. Long overeatingfeigan, wine Atsumi, damage the spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach dysfunction, the accumulated heat intrinsic, disperse grain consumption of liquid, loss of Yin fluid, prone to diabetes. It was recorded in Chinese medical books, such as "Q • odd disease theory" in the discussion of etiology and pathology of diabetes is pointed out: "this is his hair, he will eat sweet and fat also number, fat is heat, sweet is in full, so the gas overflow, turn for the diabetes". • song; "Shengji Zonglu" also said: "the rich are also the xiaodan." • "heart Dan Xi •" "no diabetes Wine Festival, cool love with bo...... Hot flaming viscera heat, body fluid, dry coke, drink water slurry, but can not help." All the results indicate that the diet, eiofsf and diabetes is closely related to the occurrence of. 1.2.2 body fat. It has been recognized that obesity is an important environmental factor of type 2 diabetes and non-insulin-dependent, China traditional medicine as early as two thousand years ago has been aware of obesity prone to diabetes. "Q • through the actual evaluation theory" said: "xiaodan...... You also Zhiji beam paste fertilizer". Since the important ancient medical books have recorded. Such as • "Jing Yue book" contains "diabetes disease, the disease onset is fatness of plaster beam,...... All the rich man and the poor little disease also." The rich man because of abundant nutrition, reduced physical activity, body fat, so prone to diabetes. This is China ancient physicians through a large number of clinical cases observation conclusion is still very scientific. A large number of domestic and foreign epidemiological survey data shows that in recent years, with the development of economy, the improvement of living standards, due to the long-term intake of high calorie diet, or excessive diet, reduced physical activity and obesity, the incidence of diabetes is increasing. This is completely consistent with the understanding of traditional medicine. 1.3 mental stimulation, emotional disorders excessive mental stimulation, emotional discomfort, or the whole liver injury, liver qi, Qi fire, burning the lung and stomach yin, Yin scorching; or excessive anxiety, qi stagnation, stagnation of fire, firelight hyperactivity, heart blood loss, kidney stomach burns Yin fluid, can cause the happening of diabetes. About the relationship between psychological factors and diabetes, it has Chinese medical books. Such as "• five" Lingshu; article said: "anger is gas Shangni, chest volume, blood flow...... To heat, heat dissipation skin, so xiaodan." Kim • "• theory" Liu He Jian; Xiao said: "the quench......... The consumption of chaos spirit, had not the degree of depression, and hot moriyuki are also". • Ming; Shen Zhai "suicide •" said: "the mind of excessive thirst,...... This indicates the spleen, stomach and kidney can save dry hair as diabetes. • "a guide to clinical practice • three" said: "the sad mood, the fire is spontaneous, eliminating serious illness". All the above shows that emotional disorders, five excessive heat injury Tianjin the pathological process of polarization. In liver, the greatest impact on the emotional factors, the ancient physicians emphasizes the occurrence and liver of diabetes are closely related. In the Qing Dynasty such as Huang Kunzai in the "noble" cardiac • Xiaoke said: "diabetes, foot Jueyin disease, Jue Yin breeze wood and Shaoyang fire table,...... The designed for catharsis every tree,...... Catharsis and...... Is the fire lost its torpor." In the "Su Ling Yun Jie" micro • Xiaoke said: "diabetes disease, is only responsible for the liver wood, without the responsibility of lung". Zheng Yinan in the "medical books in • Xiao said:" from where "Xiao Zheng was born in Mu Zhu Jue Yin breeze gas, covered with water and Jueyin fire, hot phase fan, the syndromes of diabetes". The important role of neuropsychiatric factors in the occurrence and development of diabetes has been widely recognized in recent decades. Modern medicine with mental stress, emotional excitement, psychological pressure and sudden trauma, can cause increased secretion of growth hormone, norepinephrine, glucagon, epinephrine, glucocorticoid antagonist of insulin, and increase blood sugar. 1.4 of the six exogenous pathogenic toxin, against six exogenous dryness heat evil invasion, Huo Feng San cream (pancreas), and viscera, dryness disability allowance, can also produce diabetes. As Qin Jingming in "Mai Zhi" will cause diabetes according to pathogeny different exogenous 09-30 (Zaohuo, three wet fire three fire) three (or internal heat accumulation, three fine imaginary 09-30). The elimination of exogenous six exogenous evil invasion, poison powder paste (pancreas), and viscera, dryness disability allowance, diabetes can also occur. As early as in 1864, Norway doctors first reported mumps patients can occur diabetes. Then report on viral infection and diabetes in a continuous line. Viral infection is considered to be an important environmental factor in the development of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Chinese ancient physicians due to the historical conditions and the limited level of technology, though it is impossible to put forward virus infection can induce diabetes, but has been recognized that the six exogenous evils can cause diabetes, it is also very commendable. 1.5 long take a Dan medicine, dry Tianjin injury in ancient China, since the Sui and Tang Dynasties, people often addicted to drugs taking ore refining pills for impotence or health and sex Yanshou hot endogenous, cause, Yin depletion and occurrence of diabetes. Many ancient medical books are addicted to clothing Dan medicine, diabetes occurs records. Such as "Sui • source" carrier cloud: "eliminating internal disease...... By the less than five stone, stone heat knot in the kidney, the heat of the." He said: "the thirsty man,...... The less take milk stone, stone heat Sheng AV excessive, cause kidney wasted, coke under heat, heat, kidney dry, dry thirsty. The kidney is not allowed to make water, so drink urine." Don • "Prescriptions" set: "view is ten years, Azusa provincial governor Li Wenbo first served white quartz is a long time, and the real road gradually strong, after more than a month after a few days suffering from thirst, Italy, and 100, 100 of the party, to increase gradually, four win up, not only in a trance, mouth parched tongue and died". • yuan; Zhu Danxi also said: "since the Tang Tai Long, paste beam, confusion in the alchemist to convince Shi Changsheng that many bait Dan stone, and the song so far, still not have." According to historian of emperors, as there are always many traitional



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