How to regulate sub-health

Sub-health, grey area between health and disease, more and more modern people pay attention to health, like a spring, stretched the lifting


Sub-health, grey area between health and disease, more and more modern people pay attention to health, like a spring, stretched the lifting force, also can restore to the original state, to regain health, but not seriously, once more than the elastic spring range, so it will be spring difficult to recover, health will go far. As we all know, for the health of Western medicine helpless, the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine has been highlighted, then how to regulate the health of Chinese medicine sub health it? 1 balanced view and sub healthy Chinese medicine theory that healthy people should be balanced organism, "Q -" the angry sky on: "Yin Pingyang Peru, spirit. Separation of yin and Yang, Qi is a must." Here the "Ping" and "secret" refers to the balance of yin and Yang as the key point of the balance is the "spirit" that is the fundamental physical and mental health. "Q - Theory" of menstruation were defined: "Yin and Yang Ping screed, by filling the form, if a nine time, Japanese people life level." Normal body within a certain limit through self-regulation to maintain the body's Yin and Yang Qi, ascending and descending the relative balance of access. There is a certain degree of bias, the state is not a significant disease is sub health.

2 balance view in the role of sub-health treatment in traditional Chinese medicine theory of "Yin and yang balance is health" concept, pointed out the direction for the treatment of sub-health state. "We do clinical observation of yin and Yang then adjusting to a flat," ("Q - to be really great"), have received good results.

2.1 guidance on syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine thinks to Yin and Yang as the representative of the body organs, filling and coordination function fine, gas, blood and body fluid are the best in the state, to sum up in a word: "balance of yin and Yang", that is completely healthy. Once the imbalance between yin and Yang appears, it can be summarized as yin deficiency, Yang deficiency, Qi deficiency, phlegm dampness, and so on. The syndrome type of pathological constitution has become the basis for the treatment of sub-health. From the view of regulating the overall balance, the balance of yin and Yang, Qi and blood disorders returned to normal.

2.2 guide drug intervention with drugs "temperature, heat, cold, cold" gas ", lift ups and downs", can be a single flavor, can also compound, the inverse of illness, to heat the cold, heat and cold, then fill the empty, actually spilled, "to phase equilibrium. As in Shenpi fatigue, less gas lazy words, listlessness of qi deficiency, Qi deficiency to adjust. For high voice and shortness of breath, irritability, red tongue dry heat syndrome, diarrhea can be real to flirt chi.

Choose 2.3 of health care products and diet guidance regulation of commercially available health care products marked various functions, non-toxic side effects are a statement, but its performance is different and, partial fill the majority, there is also a partial diarrhea. Huang believes that the occurrence of sub-health in the elderly and the indiscriminate use of health supplements. When in use, to fully understand the function of it, according to the constitution of the selection of cold and heat. The diet should be comprehensive and reasonable nutrition, should not only attach importance to human body five kinds of role, but also to prevent the five taste too and damage internal organs. "Q - gas law theory" in the "grain for the support, five fruit, five animals for the benefit, five dishes for the charge, while the clothes of the odor together with nourishing essence", when is an excellent guidance for reasonable diet.

Health practice 2.4 to guide the health of Chinese medicine for thousands of years has accumulated rich experience, to create a variety of methods: exercise, breathing exercises, qigong, emotional therapy. The concept of balance requires attention to work and rest on the method choice, balance and moderation. For example, happiness can make people emotional pleasure, blood Tongli, but like "gas corrosion". Moderate exercise can promote blood circulation, dredge the meridians, improve physical fitness, enhance the function, but too much damage to the gas consumption. In short, "Yin and Yang, the number of patients, diet, living, not overworked". In order to fit the individual as the degree of "Yin and Yang Ping" as the law.

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