Parents should be how to observe and deal with foreign body in external auditory meatus ceruminous and infants?

Infants and young children's external auditory meatus is almost impossible to touch the parents. The canal cerumen is don't know how to deal


Infants and young children's external auditory meatus is almost impossible to touch the parents. The canal cerumen is don't know how to deal with.

I know an example. Before children enter kindergarten health examination, not through the ear hearing screening side, parents are very worried, to the hospital was found to have one ear cerumen, Department of ENT doctor will ceruminal pulled out, to solve the problem! But cerumen child is from the start there, how long, parents do not know, because the child language development is completely normal, clearly, because have never been concerned about the child's ears. It is one side of cerumen cerumen, if it is bilateral, it will cause conductive hearing loss to a certain extent, affect the child, the child's language development, and even lead to lisp. In fact, these circumstances can be found in their parents.

On the contrary, some parents are too concerned about the child's ear, wish every day to see if there is a child's ear cerumen, it is also necessary to clean up. Some parents said: No, I saw a little ceruminal, my heart itch, be sure to put it out, and my heart was comfortable. This is the two extreme, it is not right.

First of all, with parents about the ceruminal is how come?

Cerumen is pale yellow viscous secretions, secreted by the skin of external auditory canal is located in cartilage at the ceruminal gland, commonly known as "". Cerumen in the air dry after a flake, some ceruminal such as grease, oil viscosity, commonly known as the ears.

What conditions need to clean cerumen?

Cerumen can protect the skin of external auditory canal and other adhesion effect, usually by chewing, mouth movement self discharge. So earwax without special cleaning, only in the external auditory canal cerumen may cause excessive cerumen or earwax embolism has caused when the need to clean up. For infants, try not to wait until after the treatment of cerumen. Cerumen cerumen, close to the wall of the ear canal, external ear canal itself will cause certain extrusion. After squeezing the external auditory canal, the external auditory canal is swollen and inflamed, which makes it more difficult to handle, and the pain will increase when the ear is cut.

Harm of infant cerumen?

Cerumen, acoustic vibration will not directly the tympanic membrane, part of the sound energy attenuation caused, as if in the ear channel plus a door, the voice through the door after to reach the tympanic membrane, it will cause a certain degree of hearing loss. If the cerumen encountered water after the expansion, will compress the canal skin, causing pain, and even lead to otitis externa. So if you don't hesitate, cerumen, promptly to the hospital for treatment.

Parents how to observe the infant external auditory canal?

Most of the children under 3 years old, will not let the doctor or even their parents to see their ears. Parents don't want to keep their children in check. And children do not match, then the doctor is not good observation. I believe that as parents are very reluctant to see the child crying hysterically (as po mom, I can appreciate the feelings of parents), so teach parents how to observe their children's ears at home. The observation of this section into the home, if a problem, we must go to the hospital to go to the hospital. This reduced the number to the hospital, also reduced the number of children crying.

The ratio of adult children's ear fine, bend and adults are not the same, so parents observe the child's ear canal, to the backward pulling ear, so that you can see clearly the situation of external auditory meatus. Also observe the child's external auditory canal needs light. Mother and child with a small light source store, we can purchase.

If parents want to observe children's ear canal, if it is 2 and a half year old infant, parents can the children sleep in the observation, more than 2 and a half year old child, the first to ask children to talk with children, let the children know the observation ear doesn't hurt a bit, will not cause any harm to the child if the child, understand this, to be with the parents.

If parents only see a little bit of cerumen, does not need to handle, even if found ceruminal more cerumen, recommended to the hospital otolaryngology treatment.

The observation tool and cleaning cerumen?

Said cleaning ceruminal tools, most parents will think of a cotton swab, earpick. These two tools are commonly used, but I do not recommend that parents use. The infant ear canal is very fine, even if the baby is fine cotton sign when in use will also push earwax deeper, it seems parents can observe the part is not ceruminal, but in the external auditory canal cerumen piled up, resulting in cerumen. Cotton swabs at the top of the cotton swab may fall into the external auditory canal.

Do not try to give children earpick ears, infant skin is very tender, with earpick ears, need the help of external auditory canal and the friction force to the earpick ceruminal pulled out, it is a kind of damage to the external ear canal. If the parent operation ability, can use tweezers, if not, can go to the hospital department of ENT.

Other issues that need attention?

Try to avoid the flow of sewage into the external auditory canal. After 6 months of the baby to drink the milk, to pat his back, avoid Yang milk when sleeping, head to one side, to prevent the Yang of the milk into the ear canal.

Parents mainly undertake the task of observation, can be 2-3 months to observe the ear canal, prevent cerumen embolism, once the occurrence of cerumen, promptly to the hospital.

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