Inside and outside the eight foot deformity

Torsion deformity of lower limbAlso known as the femoral torsion deformity, clinical common, mainly the change of the anteversion of the fem


Torsion deformity of lower limb

Also known as the femoral torsion deformity, clinical common, mainly the change of the anteversion of the femoral head, resulting in the corresponding changes in the children's feet, that is, clinical see "inside and outside the eight foot" deformity, multiple bilateral onset.

Etiology: at present, the specific cause of the abnormal anteversion of the femoral neck is not clear, there are documented in the literature that is caused by the long-term abnormal posture, and there is no obvious familial inheritance.

Pathology: mainly anteversion change in infancy, before the large inclination angle, up to 30 degrees, with the increase of age, the anteversion angle becomes smaller, the normal anteversion of children under age 2 is about 15 degree, in patients with lower limb torsion increased anteversion angle or small, resulting in foot inside and outside the eight word deformity.

Clinical presentation: before walking in, children with no obvious deformity, in some cases still found feet inside and outside the eight deformity, with the increasing of age, to 3 years old, and the inner and outer character malformation is most obvious, awkward gait, limping, and walking can be a double knee collision phenomenon fatigue, wrestling. Patients with femoral external rotation, and sat down to a typical M shape deformity, namely double foot out, knees touch together, pronation external rotation, internal rotation of the femur were limited; on the contrary.

Imaging findings: the main X-ray examination, in the pelvis, can be found in the femoral head anteversion change, but the specific angle measurement in plain film is difficult, need to be checked by CT.

Treatment and prognosis: for most patients, with increasing age, lower limb movement increased, anteversion femur will give two correct, can be used when necessary brace worn at night, is conducive to the normal anteversion. Very few symptoms, age of nearly 10 year old patient, can take femoral rotation osteotomy in the treatment, the prognosis is good

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