There is an unspeakable pain called insomnia"

2017-01-01 psychological professional platform"1 sheep, 2 sheep, and 3 sheep, and all the sheep, and all the sheep," said the sheep, countin


2017-01-01 psychological professional platform

"1 sheep, 2 sheep, and 3 sheep, and all the sheep, and all the sheep," said the sheep, counting the number of laps, and he could not sleep or sleep! Insomnia is really terrible!

My name is insomnia"

Insomnia, also known as sleep and sleep disorders. Inability to fall asleep or unable to maintain sleep, resulting in lack of sleep. Insomnia usually refers to patients not satisfied on sleep time or quality, and the impact of a subjective experience of social function during the day, including difficulty sleeping, often awakening and (or) early waking up; can cause fatigue, restlessness, malaise, headache, slow response, in the blues, poor memory and other symptoms. Its greatest impact is the spiritual, a little serious causes schizophrenia.

According to these characteristics to "know" me

Want to know whether it is suffering from insomnia, you can refer to the following symptoms:

1, difficulty sleeping, after 30 minutes or after an hour still can not sleep;

2, can not sleep, sleep time is reduced, it is easy to stir up, always sleep will wake up between cruising;

3, wake up early and wake up to sleep, it was still dark, others sleep dripping but I wake up early without sleep;

4, often woke up from the nightmare, feel in nightmares all night, intense dream one by one;

5, after sleep did not recover energy, lying on the bed after waking up in the middle of the night is still weak body, head unresponsive, how can not sleep enough;

6, easy to wake up, some sensitive to the sound, and some sensitive to light;

7, a lot of people who suffer from insomnia love even remind myself not to make blind and disorderly conjectures, but still think, thinking like a runaway horse can not be made;

8, a long period of insomnia can lead to neurasthenia and depression, and neurasthenia will aggravate insomnia.

Why insomnia? Chinese medicine: stomach disharmony is the main card

There are many causes of sleep problems, such as sleep disorders, physical illness, emotional factors, lifestyle (excessive consumption of coffee and tea) and environmental factors (noise, congestion or pollution), etc..

Lack of sleep can destroy people's memory, reasoning, judgment, attention and other thinking ability, but also may lead to depression. Long term insomnia will increase the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke and other diseases, so that the body's immune system decline, accelerated aging.

Chinese medicine believes that the people of insomnia, because the viscera function disorder, but the stomach is the main syndrome. "Nei Jing" records of "stomach disharmony is disturbed", which is the guiding principle of clinical classic.

Why insomnia? Western medicine: the main factors of environment and emotion

1, environmental reasons: a common change in the sleep environment;

2, individual factors: bad habits, such as drinking tea, drinking coffee, smoking, etc.;

3, the physical reasons: broadly speaking, any physical discomfort can lead to insomnia;

4, mental factors: including for a special event excited to worry about opportunistic insomnia;

5, emotional factors: emotional control caused by changes in mood, this change will be manifested in the emotional instability, which may be caused by some unexpected events, such as special event or special sadness, anger can lead to insomnia;

6, sleeping pills or withdrawal of alcoholics.

I want to do conditioning into a baby?

Although I am very cute, but I am troubled by the existence of people, so I still stay away from you! Long term insomnia must be paid enough attention. Away from insomnia, it can be nursed back to health.

First adjust the spleen and stomach

Insomnia patients often accompanied by abdominal distension, poor appetite, thin stool or constipation, Yaoxisuanruan symptoms, this is not the harmonic performance of spleen and stomach. According to the principle of "stomach disharmony, lying uneasy", save insomnia, adjust the spleen and stomach.

Eat cold: eat cold fruit, herbal tea, cold soup.

Note: not only the warmth of the abdomen, including the whole body warm. Some patients lie down there will be significant abdominal cold feeling, can use hot compress method.

Traditional Chinese medicine for regulating the spleen and stomach: of course, in the spleen and stomach at the same time, or according to the specific physical man, with soothing liver and tonifying kidney, resolving phlegm and promoting blood circulation, this is a long process, should be slowly conditioning, don't be impatient.

Increase nutrition

Long term insomnia patients have the phenomenon of malnutrition, but because of endocrine disorders, the test results are often lead to high blood lipids, they dare not tonic.

In fact, high blood lipids is not equal to excess nutrition. To increase the amount of protein and fat in the diet can help anshenbunao.

Emotional adjustment

Adjust the relaxed mood, including two aspects: first, the mood of life and work, and the two is the treatment of insomnia.

In the aspect of life and work, we should adjust our attitude, look at the problems objectively and rationally, treat and deal with the problems correctly, and establish a good family environment.

The treatment of insomnia is not to worry about sleep. That is more terrible than insomnia is afraid of insomnia. Sleep can not sleep because of fear, but can not sleep, forming a vicious cycle, causing harm to the body and mind.

Keep early hours

The can't sleep is to wake up early in the morning. Many patients, because of insomnia, to sleep at night, playing computer, playing mobile phone, tired to sleep, but the cerebral cortex by stimulation, the mind becomes very clear, and at midnight, the brain into the shallow sleep time, then went to bed, naturally it is difficult to sleep. Therefore, it is recommended that we develop good habits.

Proper exercise

Can't sleep, do a lot of exercise, make yourself tired and sleep, is the "wrong way" of violence. Strenuous exercise before going to bed, will make the brain over excited, but not conducive to sleep. In addition, physical overdraft will reduce the body's immune function, there are other problems.

Only proper exercise can help sleep. The evening of the human body Yang, not suitable for strenuous exercise, can do some relaxing activities before bedtime, such as massage, massage, wait for. You can also often press the point, such as springs, Shenmen, Sanyinjiao, Taixi, Taichong etc..

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