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2016-12-30 psychological professional platformDepression is like a black hole, an inattentive will be sucked in. This is the personal feelin


2016-12-30 psychological professional platform

Depression is like a black hole, an inattentive will be sucked in. This is the personal feelings of many patients with depression. Depression is a "cold heart", not only will make people feel depressed, but also with the body disease, serious impact on physical and mental health.

What is depression?

Depression is a kind of psychological disorder, which is the result of the suppression of central activities. The suicide rate of depression is high, the burden of disease is serious, and the harm is great.

The international standard for the diagnosis of depression: there are three core symptoms, the first is bad mood, the second is less interest, the lack of energy is third.

Nine risk factors to be careful

If the following conditions exist, must pay attention to, not to let depression.

1 had second episodes of depression, the risk is 50%, third up to 70%.

2 families with depression.

3 obvious stressful life events, such as the home of a major event.

4 social support is relatively poor, there are difficulties, pressure, no one to support and help.

5 have had anxiety attacks before, but also easy to depression.

6 women before and after childbirth, especially postpartum appear more obvious depression.

7 people who drink for a long time are prone to depression.

8 chronic or severe physical disease can cause significant depression.

9 single people, the elderly, women, the economy is relatively poor, are high risk of depression. Women are two times more likely to suffer from depression.

Medication is important

Most people with depression can be cured. The treatment of depression is medication, psychotherapy and other treatments. Drug therapy is the foundation, can be combined with psychological treatment, but psychological treatment is not the most important. Whether it is in China or internationally, as long as the depression, drug treatment is the most important means, the efficacy of up to 60% ~ 80%. If the drug treatment, psychological treatment is not good, must be combined with other treatments, and now the most important thing is physical therapy and some traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

In fact, many began to listen to the doctor standardized medication patients, medication adherence after a period of time, cure the disease, will never take antidepressants, and many began to worry that antidepressants are dependent patients, they refused to take medicine, or a slight improvement in the condition will immediately stop, leading to recurrent depression, Jiuzhibuyu, pain, but ultimately more likely life cannot do without antidepressant, because the body is broken, and if you can find a doctor with a drug can improve the produce too many side effects and not emotional, if including fatigue depression without treatment, the increase or decrease of appetite, insomnia, lethargy, weakness, frigidity.

The treatment of depression should be at least one or two years or even longer, and must adhere to the three stages. The first phase is called acute treatment, at least 4 to 8 weeks may not fully control the symptoms; the second stage is a period of consolidation treatment, need at least 4 to 6 months, if this drug reduction or withdrawal, the risk of recurrence within two months up to 80%, so we must adhere to the consolidation of third stages; enter the maintenance phase, to maintain 6 ~ 8 months or even longer. If the patient is the first attack, the maintenance period of 6 to 8 months, if it is a seizure of the second, the maintenance period may be more than a year, if it is a third attack, the maintenance period will take longer.

Pay attention to the three signs of suicide

More than 70% of people with depression have suicidal behavior or thoughts, and there are also three signs.

First sign: verbal cues. The patient may say: "I really do not want to live, how to live so tired, what is the meaning of living."

Second signs: behavioral cues. For example, suddenly account of the funeral that day, when I'm gone with the family, the book in which gas card where. Some patients will also behave as suddenly said to the child: "when the mother is not in the day you have to listen to my father." These abnormal behavior of patients must pay special attention to.

Third signs: emotional cues. For example, patients will appear desperate, pain and other emotions, and particularly obvious.

The mood of patients with depression "morning heavy night light" phenomenon. Most of the morning, because patients do not know about the dawn of the day after how to spend, do not want to get up, do not want to work, do not want to tell people to do anything to feel tired, so often in the morning when the mood of depression were the worst, Dutch act tend to occur in the morning, so if you want to prevent depression Dutch act, which is a key stage.

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