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Definition: tetanus tetanus tetanus is reproduced by the central nervous system caused by exotoxin temporary functional changes in purulent


Definition: tetanus tetanus tetanus is reproduced by the central nervous system caused by exotoxin temporary functional changes in purulent infection wound. The clinical manifestations of tetanus are persistent and persistent spasm of skeletal muscle, and severe cases of laryngeal spasm, pulmonary infection and failure. When the bacterium invades the wound, it is able to produce a toxin in a local area under low oxygen conditions, which is an obligate anaerobe. Neonatal tetanus caused by umbilical cord infection, high mortality. Although the WHO actively pursued the global immunization program, it is estimated that there are still nearly one million cases of tetanus cases worldwide each year, hundreds of thousands of newborns died of tetanus. Diagnosis of tetanus: laboratory examination showed a slight increase in the number of white blood cells and neutrophils. Anaerobic culture of clostridium. The culture of pus in the wound can produce Staphylococcus aureus or e.. The cure of tetanus: after suffering from this disease, go to the hospital to accept Tetanus Antitoxin to treat immediately, cooperate at the same time use traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture to treat. Tetanus prevention: prevention of this disease are: 1, the correct treatment of wounds. For a small wound, you can use the tap water or well water to clean the mud and ash outside the wound. Conditional, can be in the wound with iodine disinfectant, then cover with a clean cloth on the wound, and then gently to the hospital for further treatment. For some large wounds, you can hold the wound with a clean cloth, and then quickly go to the hospital for treatment. 2, pay attention to maternal health. 3, injection prevention needle. 4, oral Chinese medicine. Tetanus is an acute disease caused by clostridium. It is through the skin or mucous membrane wound into the human body, produce toxins that cause disease. The wound deeper, more dirty, more suitable for the growth and reproduction of tetanus, tetanus occurred more chances. Tetanus usually occurs 5 to 14 days after trauma, there are several months. A toxin produced by the bacterium that causes nerve damage to the muscles of the body so that all the muscles of the body are in a tense contraction. This situation starts from scratch, and then develops to the upper hand and torso. The patient first found mouth inconvenience, don't speak clearly, eating difficulties, illness found lockjaw, forced smile face, stiff neck, hands and feet stiff, even with (the patient's head back, lumbar lordosis is arcuate). Patients with mild stimulation (such as sound, light, etc.) can lead to systemic cramps, did not return to attack for several seconds to several minutes. Cramp patients often sweating, lips cyanosis, shortness of breath, or even stop breathing. More than one week after the onset of severe patients died. Tetanus is treated with disease, mortality is higher. But the disease is a completely preventable disease. After the skin trauma to clean up, and within 24 hours of injection of Tetanus Antitoxin, so that it can prevent tetanus, even if the occurrence is also lighter than



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