Jobs resigned from Apple's CEO posts related to cancer recurrence

Apple Corp CEO Jobs announced his resignation, the Apple board of directors and the Apple community's resignation letter, he suggested by Ap


Apple Corp CEO Jobs announced his resignation, the Apple board of directors and the Apple community's resignation letter, he suggested by Apple's new chief executive Tim • Cook took over apple CEO, although not clearly explain the reasons for his resignation in a letter, but the media speculation may be related to the recurrence of cancer.

According to "the Wall Street journal" news, Jobs in the United States Eastern time Wednesday night sent a letter to the board of directors of the company officially resigned. He said in the letter, he has been unable to meet the people's expectations as Apple's CEO, but for him, if the board sees fit, he will continue to serve as chairman of the board of directors of apple, and apple employee.

According to the NetEase technology report, Jobs announced his resignation from the post of apple CEO news was released, Apple shares fell rapidly, as of August 25th Beijing time 06:56 (Nasdaq:AAPL), Apple shares fell $24.18, or 6.43%, to $352.

Before the news, Jobs has been on leave due to cancer recurrence to recuperate, the resignation is not specified, but the industry speculation or related.

Steve • brief introduction of Jobs

Steve • (Steve Paul Jobs), was born in February 24, 1955. The Apple Corp's former chief operating officer and co-founder of the chairman and chief executive officer and former Pixar animation company (Pixar has been acquired by Disney in 2006), the Disney company is a member of the board of directors and the largest individual shareholders. Was the "fortune" magazine named the greatest businessman, ten best American CEO, was elected one of the 2009 Time annual influential man. Under his leadership, at the beginning of August 2011, the market value of Apple Corp (about $337 billion 100 million) more than Exxon Mobil (about $333 billion 300 million), to become the world's largest listed company, is the world's largest IT company.

Successor COO Tim • brief introduction of Cook

Apple Corp chief operating officer (COO). In early 1998, Jobs put Cook into apple from Compaq, served as senior vice president, director of apple computer manufacturing business. Prior to 1994, he worked at IBM for 12 years, responsible for IBM's PC manufacturing and distribution operations in North America and Latin america. Since then, he served as chief operating officer of wholesalers Intelligent Electronics computer distribution department. Before he joined Apple Corp, for just 6 months in charge of Compaq Compaq, material procurement and inventory management.

In 2004, after the temporary apple CEO Cook post, in October 2005, was named the company COO. At present, the scope of his duties has been extended to iPhone's sales and operations, including the wireless operators responsible for the sale of iPhone in 51 countries. In addition, he also served as head of legal, finance, design, marketing and other important sectors, reporting directly to Jobs.

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