From the death of young actors, importance of international guidelines

Recently, only 26 years old young actor Xu Xiaoting suffering from lymphoma untimely death, aroused heated debate on the treatment of malign


Recently, only 26 years old young actor Xu Xiaoting suffering from lymphoma untimely death, aroused heated debate on the treatment of malignant tumors. As a medical college teachers and doctors, also feel sad about her death, especially on her journey in micro-blog tells the sob unceasingly: cancer had thought of giving up treatment of travel...... Have seen their own life to help the death of chemotherapy is still dead...... Don't want to be tortured again rencailiangkong recognition of chemotherapy...... Giving up chemotherapy to choose traditional Chinese medicine...... Want to stay in the unknown time to live happily every day......

This is almost every China cancer patients experience true to life, love, for fear of chemotherapy, traditional medicine, various remedies of illusions...... The problem is that our patients can only choose between chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine? Is our chemotherapy followed by regular chemotherapy? Our traditional medicine is a balm? Can you jump this circle, look at a new height?

On the Internet, people on the treatment of malignant tumors is still hotly discussed, there are a variety of claims, but I think most of the problem did not seize the key. I'd like to ask you to look at a set of data before we can explain the problem:

According to the China cancer prevention and Control Office statistics, China's five year survival rate of cancer patients was less than half of the United States (66%), compared with 30.9%. The malignant tumor in the world five years survival rate is the highest state of Canada reached 82%, in addition to Canada, Japan, Australia and cancer survival in most Western European countries are generally in more than 70%, and my country, but many developing countries such as India, Algeria and other countries together, the five year survival rate of less than 40%. What is the reason?

Furthermore, we found that there was no significant difference in the five year survival rate of patients with poor prognosis (with high malignancy). Such as lung cancer in China, the survival rate was 16.1%, the United States was about 17%; liver cancer in China, the United States, the United States and the United States, 16%; gastric cancer in China, the survival rate was 27%, the United States was $28%; colorectal cancer in China was 20.9%, the United States was 19%.

But those with good prognosis (low malignant cancer), the five year survival rate gap is obvious: China prostate cancer survival rate was 53.8%, 100% in the United States; China leukemia patients survival rate was only 19.6%, the United States reached 58%. Chinese Journal of malignant lymphoma 32.6%, US: Hodgkin (85%), and (69%) non - Hodgkin lymphoma. What is the reason?

Perhaps, economic conditions, quality of doctors, medical insurance coverage, the uneven distribution of medical resources, national scientific literacy and so on are important factors, but it can not explain these differences: in the United States, cancer patients five years survival is mainly determined by the degree of malignancy, while in China, even low malignant tumor a good prognosis is still not very good survival rate. So there is only one possible reason: the guidelines for diagnosis and treatment followed by both doctors are different!

The so-called clinical diagnosis and treatment guidelines, refers to the international authoritative medical organizations or relevant academic institutions in different countries and regions, to help clinicians diagnose and treat a disease of clinical practice guidelines. This kind of guide usually in evidence-based medicine as a basis for developing: Based on extensive collection of clinical evidence, according to evidence-based medicine (a multicenter, double-blind, randomized controlled study, meta analysis) results, the clinical diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and guidance related. It ensures that patients receive the most reliable prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and other supportive treatment methods to achieve the best results. Among them, the United States, WHO relevant agencies to develop a variety of disease treatment guidelines in the medical sector, the highest authority, is the practice of doctors in various countries generally follow the guidelines.

In the United States and other western developed countries, medical diagnosis and treatment behavior regulations, medical insurance for doctors have strict rules, all treatment programs must have evidence, we must strictly follow the treatment guidelines, a prescription indications may lawsuits. In China, the doctor from the hospital to the governments at all levels and departments, in accordance with international guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of uneven clinical practice consciousness, hospitals and doctors have wide discretion in the treatment of patients, which causes many interests such as it is perplexing, not mandatory standards, drug habits, lack of recommended drugs the interests of the driver, part of the international guidelines, the contents is complicated, operability is not strong, the guide of a number of doors and inconsistent.

However, the guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors, the most sensible treatment plan is strictly abide by the international authority, because it is the world's best medical experts summary of expert consensus of the disease, the other method (including some of the domestic guidelines for entrainment contraband are not preferred).

Xu Xiaoting is not the case, in recent years the Wei Zexi incident, the death of Yao Beina, and the cancer not standard treatment, a series of similar events to draw attention to international guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of the Department of medical institutions, government authorities, roadblocks to overcome all kinds of interests in our country, shorten the gap between the quality of medical service with the developed countries, also hopes to attract public attention to the medical treatment guidelines, when ordinary people improve scientific literacy, from the bottom to the top can also be forced some medical ills of innovation.

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