Clinical manifestations and treatment of hyperplasia of mammary glands (with typical cases)

The clinical manifestations of breast hyperplasia for unilateral or bilateral breast size, form a cord or flake thickening and accompanied b


The clinical manifestations of breast hyperplasia for unilateral or bilateral breast size, form a cord or flake thickening and accompanied by pain, swelling pain or tingling, often to menstruation occur a few days or worsen, the pain was relieved or disappeared, reducing swelling, sometimes aggravated in a bad mood or exertion. Sometimes the pain to the back of the shoulder or axillary radiation, some of the performance of nipple discharge. Patients often accompanied by irregular menstruation, two flank pain, dark complexion, minimalist, Yaoxisuanruan, and even affect the daily life and work. Most of the patients for fear of cancer and to seek treatment.

Clinical examination by palpation, color Doppler ultrasound and mammography, breast palpable size ranging from single or multiple irregular lumps, tenacious, located in the upper outer quadrant, which can be driven, often with mild tenderness, color Doppler ultrasound can have low echo nodules, small axillary lymph node.

The majority of breast hyperplasia canceration, but a small part of breast cancer is breast hyperplasia evolved, the relationship between disease and breast hyperplasia: normal breast breast hyperplasia, few patients with atypical hyperplasia (mild, moderate and severe) of severe dysplasia may develop carcinoma in situ to invasive cancer continue to develop.

Hyperplasia of mammary glands can be restored to normal after treatment, atypical hyperplasia can be stopped or reversed after active treatment and return to normal.

TCM liver and kidney deficiency caused by Chongren imbalance, it is western medicine about periodic endocrine disorders, have called Yang liver type ovarian dysfunction of endocrine disorders caused by traditional Chinese medicine; kidney yang deficiency, liver depression, Chongren imbalance caused by liver qi stagnation, phlegm and blood stasis in stomach meridian obstruction of breast that is the western medicine of estrogen and progesterone balance disorders, reduce the secretion of estrogen and progesterone in luteal phase, the relative increase in long-term stimulation of breast tissue, lack of progesterone protection in a cycle of menstrual cycle, hyperplasia and instauration is not caused by the hyperplasia of mammary glands. The combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine based on the theory, we take the kidney yang, Shugan Jieyu, regulating the thoroughfare, treatment of Ruanjiansanjie, achieved good clinical efficacy, in your process of medicine, avoid overworked, angry. To light diet, avoid cold, greasy, two months for a course of treatment.

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