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Hepatitis B patients in addition to regular review, correct medication treatment, daily life should be extra attention, otherwise it will le


Hepatitis B patients in addition to regular review, correct medication treatment, daily life should be extra attention, otherwise it will lead to disease progression. The following are some of the taboos of hepatitis B patients: 1 taboo alcoholism. Alcohol is the main component of ethanol, ethanol can be converted to aldehydes in the liver, they have a direct damage to the liver, liver cells can cause degeneration and necrosis. Hepatitis B patients with their own liver cells have been damaged, coupled with drinking is even worse, prompting the disease, even to the liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. 2 taboo overeating, especially excessive meat and sugar. Eat too much meat and sugar will make excess protein and carbohydrates into fat and stored in liver is an important storage point, after a considerable period of time, the body fat, is bound to the formation of fatty liver, the liver disease burden, promote the deterioration of hepatitis B. Hepatitis B patients best arrangement balanced diet diversification, especially to self weight, eat less animal fat, fried food, bacon, milk etc.. 3 taboo excessive physical and mental work. Overworked excessive consumption of nutrients and oxygen, resulting in a substantial reduction in the energy supply of the liver, weakening the disease resistance of the liver, the rapid spread of hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis B patients with stable condition, the law of life, appropriate exercise, activities to do not feel tired, nausea, low back pain prevail. Phase fluctuation condition, had better stay in bed and rest rehabilitation. 4 taboo anger, depression. Anger can cause people to breathe quickly, the number of red blood cells in the blood, blood than normal circumstances to speed up the coagulation, tachycardia, so not only hinder the health of the cardiovascular system, but also affect the health of the liver. Some statistics: irritability of the possibility of coronary heart disease is 6 times higher than the average person, the possibility of liver disease is higher than the average person is more than 8 times. Therefore, patients with hepatitis B must be open-minded, optimistic mood. 5 taboos over indulgence. Excessive indulgence, caused by the cerebral cortex in the excited state for a long time, not only accelerate blood circulation, shortness of breath, muscle tension, and damage strength, such as liver and kidney damage, fatigue, backache leg soft, loss of appetite, dizziness and tinnitus, insomnia and other symptoms. For patients with hepatitis B liver function was poor, lust is a killer. So chronic hepatitis virus is not stable, must ban sex; in patients with virus carrying status or stable period, should also actively control sexual life frequency. Hepatitis B patients diet note: in addition to the positive treatment of hepatitis B patients, pay attention to rest, but also with the diet. Reasonable nutrition is beneficial to the repair and regeneration of liver cells, enhance immune function and promote the recovery of liver function. Hepatitis B patients in the diet should pay attention to the following points: 1 kcal daily energy control in 2000-2500; the amount of energy can save the consumption of protein, enhance physical strength, promote liver cell regeneration and repair; but the energy is too high will cause weight gain, leading to fatty liver. 2 protein should be adequate; generally higher than healthy people. The energy provided by protein accounted for 15% of the total energy throughout the day, which should account for 50% of high-quality protein, such as milk, eggs, meat, aquatic products, such as tofu. 3 fat is equivalent to healthy people; use vegetable oil, animal oil. When the liver function is poor, it should be appropriate to reduce the supply of fat, in particular, to control the intake of cholesterol. 4 carbohydrates should be appropriate to improve the provision; should be accounted for on the total energy of 60%-70%, in order to facilitate hepatic glycogen reserves, liver protection, maintain liver function, may be appropriate to add pure sugar foods such as sugar, glucose, candy. 5 vitamins, especially vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin A supply to be rich. 6 selection of fresh and pollution-free green food, with food additives, prevent mildew (such as moldy peanuts, rice) and various food spoilage. 7 should be steamed, boiled, stewed, stewed, boiled, fried and other cooking methods. Should not eat fried, fried, smoked, baked food. 8 the use of a small number of multi meal diet, three meals a day, the right amount of food. Diet should be quantitative timing. 9 diet should be light, easy to digest. 10 quit smoking and drinking. 11 hepatitis B patients can eat clams and other food. However, we should pay attention to: (1) raw materials should be fresh, no deterioration, no pollution. (2). Clean. (3)

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