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Doctor Zhang Yonghua 2016-03-16 studio"Not drug Sibu, Sibu as sleep." Obviously, for the first big sleep. As the saying goes "good night sle


Doctor Zhang Yonghua 2016-03-16 studio

"Not drug Sibu, Sibu as sleep." Obviously, for the first big sleep. As the saying goes "good night sleep, full of energy; all night difficult to sleep, tired." Therefore, the quality of sleep has a great relationship with human health. So how do you sleep?

Sleep is the first to tell you how to make the most nourishing sleeping Lao Tzu "Yin and Yang that way". Popular speaking, sleep is the process of live training, rest, is a process of collection, energy absorption; daytime work, learning is a process of energy release. Yin and Yang were indispensable.

Sack time

The best sleep time should be Haishi (point 21-23) to Yinshi (3-5 point) at the end of 21 is in sleep at night, get up at 5 in the morning. Haishi Sanjiao by Wang, three coke through the hundred vessels, then enter the sleep state, the hundred vessels can respite, can make the person and his body without disease. Centenarians have a common characteristic, is Haishi sleep, Yinshi up. Unfortunately, few of us can do it, so there are fewer and fewer people on the street. If you want to keep women sleeping handsome, you should wake up early in the morning.

In addition, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine also said: "as it is the official bile, bile depends on the viscera." Bile for Shaoyang, "Shaoyang does not rise, the world is unknown". If the night can not sleep, or sleep quality is not good, second days of Shaoyang gas rises, people easily tired, not the spirit. In addition to ensure a good night sleep at noon, noon (point 11-13) to arrange for half an hour of sleep (NAP called beauty sleep, beauty effect).

Sleep late at night is easy to hurt the gall bladder, but also suffering from depression due to the human cell 100 days or so to update, so the ancient home of health, said: "sleep for the health of the first, do not sleep all night, 100 days do not come back". In addition, often sleep at night party too hurt the courage, or suffer from depression. The emperor "cloud:" gas to embolden." "The eleven viscera depends on the viscera of human gallbladder gas depends on bile, depends on the courage of hair, if hair up to courage, the body will not be affected. 23 PM to midnight is a most popular Beijing, bile. People kept in sleep without sleep will consume courage, courage, severe cases of "depression" things will be lack of courage.

When sleep, in addition to causing bile The new supersedes the old. unfavorable, can also cause anemia, insufficiency. Not disheartened eyesight, blood deficiency does not raise, the formation tired Shenpi, Yaoxisuanruan. Hepatobiliary trade in blue, when not to sleep without sleep, easy green complexion Choushi complexion is livid. The lung is white in the invisible, complexion is easy to sleep at the end of Yinshi schungite.

Time to get up at 3 in the morning when the day of "spring", the 6 is the day of the vernal equinox". The world woke up at 3, the cells of the body in this space under the induction also woke up. At 3 o'clock every day to go to sleep without waking up 5 points, but sometimes get tired sleeping. The day the people wake up in bed, but also as a "tug of war", but the world is pulling people. Before 5 had got up 6 points, "vernal equinox" people of God can not come out, the lack of spirit. If you sleep at night before the morning party consumption kill Yang, Yang had blocked the party. This is called "double". Therefore, even if sleep late, have to get up early before 5 noon, make up a sleep, to prevent the "double".

Sleeping rooms should not be too big to sleep the room should not be too large, primarily for gathering yang. Traditional health care must pay close attention to the windows and doors. Hot summer will not open fan and air conditioning. People sleep the body surface will form a protective layer of yang. If the wind blew away the layers of Yang, the body will add. Amoy dry cycle Yang, the morning was not strong, pale yellow, such as cloth wrapped head. If it is too hot in summer, you can turn on the bedroom door to cool the room. Cool air can be maintained for more than 1 hours, people have been asleep. If the heat is in the middle, you can do it again.

Late eat shoulds not be too full if the dinner is too full, will cause the burden of gastrointestinal, the tension in the work of the information sent to the brain, causing insomnia, dreaminess, in the course of time, easy to cause neurasthenia and other diseases. The elderly if long-term fed dinner, repeated stimulation of insulin secretion, often caused by the burden of B cell insulin increased, and failure to induce diabetes. At the same time, dinner is too full, it is inevitable that some proteins can not be digested and absorbed in the intestinal tract, the role of bacteria, toxic substances, and sleep when intestinal peristalsis slows down, relatively prolonged residence time of these substances in the gut, may promote the occurrence of colorectal cancer. Therefore, the dinner can not eat too much, but can not eat too much, because it is easy to induce acute pancreatitis, people sleep in shock, if the rescue is not enough, often life-threatening.

In addition, dinner overeat, gas consumption more, gas consumption will become, as the disturbance of the yang. At night, Yang deficiency, may cause indigestion, food stored in the stomach, Yu Long heat, easy to produce heat, Yang Sheng, heat, will sleep well, sleep quality. Therefore, the late drink should not be too full, but also how to sleep the best way to fill.

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