"The new" compendium of Materia: dandelion, bitter, flat, non-toxic. In Yangming, lunar. Swelling of the spleen, eliminating tuberculosis, e


"The new" compendium of Materia: dandelion, bitter, flat, non-toxic. In Yangming, lunar. Swelling of the spleen, eliminating tuberculosis, eliminating food poisoning, dispersing stagnation of qi. To the base of a big power, but I do not know the world. Yangming fire to every Liaoyuan, with White Tiger Decoction to purge fire, it hurt the stomach. Cover the stomach of the fire Sheng, due to the soil in the stomach is also bad, purging fire and soil more cold. The use of baihutang to purging stomach fire, but when a expedient, and not rely on the durable also.

Dandelion, also diarrhea Weihuo drugs, but the gas is very flat, which can not only purge fire, without the loss of soil, can long service long service, free. Where is the fire from Yangming, "big agent service, fire back and stomach in situ. Look at the northern women, when famine in knots when mining, dandelion to supplement diets, and people are not injured, because of its purging fire to earth also. The hungry husband, no stomach boiling, with the real right. Can not understand the benefits of dandelion and almost nothing. But the fire purging force must be minimal, with more than one or two, five less money, only scattered evil correction of ear.

Or ask the dandelion both large power, self should use Baidu to Quhuo, but its very light, can not paste in medicine in the attack? Cardiff dandelion decoction, the reality can be surprisingly, is better than students with. The method extracts and how? Each must Jin Shijiu in an iron pot mash, water frying, fry a pot of water to seven points, will not stop Lek slag, juice, Sheng in the bag within leaching juice. Each pot can cook ten pounds, ten times the end of cooking, all take juice into the pot, fry to concentrated juice. Then take the bottle is filled into the sand, then the heavy soup, its juice such as honey, the juice poured in the bowl, cream leather open into the stir paste, since the sun dried up. About a pound of concentrated juice, into the leather paste one or two, you can paste and cut. One hundred pounds of dandelion, desirable paste seven pounds, the medicine to cure deafness, Chuangdu, burn, youmiao. Where the grass before the medicine one or two, Zhixiao two money, especially in the also. No grass, hay dry are not available, 100 pounds, thirty pounds can get seven pounds aogao.

Or ask the dandelion check can cure sore, but that Mr. can purging fire, it is so sore for purging fire? This is not entirely. The husband Chuangdu is on fire, and the fire of endless sore carbuncle. It can eliminate Chuangdu dandelion in goodness, and the ability to fire, it can also use.

Or ask the dandelion purging fire, diarrhea Yangming fire, not the fire, can also do eliminate it? Said: the most intense fire, no Yangming flame. Yangming fire drop, and the embers all gone. Not all the dandelion medicine, and the fire, see the dandelion as V, namely that the dandelion sheds the fire, but also all.

Or ask the dandelion and honeysuckle, with carbuncle of the abscess, two taste after all who wins? Cardiff dandelion check into Yangming, Taiyin two, and not by the honeysuckle, honeysuckle and dandelion can not be homotopy function. However, the honeysuckle was dandelion, and its work is greater. Cover dandelion attack more than fill, if not more than honeysuckle.



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