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Huangdi Neijing Suwen ". Show calm theory, said: can not calm than class, not for work. Analogy is the method of analogy. Many doctors will


Huangdi Neijing Suwen ". Show calm theory, said: can not calm than class, not for work. Analogy is the method of analogy. Many doctors will have this ability, the traditional Chinese medicine theory with profound popular apt analogy revealed, is filled with wisdom, see light suddenly feeling. This is for everyone to choose some of the way, talk about the analogy of the problem.

[mention pot lid]

A man Dan Xi Weng cure dysuria, before cure to water medicine, what disease ". Dan Creek diagnosis, right inch pulse quite slippery, to declare the rule of law of the lung, urine and benefit. Dan Xi Weng worthy doctor, he pointed out: the accumulation of phlegm, accumulation of phlegm in the lung. Lung qi, and bladder for coke, coke and coke coke are interlinked, now closed under coke plug, such as dripping, having orifices and orifices of water out of yan." It reveals that the "Uroschesis" -- Xuanfei Eli water, the method is mainly used for some edema or anuria syndrome, when using routine method is not effective, can be reference for Xuanfei products, in order to pass the work under the Rev.

"Uroschesis" this unique medical, today has been well known and popular, no doubt, thanks Yu Zhu Danxi wonderful metaphor. Generally, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine is impenetrable, Qing said: "the world high Sijing road to extremely rational, austria...... It is difficult to learn, but it is not easy to learn!" So many people find it hard to learn. If the appropriate appropriate analogy, the profound truth becomes clear, vivid and boring, abstract doctrine becomes concrete, become lively, of course it would be better, like Dan Xi "Uroschesis" is a famous example of success. Of course, this requires a precise grasp of the theory and the deep cultivation of human knowledge, as well as the understanding of the two links.

[North South extension]

"Uroschesis" is that some edema or anuria syndrome, when using diuretics is not effective, can be reference for Xuanfei products, in order to pass the work under the Rev. Then, in turn, can reference diuretic law in some syndromes should be sweating? Mr Cao Yingfu has invented, he said, "the water treatment of disease, syndrome when the urine, urine and sweat will first start; syndrome and special sweating, and diuresis and the beginning of the will" ("by the book"). Test its reason, and mention the pot with the lid off a rationale, but the emphasis is different. He is on the body, this is. If the bladder opening dereliction of duty, even Xuanfei sweating, but also because of lower orifices occlusion without power. Yue Meizhong old Chinese medicine recognizes this, vividly likened it to "North window does not open, wind is not smooth, can be described as a phrase. When jozeau to water, nobumichi under orifices, when receiving sweating effect. The author will be summed up as "Kai Chang North South", and "mention the pot cover" and with the release of this, I do not know when? This is a case study. A fellow who has treated patients with acute nephritis, head suddenly swollen, sore throat, fever, body weight. According to "the treatment with yuebijiazhu Decoction Feng Shui", in order to perspiration, taking 3 agent has no merit. To inquire about me. The cable side reading, feel the exact. Ask the patient for urination? The little amount of urine. The original will further, plus Poria, Rhizoma imperatae continued service. Fruit a micro agent but sweat, urine volume increased, symptoms greatly reduced, and all continue to adjust. Colleagues inquiry report ", and north south Chang", a sense of enlightened.

[with beans as medicine]

Shi Bao, famous doctor in Ming Dynasty Xiao Shan county. One winter was bleeding from the nose. Shi Bao teaches clothing pepper soup, hot pepper ran, his thought also joked, because it asked. It comes close to the beans in the hospital, the number of grains in the history of the treasure in the emergency swing bucket, Wanzhuan freely up and down, slowly when the bean is out. But this is the king of Wei said: sick men, people of Ying and Wei Qi and blood circulation, to reconcile, Jun in the brain, so the blood line is not astringent, astringent meridian, the overflow ear, non heat disease. Pepper fruit.

Shi Bao Yu pointed out that cold blood beans, astringent can also lead to Blood Meridian and bleeding, open a door for blood treatment today as doctors bleeding as the heat syndrome do not know when this metaphor is inspired by geometry. This happened in the winter months, like is also a dialectical eyes.

[three] zhiweibing playing volley

Prescription (1921 ~1996 years), the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, in the treatment of dialectical unity on the basis of a lot of methods and steps. He proposed the "zhiweibing" point of view, mainly refers to the treatment of disease organs at the same time, but also the treatment of related diseases and viscera, quoting scripture "is more than gas system has been overcome, and the insult; any, has the extremely insulted took the light, have been overcome thanks to support this view, but puzzling. In December 1989, the old man in the teaching of an analogy to explain: "for example, you find a department to do something, but he pushed not do, can not solve. Then you can find his superiors told him to let his superiors; you can also find below the masses to it, let them turn to speak for you, so that the three play together, the problem may be solved. Here, a department is' sick organs', it is superior to the 'have been' dirty, the lower is the 'have won' dirty, up and down together to find, even if it does not solve the problem." A sense of enlightened.

[Methods] pick watermelon

About traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine on the understanding of the disease, Professor Tong Xiao Lin of Beijing China-Japan Friendship Hospital has made an interesting analogy, such as judging whether mature watermelon, western medicine will use the data to show that detection of sugar, protein and vitamin content, the quantity of water; while TCM by approximate method, look at the color of watermelon. The shape, Diandian weight, pat, listen to the voice, also can make the right judgment. This metaphor is really wonderful, the Chinese and Western medicine to understand the different angles of the disease revealed.

Physical and chemical detection means of Western medicine mainly with the help of modern science, observe the pathogenic factors and the physiological and pathological changes, quantification of human life is longer than the linear description of the phenomenon, to speak with the data, which is accurate, this is the microcosmic dialectic, is the advantage of Western medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the sense of the main body, focusing on the human body function and the qualitative grasp of nonlinear phenomena, the overall concept is its strength, which is the macro dialectical, traditional advantages of traditional Chinese medicine. Two each one has his good points also somewhat short. The micro dialectic pays too much attention to the change of the local structure, and attaches great importance to the relationship between the whole and the viscera, and the macro dialectic stresses on the function and the whole lesion, and the understanding of the local structure is not enough. A similar relationship with the forest trees two, everyone has his own advantages, different cases, and can be described as Shuangfeng zhi.

Nutrition and food

Some people think that Chinese medicine is not scientific, even cure the disease can not tell the truth. Professor Fang Fang had a discussion about this. He said that Chinese medicine is to understand and summarize the rule of disease from the macro dynamic point, from the relationship between the whole and the parts, evil and disease comprehensive treatment to maintain and restore human self regulating ability, although it has not yet been scientifically, but proved to be effective. Therefore, it is still of great practical significance. This is like eating the same, although we are in the main nutrients in the diet has met many, formula obtained, several methods of synthesis, extraction has also been found, but after all, there are many unknown things. Even if it is clear, but also can not eat. We can not because some of the food is not clear.

Indeed, there is a day to the nutrition of the food are clarified, nutrients can not eat synthesis, extraction, still can not replace dinner, a metaphor will understand the meaning of the existence of Chinese medicine said.

As everyone knows, the Chinese medicine is one of five art book. Yi thinking is a unique product of Oriental culture, its characteristic is "perception, nearly taken away, such as analogy, the overall perception, image thinking". Perception, is the research method; nearly taken away, is the object of study; metaphor analogy expression; the overall perception is the level of thinking; image thinking is derived form. To be able to easily complex things, with a simple and easy way to understand, describe, explain, and to be applied, is to take the analogy of the advanced techniques and methods.

Analogy is an important thinking mode of traditional Chinese medicine, this mode of thinking is discussed in the "book of changes" miscellaneous Gua, said later this is all like that, like any one desirable, as one can take any Gua, is "Longma negative figure David's deer application, turtle carrying Tuban senior", on the the performance was particularly prominent in the application.

The sixty-four Hexagrams are often used to calculate the change and development of prediction of things, this is actually an application like to see through the potential. The so-called "Dao, device, shape, quality; Germany, energy, gas, potential". As a special thirty-six meter, with the potential to analyze the subjective and objective situation, like, to develop specific strategies, is the use of a model of the hexagrams of wisdom.

Have a friend advice, whether you can use the law of change, to predict the prognosis of the disease? This is certainly possible, but not the best way. The essence of the image is actually the change of the gas, which reflects the change tendency of the gas. As the importance of speaking god evil spirit, is also a kind of. Such as "dragon, white tiger, rosefinch, Xuanwu" is the four potential, as is to illustrate the potential, as the purpose is to observe the change of gas well, is to understand the potential. The flow, the great wisdom of Chinese I Ching culture. The so-called "Shun Chang, guards dead", refers to the flow. But like a picture, like a picture, the air is continuous, as the wind blows. Therefore, the image can only be an approximate expression of gas.

Observation, is a kind of Kung fu. When the elephant is skilled into the deep, you can feel the change of the gas directly, it is like to see the continuous change of the elephant, you can feel the change trend and outcome of the gas directly. So, when you are able to observe the change of perception, natural gas, can be used in the prediction of disease, it is very natural and accurate prediction, this is just like the judge according to the trend, at a glance, don't need reasoning.

Have to say the analogy just like Chahar preliminary stage resolution gas, use of the wonderful, is not to like to calculation, and the object is to improve the accuracy of observation, observation of the object to achieve visual observation of gas, road to Jane meaning from now, can also find the key.

"Moral" says: "the mystery of mysteries, all the wonderful door, analogy, observe the shape of Qi, Dragon Cave, road to jane.

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