The back of the total length of the package, the hair is also out of oil, forehead, there are red knots

First look at the situation of an online consultation. Patient female, 35. In recent years, the total length of the back, the hair is also l


First look at the situation of an online consultation. Patient female, 35. In recent years, the total length of the back, the hair is also love out of oil, the forehead also has a red pimple. Used to be dry skin, never had this situation. The position of feeling in the heart burning, bulging belly, eat something always fart. Nose air burning feeling, uncomfortable eyes, suffocating feeling. Blush, the mind is not clear, the bitter breath. Cold hands and feet, back pain, abdominal bulge, kidney stones. All over the body, always feel tired, willing to lie down to sleep.

The performance of the man is very complicated, and the doctor who has no experience will be frightened by her narrative. In fact, the problem is very simple. This person is a typical sub health state, such as all over the body, feeling tired and so on the situation that she is in a state of no spirit, need a good conditioning. Her symptoms are stagnation of liver qi and blood deficiency, liver spleen disharmony, with treatment of Jiaweixiaoyaosan on the line. But the topic of today's talk is the back of the old bag.

In the clinical experience can be met with a lot of such patients, basically from the beginning of puberty appear on the back of a long packet. There are some people, only in the back long bag. There is a part of the face is long, and the chest and head bag. And this package is characterized by repeated attacks, a good crop and stubble. Because some patients are boys, and did not grow on the face, so do not care, do not go to treatment. What is the situation?

Acne, right, acne will also be on the back. The textbook definition about acne, acne is a chronic inflammatory skin disease of hair follicle and sebaceous gland, which is occurred in the face and chest and back the blackhead or Whitehead acne, papules, pustules, nodules, cysts and other damage, occur in young men and women after puberty can cure or relieve nature. As many people know, President of acne on the face, ignoring the president in the front and back of the facts.

So how to treat acne? We're talking about the topic of the back.

1 pay attention to daily protection. We recommend that patients should always take a bath. In the process of bathing, can be used to wash clothes soap on the towel, and then rub back. This is a good way, simple and easy. Role is to clean the back skin, play a role in acne

2 heat clearing and detoxifying drugs. We used the prescription is very simple, is to use Forsythia dandelion Qingrejiedu Scutellaria commonly used drug treatment. Some female patients with irregular menstruation, this time you need to add some blood circulation drugs, we use love and other drugs Sanleng and ezhu.

3 note. To exercise more, eat less calories too high sugar content of food. There is a need for education, so that patients recognize the situation of the disease.

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