Carotid endarterectomy was performed successfully in Beijing Dongfang Hospital

Jian Chun CaoThere are no reports of local anesthesia under super elderly patients with carotid endarterectomy, the successful implementatio


Jian Chun Cao

There are no reports of local anesthesia under super elderly patients with carotid endarterectomy, the successful implementation of Beijing East hospital. The 81 year old patients Weimou, and doctors in operation easily under the condition of dialogue imperceptibly over, immediately asked to go their own back to the ward, but the doctors to be safe or cart back to general wards, after 2 hours and family free chat, the afternoon will be able to get out of bed, family, children and grandchildren come to visit all surprised, too god!

With 35 years of hypertension and 2 years of sick sinus syndrome patients: the heart rate is only 43 times / min, atropine test positive, tinnitus and deafness in 3 years, two months ago suddenly fainted, right side limb weakness, dizziness, vertigo, slow reaction, the symptoms gradually increased. Removed to Beijing Dongfang Hospital vascular surgery, was diagnosed with carotid stenosis. Ultrasound, CTA and angiography of left common carotid artery and left internal and external carotid artery clogging has more than 90%. And a length of about 3CM, the diameter of 0.8CM. Because of calcified plaque in elderly patients with vascular sclerosis, poor elasticity, tissues and organs are in highly degraded stage, with intraoperative have large area brain may hemorrhage, cerebral necrosis, and respiratory and cardiac arrest, heart failure, pulmonary edema and other important organs for general anesthesia and the occurrence of the damage, and even endanger the life, in order to avoid these serious complications, only under local anesthesia is possible through a serious danger, it is very difficult but this important and complex the operation under local anesthesia, hospital Hospital Organization experts seminar, decided by the leaders and key disciplines of national famous professor of cardiovascular surgery surgeon director Liu Jiqian.

After careful preparation, Professor Liu Jiqian with the help of assistants, only 50 minutes to remove the hard calcified yellow plaques. After Professor Liu described the plaque like "patient emboli rock", very hard. The postoperative patient reported the head is not dizzy, tinnitus and deafness or. According to experts: this operation has four characteristics, the super aged patients with carotid endarterectomy is not reported in China under the local anesthesia, the carotid endarterectomy is rarely, and even with a serious heart disease by using minimally invasive anesthesia function reduces the risk, without anesthesia, don't need to go to ICU directly back to the ward, greatly reduce the cost of hospitalization. The improvement of this method not only has good curative effect, but also brings good news to the elderly patients and patients with financial difficulties. According to the analysis of the number of cases of carotid artery stenosis by Professor Liu Jiqian in recent years, especially to remind the elderly, do not ignore the dizziness, vertigo and other symptoms, but the symptoms appear to timely medical treatment, the carotid artery with noninvasive color ultrasound and CT examination diagnosed as possible, timely and correct treatment, so as not to delay the timing of treatment, because can occur at any time of stroke, hemiplegia, even life-threatening.

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