[research]: reprint said nephron sparing surgery can maintain bone health

Source: University of California, medicalnews todayResearchers at the school of medicine in Santiago studied the effects of surgery on chron


Source: University of California, medicalnews today

Researchers at the school of medicine in Santiago studied the effects of surgery on chronic kidney disease and bone health, especially for women. They first illustrate the nephron sparing surgery as much as possible is very important for the preservation of renal function and reduce the risk of fracture after day. "When weighing the pros and cons of partial nephrectomy and total nephrectomy, physicians and patients should consider the impact on the patient's bone health." UCSanDiegoMooresCancerCenter's IthaarDerweeshMD says. Total nephrectomy is a risk factor for chronic kidney disease, which increases the risk of metabolic complications, cardiovascular disease, and death, according to the study. The partial nephrectomy can keep healthy kidney cells can reduce become a chemical imbalance, such as metabolic acidosis, the probability of metabolic acidosis can be further developed into renal dysfunction, muscle atrophy and osteoporosis, bone loss and fractures caused by.

Renal cell carcinoma is a common malignant tumor of urinary system. In 2009, 57760 new cases occurred in the United States, and 12908 cases died. Nephron sparing partial nephrectomy has become the gold standard for small renal tumors and can achieve the same cure rate as radical resection.



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