Analysis on the thoughts and characteristics of Professor Sun Guizhi's treatment of malignant tumor

He Lili: Sun GuizhiAbstract: Professor Sun Guizhi is China's fourth batch of national famous doctors, more than forty years has always been


He Lili: Sun Guizhi

Abstract: Professor Sun Guizhi is China's fourth batch of national famous doctors, more than forty years has always been engaged in the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine for the treatment of malignant tumor, the curative effect is remarkable, the sun to treat malignant tumor drug ideas and characteristics, adhere to the people-oriented, summed up the coordination of internal and external conditioning, spleen and kidney in four aspects.

Guanganmen Hospital of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Sun Guizhi Chinese in TCM and Western medicine in treatment of malignant tumors has been more than 40 years of research, academic, profound, clinical curative effect, by the trust of patients, I had the privilege of learning with the teacher, with the sommelier diagnosis, benefit, to further inherit and carry forward the experience of sun, to the teacher clinical thinking and features are as follows.


Malignant tumor, both for western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, is a refractory disease. Sun Shi believes that from the current reality, malignant tumor is still a difficult to treat disease: insidious onset and difficult to early detection and surgical eradication; after the onset of rapid progress, it is difficult to use general methods to prevent; some treatment effect is still relatively limited, recognized as the side effects; easy to recurrence and metastasis. It is difficult to prevent and control; and from the two aspects of human physical and mental break line, the total collapse of the resistance and the will of the people. Therefore, from the patient's point of view, once suffering from a malignant tumor, like the establishment of a very difficult to beat a strong opponent. From this point of view, the majority of malignant tumors is difficult to find success, especially those found late, get effective treatment late, relatively poor physical patient, but also need to establish a lasting against indomitable faith, will be more hope to overcome the disease.

Sun Shi pointed out that compared with the patients, clinicians especially need a correct concept, namely the tumor is a need for long-term prevention and conditioning disease, even with surgery, chemotherapy treatment effect is very good, also need long-term medication, enhanced disease resistance, anti relapse and anti metastasis, so as to give guidance to patients and the most effective support in long-term therapy. Sun teacher in Clinical Prescriptions often with Fuzheng and Quxie, and legislation to the centralizer is, in order to ensure the long-term use of prescription; and supplementation and attack, giving priority to prevention, to attack the supplement, improve the quality of life of patients with advanced tumors, with long-term survival of ideas, the sun can make the patient taking prescription 2 - 3 months or longer, as the Chinese say "no more side effects," ask the patient a dose of medicine for 2 days, which is based on the idea of "protracted war".

2 people-oriented, mobilize all anti-cancer forces

Sun division believes that the need for long-term treatment of anti-tumor treatment of a general factor is the virtual evil sheng". In the face of malignant and malignant tumors, the human body and willpower are relatively weak. Therefore, in order to fight against the evil of the malignant tumor, we must mobilize and stimulate the body can give full play to the power to achieve.

From the dialectical point of view, the human body and the disease is a contradictory unity, that is: the cause of dependence on the human body and the existence of the human body due to illness and struggle. In this contradiction, the key and the core is "human" -- as long as alive, the body will struggle with the disease more than; therefore human struggle with the disease, called the fight at outrance struggle, is a shift in the struggle. In this struggle must be people-oriented, in order to achieve the ultimate victory. This reality is reflected in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, is righteousness and evil struggle, is the dialectical unity of "Fuzheng and Quxie".

Sun teacher always stressed that righteousness is the sum of all the body's resistance, as the "Yellow Emperor, ancient innocence theory" in said, "keep healthy, do not be evil" the true meaning, namely: "Qi and Yin and Yang, mental health, including the two party physical plane. In general, all the patients can enhance physique and spirit of resistance, flat and smooth factors are upright or righting category; and all factors can fight cancer belongs to the category of quxie. As a clinician, whose duty is to mobilize and coordinate all can "help" and "Quxie" force to fight cancer, eventually overcoming cancer.

In view of the clinical, sun prescriptions in 25 about taste, in addition to the traditional "(such as the spleen and kidney, supplementing qi and nourishing Yin, etc.), Quxie (such as detoxification, blood circulation, Ruanjiansanjie etc.) outside the class of drugs, often visible some combination of drugs, such as pollen Typhae, Crinis Carbonisatus, Bai Zhi or, nidus Vespae, red ochre, Galli, malt, or Albizia, Caulis, licorice, jujube, wheat or floating, actually, removing stasis and promoting new Heweijiangni, Anshen, antiperspirant Chufan and visible, even subtle to poor sleep, such as patients may affect the body recovery, sweating, irritability may affect a patient's mood and other factors, are concerned with the immediate response to the sun 'category, embodies the sun of righteousness, a deep understanding of the evil can not dry".

3 coordinate internal and external, consistent anti-cancer

Sun Shi believes that malignant tumor is a local disease, but also a systemic disease. If the early discovery, early surgical eradication, the prognosis will be greatly improved, which reflects the characteristics of the local lesion; however, if found late, missed the chance of operation, or the emergence of recurrence and metastasis, it may involve multiple body organs and systems and affect its function, the prognosis will obviously become worse. On the other hand, sun also noticed that the human body is a very delicate and complex whole. The complexity is reflected in between the viscera, Qi blood and body fluid perplexing relationship and its subtleties; and reflects the part of mutual coordination and harmonious coexistence in human body, constitute the material basis for the normal function of the body play. Therefore, the complexity of both human and malignant tumors determines the complexity of treatment. Sun Shi believes that the contradictions between the two treatment, must be reasonable treatment according to the actual situation, the key point is that the coordination of two pairs of relations, one is the relationship between Fuzheng and Quxie, another is the relationship between the body organs and functions.

Sun Shi believes that Fuzheng and Quxie should be a dialectical relation of unity of the. "Syndrome" is the meaning of the basis is: Fuzheng Quxie Fuzheng Quxie, is the purpose to consolidate the internal focus; Fuzheng Quxie, against the evils as the goal; Fuzheng Quxie emphasize the role of internal factors, emphasizes the role of external. A master, a master, the two can not be confused with each other, can not replace each other. The final purpose of Fuzheng and Quxie is consistent and uniform, that is to save lives, fight cancer. So the sun division in prescriptions, often with Fuzheng and Quxie, but more to the centralizer, Quxie supplement, the two do not substitute harmony on one side, and the effect is also more effective, patients benefit.

The relationship between the viscera, according to the traditional view is "allelopathy", sun division believes that in fact is the dialectical unity of quality: the viscera between the "g", is the struggle of performance; and "life" is the interdependence and mutual transformation according to the. The "life" is the relationship between the mainstream, "g" purpose is in order to be more harmonious, so as to exert the best function made between the viscera. Because patients with advanced malignant tumors often appear systemic multiple metastases or multiple organ damage, therefore, in dealing with these complex situations, often must consider the coordination of the viscera function, to meet the normal requirements, so as to ensure the basic need of human life activities. For patients with advanced lung cancer, except lung symptoms and signs, often due to loss of temper, lost in transport and bloating, anorexia, diarrhea, may also be due to phlegm heat disturbance of stomach, stomach disharmony and chest tightness, gastric fullness and nausea for evil phlegm, kidney deficiency, kidney qi is not the shortness of breath shortness of breath, waist and knees, activity is weak, but also because of the liver qi stagnation and blood stasis, emotional depression, chest fullness and tingling, due to lung heat shift and intestinal constipation, short red urine, but also because of lack of blood, heart and spleen two deficiency and lusterless complexion, palpitation, shortness of breath, insomnia, dreaminess therefore, must be appropriate according to the condition of Spleen Qi, heat and stomach, kidney qi, blood, liver, nourishing the heart and spleen by purgation treatment, sun division believes that promoting the coordinated function it is dirty, the continuation will be beneficial to human normal life activities, which is Conducive to the recovery of lung disease itself.

4 conditioning spleen and kidney, protection of the first day of the"

Sun Shi pointed out that the viscera in spleen and kidney as a "has a" play an important role: the kidney is really really dirty water, fire, water and wood really nourish liver fire, real fire support spleen and lung, nourishing yin and yang are both in kidney spleen as fundamental; the Yunhua valley water, the source of Qi and blood metaplasia, without food and water after nourishment, even though the number of visible support days, spleen kidney two dirty is the human body healthy. And there is a close relationship between the two is nourishing, namely spleen invigorating kidney yang to warm and promote kidney yin and kidney to the spleen to transport water to fill up a subtle. Therefore, the spleen and stomach deficiency, blood biochemical deficiency, spleen and kidney two are damaged, the resistance will be weakened, the "spleen and stomach" had been aware of this, so that "strength enough, by the spleen and stomach qi without injury, which can nourish the stomach qi; if weak...... The spleen and stomach of the gas is not only hurt, but also can not be filled with vitality, these diseases by the health of the". Zhang Jingyue further understanding of the relationship between deficiency of spleen and kidney and tumor, pointed out that "spleen and kidney deficiency and debilitating disorders who have accumulated the disease", and summarized through practice corresponding methods, such as "Fanzhi YeGe Dafa, when the spleen and kidney. Those who treat spleen should be raised from temperature, and those who treat the kidney should be cured. Sun in the summary of previous experience and years of clinical research on the basis of the results of that invigorating the spleen and tonifying the kidney and protect "has a" is an effective way to regulate the body's physiological function, improve the disease resistance, the clinical commonly used anticancer drug detoxification with corresponding to Fuzhengquxie, obtain good effect; and the years of painstaking "spleen and kidney detoxification" either in the laboratory or clinical application shows incomparable superiority.

5 typical cases

Xu, male, 48 years old. Come to our hospital in May 2005. 9 months after operation, the pathological type of gastric cancer was low differentiated adenocarcinoma, IIIb, lymph node metastasis of 6/21, and the end of the 6 cycle of +5-fu+CF chemotherapy after operation. CT review found that the abdominal lymph node metastasis, superficial lymph node ultrasonography showed multiple supraclavicular lymph node metastasis, the maximum is 1.4 * 10px, Xeloda treatment. A private prosecution epigastric pain patients, persistent pain after eating, aggravating, nausea, acid reflux, anorexia, fatigue, physical examination: 36.6 C T, P 84 /min, Bp 110/ 70mmHg. Chronic, mild anemia, sallow complexion, abdomen soft, sword tenderness (+), no rebound pain, liver and spleen not palpable, no shifting dullness, no edema of lower limbs. Pale red tongue, less moss, pulse thin. Auxiliary examination: blood: WBC 2.4 * 109/ L, N 65%, Hb 66g/L. Fecal occult blood test (+). TCM syndrome differentiation of spleen and kidney deficiency, two Yin deficiency, stomach disharmony, residual toxin. The rule to be Fuzhengquxie, treatment of spleen and kidney, supplementing qi and nourishing Yin, Heweijiangni, anticancer detoxification. Prescription: Astragalus, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix Pseudostellariae 15g 30g 15g, 15g, 15g, fried Atractylodes Poria Fructus 10g, Ligustrum lucidum 15g, polygonatum 15, nidus Vespae Crinis Carbonisatus 5g, 10g, 10g, 10g, pollen Typhae pangolin scales 15g, 10g, tortoise shell chelidonic dish back 15g, tengligen 30g, malt 30g, 30g, Rhizoma Bletillae 10g, Gallus gallus, sheshecao 15g 10g corrugated forging, bergamot 15g, car 15g, grass grass River 10g. Every 2 days for 1 doses, take a total of 2 times. Then with the card above a decoction for the treatment of patients with stable disease for more than 4 years, February 2009, in our hospital by abdominal CT and superficial lymph node lesions by ultrasound stability, symptoms improved, continue in the outpatient service in our hospital.

6 Conclusion

Malignant tumor is a refractory disease, sun division in the long-term clinical process through the combination of syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation and treatment of malignant tumors must recognize the "people-oriented, integrity first", therefore, based on the Chinese medicine, emphasizing the important role in the maintenance of the spleen and kidney qi, through regulating the spleen and kidney and protect "successively this day" to coordinate the internal and external consistency, anticancer; treatment process must adhere to the "protracted war", to fight cancer, improve the quality of life of cancer patients, the recurrence of tumor and metastasis and stability, reduce the tumor size, are effective to improve the quality of life and prolong the survival period has made remarkable achievements. Worthy of our further discussion, in order to find TCM anti-tumor and anti universal law of recurrence, benefit the majority of cancer patients.

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