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Patients with questions: disease: the condition of primary hypertension Description: I have ten years of high blood pressure, just started t


Patients with questions: disease: the condition of primary hypertension Description: I have ten years of high blood pressure, just started to eat Kato Pury, Hydrochlorothiazide Tablets, the effect can also be. Later for long-acting drug enalapril tablets 10mg, eat two, eat a few years, that took the pills on the right, who knows when in August 05 to check the blood pressure rose to 158/104, and later for a drug, but the blood pressure has not been very stable, the two or three day morning blood pressure in 130/90 about the afternoon up to 150/90! Want help: Please doctor gave me some advice on the treatment of hospital departments: three medicine hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in Dianbai: taking note: now the morning eat: Amlodipine 5mg, Betaloc 25mg, Valsartan Dispersible Tablets 80mg afternoon, evening Betaloc 25mg (Note: Betaloc before each time half the size, only four days ago to a grain of simvastatin 10mg before bedtime)

Department of Cardiology, Ningbo City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine reply Wu Li: according to your more than and 10 years of history of hypertension, the blood pressure level, combination of antihypertensive drugs is to the examination showed high levels of renin, aldosterone, renin in vivo sympathetic excitability increased, regulating mood, relieve tension, and keep in a calm mood, improve sleep correct, snoring, anti cold drugs; suggestions to stop: Valsartan, renin angiotensin receptor antagonists, such as: perindopril, Phu Simpson Leigh; betaloc for long-acting preparation, or bisoprolol (stronger inhibition of sympathetic activity); calcium antagonists continue to use; if the blood pressure control or not down, can the application of small dose of indapamide on blood pressure control, he effect of uric acid on smaller; can also be combined with traditional Chinese medicine for regulating blood pressure.

Question: Thank you professor wu! Excuse me if I have changed back to Peiduo Plymouth valsartan at what time to take appropriate? I used to be a four point valsartan and now my blood pressure is up around noon, and I'll be back at around eight p.m.! Please tell me there is perindopril and bisoprolol medication?

Department of Cardiology, Ningbo Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Wu reply: not polite. Changes in blood pressure normal rhythm, although is the use of long-acting drugs, but still have to regulate the rise in blood pressure medication time basis, generally in 1-2 hours before taking blood pressure is more appropriate, if there is no stomach, the best advice in the morning fasting; taking amlodipine: 5mg, 1/, 1/, 2.5mg of bisoprolol. At noon: perindopril; 4mg, 1/.

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