Dachaihutang interpretation

[name] Chai Hu Tang[source] "Golden Chamber"[classification] reconciliation agent - reconciliation Shaoyang[composition] Chaihu (15 grams) o


[name] Chai Hu Tang

[source] "Golden Chamber"

[classification] reconciliation agent - reconciliation Shaoyang

[composition] Chaihu (15 grams) of baicalin (9 grams) Peony (9 grams) of Pinellia ternata (9 grams) and ginger (15 grams) and citrus (9 grams) jujube (4) rhubarb (6 grams)

[function] in Shaoyang, Purging Heat node.

[indications] Shaoyang Yangming disease. Chills and fever, chest fullness, frequent vomiting, epigastric fullness was micro boring, hard, or heart full of pain, stool or co heat and puzzled, yellow tongue fur, pulse string number strong. (this is often used in acute pancreatitis, acute cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, gastric and duodenal ulcer patients are Shaoyang Yang Minghe.)

[usage] Decoction 2 times to the residue, and fry, two times.

[taboo] consider.

[] the Department of calcite Xiaochaihutang to ginseng, licorice, yellow, citrus, and increase the peony, is also the Xiaochaihu Decoction and Xiaochengqi Decoction Decoction prescription is two synthesis, reconciliation and purgative and the main. The main square of Xiaochaihu Decoction for the treatment of typhoid fever and shaoyang disease, due to Yang Ming Fu, ginseng, nourishing the stomach dead licorice, yellow, citrus, peony to increase the treatment of Yangming heat syndrome. Therefore, the indications of Shaoyang Yangming disease, is still the main shaoyang. The symptoms of chills and fever, chest pain, showed that the lesions are still frequent vomiting and Shaoyang; green micro annoying, is small Bupleurum Decoction of upset vomiting is heavy, with Xin xiapi hard or full of pain, constipation or under Lee, yellow tongue fur, pulse string number powerful combination, indicating that the disease evil has entered the Yang Ming, a thermal heat solid image. In principle, in the shaoyang disease, when disabled either, but with Yang Ming Fu and see real situation, we must both inside and outside. "The doctors said:" the work of "Shaoyang solid not, however, and actually the Yang Ming fu." In the reuse of Bupleurum as monarch drug, with official medicine baicalin and solution of clearing heat, in addition to Shaoyang evil; light with rhubarb with diarrhea Yangming heat within Zhishi Xiaopi knot, Qi, also as adjuvant drug. Peony soft liver and relieving pain, cure stomach pain with rhubarb can be real, Wu Qi and blood and heart full of bitter orange, in addition to pain; Pinellia Heweijiangni, combined with a lot of ginger, to treat vomiting more than, for a total of adjuvar. Jujube and ginger can match, and Wei and fluid, and reconcile the stomach, and work with. In short, this is not contrary to the principle of prohibition of Shaoyang, and Shaoyang, in Purging Heat knot, make Shaoyang and Yangming disease to double solution, can shoot two hawks with one arrow. As the "golden mirror of Medicine - supplemented medical theory" said: "Slovakia, bupleurum have ginger times, solutions of semi superficial Zhi Jie; Shao to rhubarb less, half of the effect of Xu, although under the cloud, and also in agent." However, small Bupleurum Decoction for Shaoyang reconciliation by power as large, called "dachaihutang".

[CD] and jaundice, can be added to any capillaris, clearing away heat and jaundice; acute flank pain, Kagawa Ko, Corydalis with Qi Huoxue Zhitong; gallstones, additive moneywort, Sea Sands, turmeric, Gallus gallus fossil.

[Party] of Magnolia seven soup ("Golden Chamber")

[note] this is commonly used in treatment of Shaoyang Yangming disease. With the clinical application between cold and heat, chest full of bitter heart, full of pain, vomiting, constipation, yellow moss, pulse a few strings for strong differentiation points.

[Wu Qian] literature methodology, such as the "golden mirror of Medicine - supplemented medical theory" Volume 8: "in Chaihu syndrome and complex, therefore, Shaoyang two vertical method. To Koshiba Koyukami, the peony, still to solve its external and internal. Ginseng, grass, to the inside is not empty. Add rhubarb, to reduce fever. Ginger times, due to frequent vomiting also. The party also, bupleurum get ginger times, the solution of the half table Jie jie. Shao was little trifoliate orange, rhubarb, half of the effect of Xu, although under the cloud, and also in agent."

"Jinkuiyaolue, abdominal fullness, indigestion cold hernia disease pulse syndrome and treatment": "according to the heart full of pain, this is the real, present, Yi dachaihutang."

Huang Huang by Sharon

The modern application of Dachaihu Decoction (teacher-student dialogue "Dachaihutang")

Teacher: we explore the clinical use of a prescription today......

Student: teacher, I guess you want to talk about today is dachaihutang!

Teacher: that's right! Why do you guess at this party?

Student B: because this side is the teacher to make good use of the party, on Thursday last week, the clinic is also used to treat a cervical vertebra patients!

Student a: Oshiba Koyuji cervical vertebra disease? First heard. I haven't gone to copy with the teacher recently. Can you talk about the medical record?

Student B: the medical record is this: pingmou, female, 56 years old, even the right shoulder and upper arm pain more than 2 years in a hospital for diagnosis of cervical spondylosis by Acupuncture and massage treatment effect is not obvious. To the right diagnosis v. shoulder pain, neck and upper limb activity limitation, night pain and disturbed sleep, headache, dizziness, poor appetite, postprandial often belching, abdominal fullness, epigastric fullness after eating discomfort, poor stool. Pale red tongue, thin and yellow moss, pulse shen. Right upper quadrant, right flank of the season by leaving the pain. Case history of cholecystitis. The teacher to use Dachaihu Decoction of Bupleurum 10g 8g, rhubarb, Scutellaria 10g, pinellia 10g, orange 10g, peony 15g, ginger 3, jujube 10.

Student a: how effective is the patient?

Teacher: yesterday the patient referral, V. shoulder pain significantly reduced, other dizziness and headache have greatly improved. We have to explain, but still two days in a row stool. The original side of the big yellow increased by 10g, following the 7 agents.

Student a: teacher, can you tell me about the case?

Student B: Oshiba Koyukoreji Shaoyang Yangming disease, what is associated with cervical vertebra disease?

Teacher: you have a good question! Should say, Dachaihutang and not in the treatment of cervical spondylosis with specific prescriptions. On the contrary, it can be seen as a prescription for the treatment of cholecystitis. On the one hand, I have plenty of evidence. My graduate students do research certificate graduation thesis Dachai Hu fang. He made use of Dachaihu Decoction at all times and in all countries the literature collected, collation, analysis, found that the clinical use of the liver, bile and pancreatic infection is most prominent. In the case of cervical spondylosis is a chronic illness, temporarily left side ask, and treatment of cholecystitis. Do not want to improve the symptoms of cervical spondylosis with gastrointestinal symptoms will ease, which shows that the human body is an organic whole, the function is interrelated, mutual influence.

Student B: if the case from the pathogenesis, and how to analyze it?

Teacher: if you look at the whole, cervical spondylosis and cholecystitis. With Shaoyang Yangming disease can be explained through said. Cervical spondylosis and arm pain and right hypochondrium pain shoulder can be regarded as the Shaoyang meridian, I called it the "Shaoyang belt", and postprandial fullness in stomach, belching, constipation and this can be regarded as yangmingfu visceraexcess. Although the disease is two, the machine is out of A. The effect appears to be in principle.

Student a: if you use prescription drugs to analyze, and how to understand it?

Teacher: from drugs, Radix Paeoniae Alba is an important. In view of Zhong Jing Shao, to relieve pain. In the case of cervical spondylosis or shoulder pain or cholecystitis are pressing pain, spasm of the elephant, the peony slowly, in the.

Student B: the teacher uses the big Bupleurum soup to be really "handy", can combine the treatment to talk about the use of this experience?

Teacher: yes. My experience has the following aspects. First, Dachaihu decoction is a natural sedative Jieyu agent. This is mainly manifested in the party can treat insomnia, and can cure depression. Side of the Pinellia ternata and Bupleurum have sedative effect, in particular, in the "Nei Jing" that is the treatment of insomnia records. In the wood, Poncirus, peony, and can be regarded as the four inverse dispersed licorice, four inverse scattered Shuganjieyu, so the cure of stagnation of liver Qi depression. My "eight flavor Jieyu Decoction" is to take this as the bottom.

Student a: May I consider Dachaihutang Shizhi emotional disease specific prescription.

Teacher: that's not exactly right. The rule of poor emotion is often complicated with digestive system disease or secondary medicine, such as he, and tramadol in the treatment of insomnia upset, add gardenia, Rhizoma Coptidis, cure depression can be combined banxiahoupu decoction.

Student B: Oshiba Koyuji, can you give me an example.

Teacher: depression can be secondary to his illness, but also can lead to his disease. For example, men's impotence, as long as the young, full and forceful pulse, and this can be depressed liver qi stagnation, and can not be cast to warming. Mr. Kampo textual Master said the treatment of impotence Senli 100 try 100 effect, clinical try.

Student a: you did not just say that this is the treatment of liver and pancreatic diseases of the party, how to understand this?

Teacher: the concept of Zhongjing with Dachaihutang, a total of three abdominal card Description: "heart urgent", "Xin xiapi hard", "according to the heart full of pain, the disease was not visible from the heart". Combined with modern medical anatomy knowledge: liver, gallbladder and pancreas are part of three dirty distributed in the region of two costal arch angle within the xiphoid, that is the "heart", and these organs to spasmodic pain. But there are big Chaihu soup Nutri citrus, Radix Paeoniae Alba, this is called "Zhishi Shaoyao San" to cure abdominal spasm pain, the original treatment of woman "abdominal pain dysphoria insomnia, the FAI rule, and the target to heart, Zhizhu Decoction can permit. This is my second point: Dachaihutang is natural antispasmodic and analgesic agent. Of course Cholagogues in hepatobiliary jaundice disease is traditional. Clinical report of Dachaihutang in this area a lot, you can go to.

Student a: what are the third points of the teacher?

Teacher: Third, Dachaihutang is gastrointestinal medicine natural. We know that western medicine in gastrointestinal motility drug metoclopramide, domperidone, cisapride. Traditional Chinese medicine can also be compared with the large Bupleurum decoction. We often treat bile reflux gastritis and esophagitis, dumping syndrome after gastrectomy. Because of the gastro intestinal peristalsis, symptoms of vomiting. The party in the Scriptures and the treatment of "frequent vomiting", with ginger and Pinellia treatment, ginger with half a catty, and cure "upset vomiting" Xiaochaihutang ginger is only 32. In addition, in citrus, rhubarb is promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis function. Overall, Dachaihutang to alleviate the inverse of gastrointestinal motility or help.

Student B: with the teacher copy side, found that the teacher often to treat obesity and hyperlipidemia, can you talk about this experience?.

Teacher: what you said is what I want to talk about the fourth experience, namely Dachaihutang is a natural regulator of lipid metabolism. Hyperlipidemia and obesity have no abdominal pain, but this kind of patient physique is strong, "fat" type. Abdominal fullness, compression, if accompanied by insomnia, irritability and other psychiatric symptoms and constipation can also be used. Modern pharmacological studies of Radix Bupleuri and rhubarb have the effect of lowering blood ester. The lipid-lowering effect of rhubarb may be achieved by reducing the absorption of lipids in the intestine. Clinical use of this side can be flexible addition and subtraction, can be added to reduce diarrhea, hawthorn, and so on, but to take a long time to see the effect of the general treatment for 2 months or so, and must control diet, which is the basis of treatment. Dachaihutang Jiangzhijianfei, must be detailed constitution. Generally speaking, the person short neck shoulder, chest and rib arch angle is larger, and the muscle must be strong. If the skin is white, Pythian muscle soft, fat ptosis, moving the sweat of asthma, lassitude and puffiness, that is absolutely not for the party. In this case, mostly Astragalus physique, with fangjihuangqi soup. Besides Dachaihutang is a muscle relaxant, must not be used for relaxation physique, can only be used for tension type constitution.

Student B: Rhubarb Dachaihu decoction, clinical whether must have constipation?

Teacher: that's not necessarily true. The concept of Zhongjing "under the provisions of" anti constipation, and this also can cure bacillary dysentery, visible rhubarb used in clearing heat and non laxative. Zhongjing rhubarb laxative is "capture agent, students, the characteristics of" the big Chaihu Decoction with rhubarb is neither big nor agent, after, apparently not captured. Clinically, if dry stool can be used raw rhubarb, the amount can be too large; no constipation, the amount should be small, usable products. I have a cure of chronic cholecystitis with loose stool, the stool served as normal after reversal. In addition, modern pharmacological studies also show that rhubarb containing tannic acid, convergence antidiarrheal effect. The long decoct diarrhea effect of anthracene glycosides Kunming is destroyed, but the tannic acid was not damaged, but the antidiarrheal effect of play, the previous useful rhubarb decocted long experience of treating dysentery.

Student a: today's lesson is a good harvest. It seems that big Bupleurum Decoction is worth studying.

Teacher: yes! Dachaihutang there are many things worth exploring. For example, with the South or North Chaihu Chai Chai, why not add licorice decoction method, etc.. Limited to time, let's talk about it today.

Dachaihutang interpretation

Author: Zhang Butao


"Typhoid fever and shaoyang disease" 232nd "typhoid fever, sweating at heart Bian vomiting and fullness, and the main big Chaihu soup."

233rd: "Taiyang disease, after more than 10 days, under the two or three, after the first four or five days, the Chinese version of the syndrome is still in, first with small Bupleurum decoction. Frequent vomiting, heart anxious, depressed micro vexation, is also unsolved. With Dachaihutang under the."


32, half a catty, bupleurum Scutellaria Pinellia half a litre of washing, 32, four pieces of peony Zhishi, fried rhubarb 22, ginger 52, jujube twelve pieces broke.

So, in the end what to use? Mr. Feng Shiguan told me that the party is the old Hu Daisaikoto soup Taohe Chengqi soup. He said, this is the two single old hospital, the first hospital, fever old pulmonary infection, and Hu old open party, with Oshiba Koyukakatsuraeda Fuling licorice gypsum. Later, I returned to the medical record.

Dachaihutang is Mr. Hu Xishu's favorite. He not only with the decoction of Bupleurum gypsum treatment of pneumonia, with major decoction of Bupleurum Guizhi Fuling pill in the treatment of asthma, treatment of old pulmonary heart disease with multiple organ failure, major decoction of Bupleurum taohechengqi decoction. This is the wisdom of Hu old! This is Zhang Zhongjing Dachaihu decoction used to treat indigestion disease, but not limited to persistent food disease, typhoid fever, Zhang Zhongjing with Dachaihutang, so later. Its starting point is that according to the "syndrome, heart full of pain". Moreover, from the scope of application of the corresponding square, Dachaihutang continues to expand.

Japan and Tian Dongguo (1744-1803) mentioned in the "banana" window miscellaneous in the book: "long disease of asthma, dyspnea and worse, each treatment, but always with Dachaihutang to treatment, cure". We respect the Chinese modern Otsuka experience is major decoction of Bupleurum banxiahoupu Decoction in the treatment of asthma, with Dachaihu Decoction in treating hypertension. I also use Dachaihu Decoction in the treatment of gastric and esophageal reflux disease, and Artemisia Decoction in treating biliary tract infection, and gardenia Hou Putang in treatment of depression, Xiaoxianxiong Decoction in treating pulmonary infection, treatment of Hyperlipemia with Sanhuang Xiexin decoction. The basis of its use are "according to the heart full of pain".

What is "according to the heart full of pain"? This is the abdominal diagnosis of ancient medicine. The heart, for the subxiphoid small triangle triangle, only in the xiphoid, so-called heart; triangle can be to two ribs, namely the upper abdomen. According to the heart full of pain, the xiphoid or abdominal tenderness obviously, the doctor finger also has the obvious resistance, and local swelling. This is an important objective indication of syndrome of decoction of bupleurum.

" according to the heart full of pain " people, often accompanied by gastrointestinal motility disorders. For example, belching, vomiting, or abdominal pain; or acid reflux water, slobber, bitter dry, or loss of appetite, or although appetite can not eat, eat a pain. And thick fur. This kind of patients, regardless of disease, with Dachaihutang particularly effective.

Later, clinical, also found that those with application of Dachaihu decoction, most sturdy physique, Kennedy muscle is tight, wide body full, wide shoulder, short neck, bust. Facial muscle stiffness and tension, and more common in the elderly. After seeing this type of patients, the mind will emerge Dachaihutang, the upper abdomen must press a person....... I tube this is called "Dachaihutang physique".

Dachaihutang physique of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, intestinal obstruction, obesity, arrhythmia, constipation, breast lobular hyperplasia, headache, tinnitus, insomnia and so on, all can use dachaihutang. I don't know whether Mr Dan Yutang belongs to Dachaihutang constitution?

One is the characteristics of prescription medicine for sick. In fact, the treatment is not a disease, but the person is, is to adjust the constitution, is to mobilize the body's own resistance and balance ability. Dachaihu Decoction "in the heart appear full of pain, it is a state of the body, on the reverse, reverse flow is not smooth, sluggish, stagnant heat, full, according to the theory of eight classes, which belongs to the excess heat syndrome. Dachaihutang is to solve the optimum formula of this state. This is the wisdom of ancient Chinese people.

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