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A wide range of anorectal diseases, the most common is hemorrhoids". Due to irregular life, diet unreasonable, excessive drinking, smoking,


A wide range of anorectal diseases, the most common is hemorrhoids". Due to irregular life, diet unreasonable, excessive drinking, smoking, physical exertion unreasonable, pregnancy, abdominal cavity and other diseases caused by. The light can be no obvious symptoms. They can cause bleeding, feces, pain or hemorrhoids prolapse outside the anus, affect daily life. Because it is hard to say, people often take "wait and see" procrastination. Some patients is not well, not to the hospital diagnosis and treatment of normal hospital, her own medicine treatment, or advertising to buy medicine. Some people use the navel plaster paste rotten did not cure disease, some of the more severe treatment, miserable. In fact, the objective attitude is early diagnosis, early treatment. Otherwise, without the guidance of a physician, treatment is often wrong, caused by light weight, or even chronic blood loss leads to severe anemia, ailment into a serious illness, suffering, cost.

Hemorrhoids are anal cushions, prolapse, inflammatory edema, and even bleeding. The so-called "anal pad" or "anal pad" and "anal gasket" is the normal structure of normal people. It is like beer and other drinks like bottled liquid, a rubber or plastic gasket between the cap and the bottle, the bottle in the rolling liquid can not leak outside the bottle bumps, anal cushion can prevent stool, especially gas, liquid flow in the wrong place.

This disease is divided into internal and external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoid hemorrhoids, divided into 1I, II, II, IV. External hemorrhoids is subdivided into epicanthus, thrombotic external hemorrhoids external hemorrhoids, varicose external hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and other different types.

Hemorrhoids treatment methods. Such as conservative drugs for external use. Surgical treatment includes cryotherapy, ligation and surgical resection. The recent "hemorrhoidal stapled prolapsectomy (PPH) II, III and IV treatment period of hemorrhoids have very good effect, can significantly shorten the operation time, reduce postoperative pain and bleeding, short recovery period, can significantly improve the quality of life of patients. However, hemorrhoids should be treated according to different conditions in different ways, as the saying goes, "a key to open a lock", because of illness and medical.

More importantly, non hemorrhoids illness, but not all are considered "anal hemorrhoids, especially Chinese medicine called" anus hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids hemorrhoids is this. It is western medicine rectal or anal cancer. If because of hemorrhoids and delay, it is sad!

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