Parkinson Q & a three: what are the complications of installing a pacemaker?

What complications may occur during the operation?Ma Yu doctor: installation of brain pacemaker is a minimally invasive surgical procedure,


What complications may occur during the operation?

Ma Yu doctor: installation of brain pacemaker is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, the most likely complication is damaged blood vessels, leading to cerebral hemorrhage, the event will cause serious adverse reactions. This is the most likely complication in the procedure and can cause serious adverse reactions. If the preoperative examination of the distribution of blood vessels, we can maximize the prevention of intraoperative damage to the blood vessels.

If you do not accidentally hit the blood vessels, which will bring harm to patients?

Ma Yu doctor: once the cerebral vascular injury caused by cerebral hemorrhage, the blood will occupy the brain's organizational structure, thereby affecting the normal work of the central nervous system, may lead to language disorders, hemiplegia and other issues. But these complications are rare in brain pacemaker surgery.

Will there be any difficulty in setting up a brain pacemaker?

Ma feather doctor: there will be such a situation, especially in elderly male patients. Conventional pacemaker implantation surgery is usually a straight line incision, after the incision on the subcutaneous skull drilling implanted stimulating electrodes, and put the fixing device. But for the elderly male patients, subcutaneous fat is very little, coupled with the older, the thinner the scalp, there is a foreign body where the more likely to be infected or not healing. In view of the problem is not easy to heal the wound, especially for the patients with Department of Neurosurgery arc incision, bypassing the lower body, after suturing the wound incision below, will not have any foreign body, as far as possible to reduce the problem of poor wound healing.

What factors affect the outcome of surgery?

Ma Yu doctor: factors affecting the surgical results include the following aspects,

To be clear: at present, mainly diagnosed with Parkinson's disease or dystonia patients, the installation of a pacemaker will produce results. The Parkinson disease and the need to distinguish between the Parkinson syndrome, because the syndrome is not suitable for the installation of brain pacemaker, only the only suitable for the disease of the disease, which requires the identification of the Department of neurology with the cooperation of the identification of the patients with syndrome. If the Department of Neurology diagnosed as Parkinson's disease, then the effect will be very obvious.

The target of the operation should be accurate: only the surgical target is accurate, can guarantee the good curative effect.

Postoperative regulation: surgery is only the pacemaker in postoperative regulation is a process that really make it play a role so after surgery to the brain pacemaker is adjusted to the proper state, combined with drug therapy, really play a role in brain pacemaker.

Therefore, the preoperative diagnosis, the accuracy of the target in the operation, and the regulation and control of the operation are the decisive factors that influence the curative effect of the pacemaker. In view of this, Jade Spring hospital established a comprehensive treatment team, including the regulation center of Neurosurgery, neuropsychological science, Department of neurological rehabilitation and postoperative.

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